7 days ago /sub/the_donald mods stickied the Charlottesville event. They actively promoted an event where 19 people were injured and 1 of our comrades was killed. Will the Reddit admins retroactively ban /sub/the_donald or will they continue to enable racist murders?

7 days ago /sub/the_donald mods stickied the Charlottesville event. They actively promoted an eve...

This is not an isolated incident.

In June 2015, Dylann Roof was inspired by the “hate facts” posted on Daily Stormer and Council of Conservative Citizens to murder nine people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

In July 2015, John Russell Houser, a far-right former bar owner, shot and killed two people and injured nine others before committing suicide in a Lafayette, LA movie theater which was playing Trainwreck, due to its feminist themes and characters, as well as its lead actor's Jewish background. Houser was said to have been a misogynist and praised the actions of Adolf Hitler on online message boards.

In November of 2015, a group of well-armed 4chan regulars attended a Black Lives Matter camp in Minneapolis, harassing them with racial slurs. They opened fire on activists attempting to chase them out when they returned a second night, wounding five.

An antifascist protester of Milo Yiannopolous was shot in stomach on Inauguration Day by Elizabeth Hakoana, who came to the protest with her husband, who planned to “crack skulls” of the “snowflakes” at the event and provoke a reaction to justify shooting someone.

Later in January, Alexandre Bisonette, a supporter of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen, opened fire on a Quebec City Islamic Culutral Center, killing six.

In February, a white U.S. Navy veteran, Adam Purinton, 51, killed an Indian engineer, wounded his Indian co-worker, and shot a man who tried to stop the murder at a bar in Olathe, KS while yelling "get out of my country."

In March, James Jackson, a subscriber of Alt Right Youtube channels, traveled from Baltimore to New York with the sole purpose of murdering a black person at random. He stabbed Timothy Caughman, killing him.

Sean Christopher Urbanski, a University of Maryland student and member of online alt-right facebook groups, randomly stabbed to death black Army Officer Richard Collins III in Baltimore.

A man in Portland, OR stabbed 3 people, killing 2, who intervened to tell him to stop making racist remarks to muslim women on a light rail train.

Anthony Robert Hammond hacked a random black man with a machete after yelling racial slurs at numerous people in Clearlake, CA in May.

Jimmy Kramer, a 20 year old Native American, was run over during his birthday party in Washington state by a man and woman in a large pickup truck who first circled the party yelling racial slurs and taunts at the group from inside the truck. Kramer died and his friend was hospitalized.

T_D is going absolutely apeshit right now.

In the last few hours I've seen:

The police were working with antifa

The police were hired by antifa

The attack didn't actually happen and the video was fake.

The attack was a false-flag attack carried out by [insert favorite government agency here]

This technically doesn't fit the legal requirements for first degree murder so he should go free.

He did it but he only did it because he was scared.

He was actually a member of antifa.

He was actually a BLM person.

The counter-demonstrators themselves were coordinated/sponsored/proposed by Soros.

The counter-demonstration themselves were coordinated/sponsored/proposed by [insert favorite government agency]

There were conservatives there but all the people doing the nazi stuff were actually antifa/cops/leftists who wanted to start a fight between the "real conservatives" and antifa.

This is bonkers even by T_D standards.

EDIT: Yes, I'm aware this is pretty much standard fare for the rebranded white nationalism. They are excellent at turning out truly insane conspiracy theories. I am commenting that it seems like they're in a frenzy of self-denial and so are engaging in it even more so than they usually do.


The ACLU is helping....someone somehow. Not clear on that.

The governor is "in bed" with antifa.

The state government is "in bed" with antifa.

The cops moved against the rebranded white nationalism so they are responsible for the car attack (not sure how that works).

And people claim right-wing violence is over-publicized...

for anyone who hasn't been paying attention, they're acting normally.

Are they going to be banned for promoting actual terrorism?

Lets find out. Message the site admins. If they don't ban the sub we know that the reddit promotes murder for ad revenue.

wow, they deleted the post. fucking cowards.

Not a Donald, but they didn't promote an event knowing violence would happen. If you host a party and someone kills someone, should you be held responsible?

