50 Days 50 Finishes #9: Jamie Varner makes his UFC return, handing Edson Barboza his first professional loss

"Y'all wanna see a dead body?" - Steve Mazagatti

Mazagatti really wants a motherfucker to die.

Just another impressively destructive performance by Steve Mazzagatti.

He's genuinely the greatest threat to any fighter in the octagon.

How is he still licensed?

Varner always had tons of heart and put on great fights, win or lose. His fight with Abel Trujillo is insane, a must-watch

I can't stop laughing at this

Varner was warrior, man. That fight where he fucked up his ankle and he was still trying fight when he could barely walk. That was crazy.

You may be on to something here

Good gravy, that right hand at the 1:45 mark in the round looked like it carried the dreams and spirits of Varner's ancestors with it.

Not to mention letting Varner hang on to the goddamn fence as he pounded away at Barboza's face....I hate seeing that shit, both from the ref and the fighter.

I think he's dead enough

"Stop the fight!!"

I haven't seen him in the UFC in awhile. Does he still do other leagues?

Fuck man, no wonder Dana hates his ass. Almost every fight Mazagatti is staring at the dude getting his face punched into oblivion and he’s still like “yep, he’s still breathing. That means he can still fight.”

Also, didn’t Mazagatti ref Lesnar vs Mir 1? I remember Brock complaining about the ref not stopping the fight while he was pummeling Mir and waiting a bit too long to stop the fight after Lesnar tapped out.

I remember this, this was right after Edson highlight knockout of Terry Etim. Varner was a late replacement for Evan Dunham and no one gave him a chance. He was returning to the UFC and they booked him against a killer in his return fight. I always enjoyed watching Varner in the WEC days

Great scrap, definitely worth revisiting.

would be nice if you could do these with audio as well :)