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I really don’t see why so* many cultural Christians stand up for Trump. I mean there is absolutely no way to judge someone’s heart, but actions speak much louder than words, and I just don’t see DJT being much of a bible man.

I was raised christian, these days, I'm not 100% sure in my faith, but if Jesus were real and he were the messiah, trump is the exact fucking opposite of Jesus' teachings.

Eminem was one of the first to go against the pc culture, now that he's come out against trump the right is the pc police.

Not really though. Divorce, adultery, gluttony?

Oh, he is. Strictly Old Testament though.

During an interview he was asked his favorite bible verse. He replied with “in an Old Testament fan” instead of a verse

For real, ever since this eminem debacle, people on the right wing has turned into a bunch of SJWs but of course only when it's convenient of them.

I think you misspelled “black”.

When you find out Donald Trump is a Jew.

It’s actually widely accepted among historians that Jesus, or at the very least a person like Jesus Christ whom the Bible version is based off of, did exist.

This is the reason I don’t mess with organized religion despite believing in a higher power. There is so much sanctimonious bullshit everywhere I turn. How do you even battle cognitive dissonance on this level?

It's funny that they compared Obama to the anti-Christ even though Trump displays more traits.

You're right about that. My bad, my concerns come from his prophet-ability

If you're supporting a racist, bullying, habitual liar who brags about sexual assault, a man who epitomizes each of the deadly sins... and then you claim to be a Christian... you are lying to yourself or to everyone else.

Either way you do not deserve to be taken seriously

I think those are most CEOs main concerns too

The difference is Trump isnt a "fake" gangster... ya know... because he actually breaks the law.

A secret Jew.

you said "ever since" but it happened like yesterday lol

This is the exact kinda backlash that Eminem was afraid of. This guy really came out swinging. I bet he thinks twice about ever doing something like that again.

Because he was too classy. They thought that he had to be the Antichrist

I've been thinking about this a lot since that speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree where he started hinting about orgies on another rich guy's yacht. I have literally no idea how an evangelical, culturally conservative Christian can look at Trump and see "their guy". He's like a character from a Jack Chick tract.

The entire white conservative GOP is the complete opposite of everything Yeshua taught. Meanwhile they (the gop) continue to extol the virtues of being conservative. They have a different messiah


black person kneels


How does one be sex-fueled? Asking for a friend. 🤔


Might not mean much to me or you, but his hordes of white supremacist, alt-right, kkk, neo-nazi followers might not be amused.

The evangelical support for Donald Trump really just exposes the hypocrisy of Christians. Imagine if Obama had two ex wives, children from 3 marriages, bragged about assaulting women, insulted prisoners of wars, conspired with a foreign government, etc. You wouldn't hear the end of it from them.

The right has been triggered by plenty before yesterday

Donald "Two Corinthians" Trump not a bible man? I don't buy it...

the right has been pc police! "football not being an appropriate time" is the biggest pc policing yet. "safe space" from politics lol please.

Saying Mexicans immigrants are rapists is fine, adding Trump as a character to a play is a disgrace against his feelings.

I mean that's literally when is started so...

You need two trailer park girls.

It’s literally not.

Silence is golden.

Guessing he would have preferred Em be a real gangsta?

i made a donation to planned parenthood in that douchebag's name (they send him a note to that effect too :)

It’s because through him they win.

It’s not always about racism. I know some people really like to think two-thirds of the population spends all its time thinking about 12% of the population, but they don’t. Some are indeed racist and like all the signaling. But a lot of states are very strongly majority white and blacks really aren’t their concern 24/7.

First thing is you have to understand that so-called Christianity in the US can’t be easily compared to Christianity in most other countries. Elsewhere Christians follow the Bible or the Pope or their patriarch. Here, the strongest written influence isn’t really scripture. Instead it’s a weird genre of books that’s a mashup of personal testimony, self-help and sales presentations. These writers are really famous and have huge followings. They talk about the mistakes they made and what God taught them and how they finally learned their lesson. You find the same types of stories in other media of course. Radio evangelists, televangelists, megs churches etc. They all promise you can do what they do.

Which brings me to my second point. It’s all about material success. That’s what they’re promising. Forget all that eye of the needle stuff. This is the prosperity Gospel. Come to Jesus and he will proved you’re saved by filling up your bank account and making you rich. This is why they don’t blink an eye at rich preachers. Getting rich is the whole point of the religion. You just do exactly what we say and give us your total loyalty and you’ll get your reward.