Isn't anarchy being able to deal with shit like this without running to the authorities? Genuine question I've not studied political philosophy in a while so can't remember.

Don’t forget about /sub/physical_removal, where they have a fake Dodge Challenger ad that has a picture of the massacre and says “powered by dodge”. If reddit doesn’t remove these subs then it’s time to leave.

Trump is declaring that 'both sides' are to blame for the violence, that fucking lowlife scumbag:


Can you repost this in my /sub/latestagecapitalism thread, more visibility. Great information.

This is pure racism, it has nothing to do with capitalism.

Racism is definitely related to capitalism. Most racism (it seems to me anyway) is a social justification for certain existing class divisions and/or a manifestation of currents related to capitalist exploitation, such as misidentifying racial groups as the source of economic inequality and exploitation of one's own group, ie. white working men disaffected by their lot and not identifying how in part capitalism as a source of their ills and instead blaming immigrants and as a result painting them in a demonic light as the Virginia governor recently did, as we should note he failed to denounce the attack today in Charlottesville in like fashion.

Once you have inequality baked into a social strata any attempt to shatter that is often attacked by those with relative privilege, such as white people fighting the economic opportunities of blacks in various cities following WW2, the lack of property rights for blacks in places like LA and the violence that ensued from whites around this segregation.

The frequency with which race pops up in any contemporary criticism of modern economic and social currents from a far right perspective is also obvious. I would think this would be obvious to anarchists but apparently there's a lot of resistance to intersectionality in this sub like in so many others.

So did class divisions.

Will the Reddit admins retroactively ban /sub/the_donald

Are you kidding? There's ad revenue to be made!

It's how to handle situations like this.

Promote something heavily, when shit goes south you deny deny deny!

This is fucking despicable

Check /sub/physical_removal as well. Admins.

Intersectionality has been a thing for the past century. All of these issues are tied up with one another.

What does any of that have to do with late stage capitalism though? This is pure racism, it has nothing to do with capitalism.

A man in Portland, OR stabbed 3 people, killing 2, who intervened to tell him to stop making racist remarks to muslim women on a light rail train.

Jeremy Christian.

This seems like a little much dude. People who worked with Hitler essentially condoned ~10 million deaths. Reddit admins not banning a sub because some wackos did wacko shit isn't really anywhere close. My life is gonna be just fine whether they ban it or not but this is some serious false equivalency.

Hey board members and exec staff of Reddit - FUCK YOU.

Stop going on places like Jimmy Kimmel and pretending you are some fun for the whole family web site and having a laugh when, in reality, you are profiting off of the cancer that is racism and white nationalism in the US.

Fuck you, Alex Ohanian and fuck you Steve Huffman, profiteers off of hate and now, murder. Make them and all investors, board members and management staff of Reddit feel this personally. They are enablers of all this in the name of money. They are fucking scum bags.

Ban the racists subs we all know exist. Now. No more bullshit. No more taking money from people who want them open and turning a blind eye. Or own what you are, scumbags.

It’s reddit, the admins are ok with it. Time to leave.

I want to add this comment I saw when checking T_D for like a second (which was regrettable) and I quote

I happened to catch Fox News at 11:00am CST and they had a local reporter on the streets, kept calling the white supremacists the "alt right." It has become standard language in media to say this, and that is dangerous.

Bruh white supremacists are the alt-right and the alt-right are white supremacists

Spoiler alert: they won't

Come on Reddit admins. Don't be fash enabling liberals. Ban the fash!

"Look this nazi rally flew open swastikas, chanted nazi slogans, and committed an act of terrorism"

"Nazis don't exist & if they do they're a Soros op & if they aren't then they were acting in defense & if they weren't then it's SJWs fault"

"Nazis exist, they run prison gangs and frequently plot terrorism."

"Nonsense you must have just made that up to discredit conservatives!"

"Antifa groups have been organizing communities against neonazi gangs for decades."

"No, antifa are pro-hillary anti-free-speech terrorists that just sprang into existence when FOX told me about them"

"I'm saying the local nazi gang beat my black friend for sport."

"Why do you make up these hyperbolic lies to slander Trump supporters???"

True, however they're going even more extra than normal since this morning.

Ever notice something about every major social movement from the past century?

Gandhi: socialist who spearheaded the independence movement in India to seek liberation from colonial rule.

Dr. King: democratic socialist who spearheaded the civil rights movement of the United States, killed off when he was about to begin his Poor People's Campaign for ALL regardless of race.

Mandela: communist who spearheaded the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, advocating social and racial equality.

Emma Goldman: anarchist who spearheaded acceptable of LGBT people and women's control of their bodies through birth control.

look up these people and their ideas and you'll realize what Intersectionality is.

President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." 

Yeah but I'm sure there's plenty of examples of people who did the exact same thing against whites after Obama was elected. So it's really just the system balancing.


(/s because this is life now)

Honestly you guys need to chill. Just cause you get a bunch of people together doesn't make you responsible for what 1 guy does. There was no call to violence in that Donald post. This is no different than blaming all muslims when 1 dude blows himself up.

Don't be the other side, be better.

Disinformation and deceit has been the fascist modus operandi since 1922. They bend facts for their perverted agenda, and that is what leads the impressionable, the twisted and the unstable into commiting horrible acts of indefensible violence like we've seen today by the Nazis, and worldwide by fundamentalists.

Racism existed before capitalism.

Can you give me a list of murders by verified BLM or Antifa protestors?

The funny thing is, in the thread they deleted they were saying only fascists try and remove history.

If your party is getting overrun by Nazis and you don't do something about it, then you're definitely morally liable for blithely allowing whatever the Nazis plot to do.

/u/spez and all his Valley techbro douchebag friends will be remembered by history for their vile irresponsibility and profiteering in the face of evil, like we remember the German industrialists who went along with Hitler.

This is exactly what the dude did when confronted by the reality that Putin is a murderous autocrat. Trumps response verbatim was "There are a lot of killers. Do you think our country's so innocent?"

This man is an idiot, but he's just shrewd enough to be their useful idiot: Trump understands where his support comes from and he will not jeopardize himself by threatening that.

The flow chart for Donald Trump's brain is "Will this help me? > Yes. > Do it." "Will this hurt me? > Yes. > Blame someone else." I have seen virtually no evidence that thought process is hindered by any semblance of morality, rationality, empathy, or honesty.

We really did elect the worst of us.

i think we all know the answer

Antifa is short for antifascists. It's a description rather than an organized group but one of the innumerable intel missteps of the alt-right is to assume that antifa is an organization like the ACLU with leaders and a hierarchy when in reality it's more an affinity label that people pick up whenever they fight fascists.

Soros is George Soros. He's a Democrat-affiliated billionaire and gives a lot of money to liberal causes. He's kind of the Democrat version of the Koch brothers. It's also a codeword for "jew" and has some seriously strong anti-Semitic connections.

My side may be bad but there are also other bad people. How is that a rational defense?

fash enabling liberals.

That's a funny way to spell Fascist allies...

It's funny because the alt right hates Islam so much for their radicals, yet we have just as insanely deluded murderers here and you'll never hear them condemn or spread hate about white people or nationalists. It's incredible.

The ACLU got told by some alt-right "source" that the attack was provoked by a rock being thrown at the car, then parroted that as fact and said it was the anti-racists' fault. The donald is pissed because hours later they retracted it after finding out both that it was obvious horseshit and that blaming murder victims for their own murder leaves them legally in a pretty bad place.

They are literally celebrating somebody dying while calling liberals violent and dangerous. The hypocrisy is unreal. I literally did not believe it until I read it

It's highly advisable to stop using sarcasm completely. We're in a situation where it actually reinforces what it's intended to mock.

If you want to waste your time, message the site admins.

If you want to see action, send this story to every local and national TV station and every online publication that you can find.

/u/spez is a chicken-shit liberal who never lifts a finger on reddit to stop the mob until the news runs a story that portrays reddit negatively. "Reddit: den of child pornography." Result: bye bye kiddie porn subs. "Reddit: fat shaming people trying to enjoy their lives." Result: bye bye FPH.