Now, when I say getting rich is the whole point, that’s a tiny stretch. Any sign that you got a leg up on your enemies also helps to prove that you’re one of God’s elect. So power is good, too. Also hot babes. Inside connections. Etc.

Why is this so important? This kind of religion doesn’t always attract the most top-drawer people. They’re often people who are sensitive about their place in the world. They may be poor. Or they have prickly egos because their car dealerships brought them lots of cash but not enough respect. Or—and I see this often—they’ve made a lot of fucked up choices in their lives and they can’t stand the thought that people are looking down in them.

Now do you get it?

“See, we’re the ones with Trump. He’s one of us because he don’t talk all smart like the rest of them. And when Trump really stuck it to that elitist bitch Hillary and all those libs that look down on us, then we won, too. That means God likes us better than them, hahaha. And Trump is rich, so that proves he’s chosen, too, hahaha. “

He’s a winner. (Haven’t you ever noticed how bizarrely often they repeat that?) That makes them winners, too. It’s really easy for them to overlook anything else.

Well the thing is a lot of those people are closet racists. Trust me these are my grandparents. They're awful people and treat people like shit. Especially their loved ones. They (the older generation christians) are extremely selfish as well. But these old generation Christians believe that as long as they go to gods house on Sundays and apologize then you won't go to hell.

The man is the poster child for the 7 deadly sins essentially.

Actually, the whole thing just shows how unserious people who vote their faith in politics actually are about their faith. Donald Trump was asked if he had a favorite passage way back while the Republican primaries were still underway. He punted in a way very similar to Sarah Palin's handling of the "what newspapers do you read?" question. Moments later the interviewer kindly gave him a chance to save face by asking if he was more of an Old Testament man or a New Testament man. Clearly having no idea what either phrase might suggest to other people, again he punted with some nonsense like "I like all parts of the book equally. It's my favorite book, the Bible, did you know that?"

I kinda wanna believe that PastorLocke here was the fan EMINEM was talking about drawing a line in the sand on.

Rapping about dark subject matter =/= endorsing it. I can't believe there are still some people who don't get this.

... To go round the outside?

I really don’t see why some so many cultural Christians stand up for Trump

They know he'll regulate other people's behavior the way they want to regulate other's people's behavior, for that they'll excuse a few """"minor"""" incidents.

Christians will vote in Satan if he promised to stop the gays from being all gay everywhere

Yeah but he can’t be a real gangster because he’s not brown or black.


Shit, we already never heard the end of it because he had the audacity to be black.

I can't really get behind it. The archetype of Jesus, if you examine history closely, had happened numerous times before his time. The same story. Angel visitation, virgin birth, emperor ordered execution, grew up to be a spiritual teacher, assassinated or executed by religious majority. It's the same tale in every instance with slight deviations all throughout Mesopotamian and Middle Eastern history.

I genuinely think that the only reason that the Jesus tale survived was because it occurred right at a prime time in human history. The Romans had conquered that whole region and absorbed it to their empire, meaning that residents were now Roman citizens, so these ideas and beliefs could spread a whole lot faster outside the confines of the Middle East, as Europe was now a spreading point.

Except Eminem has never claimed to be the good guy. He would never think he is fit to President.

And is friends with ACTUAL GANGSTERS ( I.e. Joey-No-Socks in New Year's Eve)

Jesus said love everyone but he didn't say I had to like the guy with the bad spray tan with a wig on

Not very Christlike, pastor.

Oh he's been very profitable.

"the world needs more chill" - buddha

Christians today would hate Jesus cause he is a brown Jew who probably would lean in a very socialistic way in modern politics. They wonder how the Jews crucified Jesus when he was standing in front of them, yet they’d do the same thing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa

He is NOT that useful

Holy shit, a talking book!

By the definition of mental disorder, it's not.

The cult of personality that this orange buffoon has managed to foster is so fucking strange. It’s like people have invested who they are into this man for some reason. They’re so far into his world that he’s infallible and pure to them. There’s no reasoning with them. He can tell them the sky is plaid and they’ll believe him. It’s such a weird dynamic that I’ve only seen with hyper religious types. His supporters can’t admit anything he does is wrong or anything he says is inaccurate...I just don’t understand.

Spot on. 


Spot on.

Do you mean cataloging the rise of Christianity or the life of Jesus. The first written mention of Jesus was by Paul of Tarsus, a greek man, decades after the supposed death of Christ.

Why though? Fucking up the Middle East / cradle of Christianity even more than it was, is pretty much anti christ 101.


It's really that simple.