This won't stop until Ohanian is sitting across from Anderson Cooper and gets asked: "So Alex: how do you justify running the world's largest meet-up site for rapists, pedophiles, and white supremacists?"

Yeah the brownshirts also just promoted a rally of like minded individuals. The only person who could have known 6 million Jews would die was Hitler. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Who are you trying to kid, man?

Great strawman dude. You can disagree as much as you want, but there's literally no way T_D upvoted that thread knowing some random guy was gonna mow down a bunch of people. The only way this would be true is

A: T_D can magically see into the future

B: Some epic secret pact was formed with T_D to do this.

Like it's horrible all this happened, but nobody is gonna read the rest of your post with an argument like that at the beginning.

Yeah... no. They encouraged an event pushing values they believed in. It's not like they encouraged people to attack others. Don't be ridiculous.

yes, the rate at which they're producing noise has increased, but the content hasn't changed.

Just tring to help anyone who hasn't looked into this understand: this is normal rationalizing for them.

/sub/4chan4trump if you want to see the rabbit hole

How the fuck is this not banned?

Edit: I've reported the sub to the admins. You all should too.

Nothing goes together like police and anarchists.

After all, they have 6 million subs! /s

Dude what the fuck are you smoking?

I'm as disgusted by anyone by the terrorist attack, but can someone explain to me how lobbying the Reddit admins to crack down on ideological adversaries is in any way an anarchist thing to do?

The victim was a member of the IWW union, a leftist group. Most of their members are anarchists. So yes, they are our fucking comrade you dumb fuck.

so they dont get away with it

list of users who called for violence

I saw a screenshot of the post. They didn't promote violence. They promoted a rally of like minded (whether you agree with them or not) individuals. I'm pretty sure the only person who knew people were going to get run over by a car was the guy who did it.

Yeah the brownshirts also just promoted a rally of like minded individuals. The only person who could have known 6 million Jews would die was Hitler. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who are you trying to kid, man?

As someone who occasionally uses voat too since the fattening, the parallels between the left and the right are hilarious.

Oh here we go baby, gimme that big ole' horseshoe

Both sides demonize strawmen caricatures of each other that they've stood up with the most ridiculous rhetoric and childish name calling.

Replace "both sides" with "everyone" and you might be on to something. /sub/neoliberal exists, they do it too. There are no "two sides". The two-dimensional political spectrum you grew up understanding is designed to make the centre seem the reasonable choice and any non-liberal choice seem radical by putting it on the edges. It's ridiculous and you should stop referring to it if you want to be taken seriously. By saying "both sides do this" you're playing right into the intention - saying "both edges are bad, only the centre is good".

As a slightly left leaning libertarian (according to politicalcompass)

Just fyi, literally everyone and their mother is a left leaning libertarian according to politicalcompass.

I wish people would realize that half the reason they hate 'the other side' is deliberately divisive propaganda that serves the oligarchy in keeping the working class divided and burning up our energies and frustrations at people we have much more in common with than the people who through wealth, power, and connections, control the government utterly regardless of political party in power.

Noone hates just "the other side". Everyone hates everyone that isn't them. Anarchists hate tankies, liberals, and fascists alike - not just those "on the right". Liberals hate anarchists - or any socialists - and fascists alike. Fascists hate liberals and "leftists" alike - people on /sub/t_d even seem to use those two terms interchangeably. Thinking that "the left hates the right and the right hates the left and centrists are the only peaceful ones" is very ignorant of the political situation.

deliberately divisive propaganda that serves the oligarchy in keeping the working class divided and burning up our energies and frustrations at people we have much more in common with than the people who through wealth, power, and connections, control the government utterly regardless of political party in power

How ironic for you to say this as a die-hard supporter of a capitalist like Sanders, especially after having played right into the "other side" ploy which is exactly what you are antagonistic of - propaganda by the bourgeoisie to make them seem like the only viable ruling class. The only enemy is the liberal - which includes any such subscribing to support of capitalism including brocialists, neoliberals, and fascists alike, but if you support uniting the working class and ending the rule of these "people who through wealth, power, and connections control the government utterly regardless of political party in power" the way you do this should already be evident to you.

Plenty of people on reddit support it.


Feel free to find that thread and look at the other subs these people post in. I’ll give you 2 guesses what it’s called.

Capitalism enflames racial tensions by passing the buck onto our fellow working class members rather than allowing people to blame the true cause of our trouble, the capitalists.

It's much easier to convince the poor white unemployed prole that the person causing all his issues is the black/brown/yellow/orange/green/etc worker who is employed and struggling the exact same way the white man is, than it is blame the true cause of his suffering, the capitalist at the top causing unemployment to hold onto his yacht and summer house.

Front page post from /sub/anarchism? Well done commrades (or should I say conrads😂). It's ripe time to show the liberals and the fash the truth.

Capitalism and white supremacy go hand in hand. The history of slavery in the US is highly intertwined with capitalism. And as always... Civil rights are queer rights are immigrant rights are women's rights are workers' rights. An injury to one is an injury to all, and we will never have full liberation without the complete destruction of global capitalism!

Don't fucking call the victim a comrade. Don't use someone's death to further your political agenda.

We had class struggles first, then the rich invented the race struggle because they were getting a little annoyed that the white servants and the black slaves would rise up in revolt together. They slipped in and said, "Hey, white servant--yeah, you're basically my bitch, but not as much as that black guy. You are inherently superior to him. Help me keep him down, report to me if he starts any revolts, and you'll be rewarded. Remember, your life might suck under me, but at least you're better than him!"

I feel like dodge may have an issue with their mark being used in this way.

This is how you get reddit to respond. Ad revenue. T_D hasn't affected their numbers in a meaningful way yet. The "Mainstream media" hasn't picked it up like they did with youtube's ad fiasco.

The admins have shown they have no intent to do anything meaningful about improving the community of reddit.

They need to feel the financial burn before they'll do anything.

do these people who claim Soros is behind the antifa even think it through? Like why the fuck would a billionaire hire anarchists and anti-capitalists to do his dirty work? 4d chess?

So if a violent attack happens at a leftist event and the event was posted on leftist sub, that sub should be banned?

When they decided to officially publicize a Neo-Nazi rally.


Here you go.

Edit: Don’t sympathize with Nazis.

Liberals will claim that The_Donald united with White Nationalists by mistake.

I want to be perfectly clear with you guys that many of the people who will be there are National Socialist and Ethnostate sort of groups. I don’t endorse them. In this case, the pursuit of preserving without shame white culture, our goals happen to align. I’ll be there regardless of the questionable company because saving history is more important than our differences. This is probably why they named the event “Unite the Right.”

Speaking for myself only, I won't be punching right. We need to save civilization first, we can argue about the exact details later.

Archived Post

Where did they suggest driving a car into a crowd? Or any violence at all for that matter...

The person who died was a member of the IWW, a socialist group that is mostly made up of anarchists. I'd assume any people in this sub are also members. She is quite literally their comrade.

If you didn't know, there is a online website that is supporting a lot of hate and trying to change the facts of what happened today in Charlottesville called "The Daily Stormer"

Here's the domain info for the website and who owns them: http://whoowns.it/#whois/thedailystormer.com

If you look at this site, it will be obvious to you the power it could have to hurt more Americans. They're already trying to question if the man who was arrested isn't part of the alt right because "Is he Jewish though?" https://www.dailystormer.com/car-crasher-identified-called-terrorist-by-a-bunch-of-republicans/

You should know this. If you've been ignoring it, stop. Look at it full in the face because this is happening. It is undeniable. This is hate.

You should know your enemies. You should know those that are out to do you harm. You should not be oblivious to what they're saying about you, or your friends, or your family or this country.

We have ignored this long enough. It is time to shine the biggest light on them all and let the world see them for everything they are.

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

Lol what is this liberal bullshit? In the real world outside idealistic "classical liberal" wank fantasies nobody gives a shit what a mute and defeated man has to say; he will be promptly forgotten and everyone will go on with their busy lives free from the threat of fascist violence. You smash ideologies by smashing their structural means of perpetuating and propagating themselves, not by giving them free reign to vomit whatever bile they want onto the airwaves and the internet.