Any organized religion can cause harm. From what I've been reading, and based on my current experience with meditation, I would say Buddhism is quite alright compared to Christianity. Moreover, I think if everyone spent 10-20 minutes a day meditating we all would be a lot better off

Tbh all the real hardcore alt-right guys hate Trump but stick to the brand name, it’s easier to recruit from his base. When he replaced Bannon with his (((Jewish))) son in law it caused a huge shit storm. Trump is not the illness he is a symptom.

Shut it down

Yeah he was black AND classy. Went against they're pretty conceived notions.

This all or nothing thinking is not doing anyone any favors. You're just antagonizing people and lumping everyone into one camp. There are plenty of bad people who champion religion and there are plenty of bad people who champion atheism.

C'mon, you're better than that.

But what about Roman historians cataloging the event who weren't Christian and didn't put any stock into the movement other than description? This is why historians believe that Jesus was a real person who did most of the things (albeit, perhaps in a less fantastic manor) we see in the Bible...

I know you can be skeptical and all, but it becomes your word vs historians when you do present opinions like this

Those dotards are offended by people protesting racial injustice by not standing up to a peace of clothe and some song. I can't think of bigger cry babies.

The right has pretty much always been the PC police, look at their reaction to someone kneeling during the National Anthem or a titty popping out during a Super Bowl halftime show. They just don't care as much about racism or sexism.

Ahh the Old Testament. Where rape is cool as long as you pay off the girls father afterward

I'm a white dude living in the whitest part of Whiteytown. The shit I'm privy to would cause a fucking riot if any of the cracker-ass motherfuckers I'm surrounded by had the balls to say it in the downtown of any major city. To them black people are basically entertainment at best and a target for hate at worst.

at least Em cares about his kid more than that fat orange does about his

They missed most of Jesus s teachings

Pastor Locke was so elevated that he forgot about proper interpunction, I'm sure that Eminem understands how serious this is and he will work on his sex drive control.

This! I am a pastor and this bothers me. In a time when Christians should be a driving force for unity in this country, many have convinced themselves that Jesus voted Republican.

People are entitled to their own political opinions but don’t toss your own version of Jesus into your reasoning to justify your views.

Dude literally chilled under a tree and attained enlightenment

I think you might mean it went against their preconceived notions 🙂

round the outside?

With blonde hair, blue eyes and a rocking six pack.

That's most likely why he said he's a fake gangster - I doubt he knows much about eminem.

these old generation Christians believe that as long as they go to gods house on Sundays and apologize then you won't go to hell.

They missed the "Love thy neighbor" part.

HRC, too. Chick does Bible study group for fuck's sake.

I swear to God, every quote of his longer than two sentences reads as parody

I'm a Christian. I can't understand it. He didn't campaign on making abortion illegal & it's not going to happen. We're supposed to judge character by fruits of the spirit....I haven't seen him show any. Being the color of a fruit 🍊 doesn't count. I've met quit a few Christians agree. My pastor preached if we voted for one(Hillary)Christians would lose many of our freedoms . Doubtful & so what? Why should Christians have any different "freedoms" (think he meant privileges) its very frustrating but my church is starting the transition to my generation. At one meeting I learned a lot of ppl are more left leaning

... Round the outside?

Jesus is a Jew!what does that have to do with anything

my pastor says trump could beat m&ms in a wrapper battle

Except he doesn't. Revelations says the Antichrist will be pretty much universally loved.

I sick of people who voted for a reality TV star telling other celebrities to stay out of politics.

If Jesus were resurrected again in this day and age, Christians would probably kill him for being a false prophet.

It’s actually widely accepted among historians that Jesus ... did exist.


Talking about Jesus =/= living for Jesus. I'm sure he doesn't get this either.

To be fair, those sources did come 50-100 years after his death and are well known to be at least partially forged.

Jesus said love everyone

Yeah, but that one televangelist told me that poor people are poor because God doesn't love them enough... and I'm sticking to what I wanna hear.


LOL, I mean, Don't shoot the messenger here, but the last thing any of them want in the world is anything to do with black people. They are much happier with the Mexicans in spite of their wall bullshit and really just wish black people didn't exist at all. Which is actually much worse, now that I type it out...

What are we comparing this to, because, I can't believe I'm saying this, but compared to Trump, Bush wasn't that bad.

Yup, the bar got lowered that much. Someone go get James Cameron.

The sick part of that is I'd bet $1000 he's gotten women pregnant and had them "take care of it"

organised religion is a mental disorder

The dumbass tweeting about Eminem is a pastor

Ah. I’m dumb.

He may have won the battle, but he is losing the war.