We did weeks ago when they made the bomb threat against CNN. Nothing happened. I'm convinced it's an FBI honeypot being kept open. Tread lightly.

So...nothing more concrete than vaguely intersecting ideologies in an attempted murder case?

I'm sold.

Time to tell their advertisers you won't do business with someone advertising on a website that condones murder.

It's almost like hatred and violence aren't what they're concerned with, but rather pumping up their incredibly biased and prejudiced ideology whenever it suits their shitty agenda.


Jesus fucking Christ.

Last year /sub/politics promoted the BLM march in Dallas where one nutcase killed 6 police officers , did reddit retroactively ban /sub/politics?

Racism and capitalism are inextricably linked in a mutually reinforcing system.

Holy wow, this is a big thread. Good to see people upvoting /sub/anarchism.

You're putting a lot of words into his mouth. Sure maybe there is something wrong with saying 'both sides are doing it' but its not like its far off from whats happening. Everyone is at each other's throats. Thats basically the point he's trying to make. I know because I feel similar. I am sick of the party system and labels and all this bullshit because it ends up being just like you described A vs B vs C vs D etc.

Look at you, you're playing right into the hate with the tone of your reply to him.

How did they "enable racist murders"?, was the incident proven to be racially motivated? Was it even a planned attack? Do you really think the person responsible was even on Reddit? Let alone that sub?

"Gee, you don't say." -judge after hearing his statement

Fascist allies

That's a funny way to spell Fascist...

If the admins decided to undelete it, and lock it so the mods can't remove it. Then watch them try to explain why it should be removed without admitting any wrong doing.

That would be great...

I mean, there's no doubt the admins of reddit are 100% techbros. Spez is a prepper, got lasik surgery "in case".

I wonder how the admin that married that Williams sister is feeling. (I think it was Venus Williams? Idk lol)

You can be sarcastic, you also have to make your true feelings known or shut the fuck up when people think you mean it. You can't use a linguistic device to say something you "don't believe" but never contextualise or explain that fact to people who don't know you and not expect to be taken seriously by at least some.

That's the problem with shit like /sub/pol etc, all the people who were doing it "ironically" and "sarcastically" eventually attracted people who were doing it seriously and ran the people who were "joking" out of town.

You can be sarcastic - as a Scot it's in my blood - but if you stop there, you are the problem not the solution.

Edit: You are right though - killing people because they hate people of some races/religions is different than creating a community where those hateful people can feel at home and like their views are popular, have support and have been validated as part of the greater good.

While the two aren't equally bad, they are both bad. Again - this isn't the problem with "sarcasm" full stop - it's the problem with communities set up for people to be "sarcastic" together, because they always get taken over and outnumbered by people who are being serious in the end.

That part of what I said was important and not optional.

Yes, but the horrors of 21st century racism grew out of slavery, which didn't used to be an institution based on race. Quoting Graeber because I read his book recently:

On the popular level, slavery remained so universally detested that even a thousand years later, when European merchants started trying to revive the trade, they discovered that their compatriots would not countenance slaveholding in their own countries – one reason why planters were eventually obliged to acquire their slaves in Africa and set up plantations in the New World. It is one of the great ironies of history that modern racism – probably the single greatest evil of our last two centuries – had be invented largely because Europeans continued to refuse to listen to the arguments of the intellectuals and jurists and did not accept that anyone they believed to be a full and equal human being could ever be justifiably enslaved.

Contact Dodge. Get them pissed enough showing how nazi are associating their car with murder. They might get pissed and Reddit might take action.


Made an account just for this.

Congrats on finding a sub that is somehow worse than T_D. That place is horrifying.

The fact that the fat people sub is gone but the violently alt-right racist shit isn't really says something.

I'd say it's different from blaming all Muslims. If people were shouting that all conservatives are Nazis, then I'd agree with you.

This is more analogous to saying all ISIS members/supporters are terrorists.

"I don't endorse Nazi's, I just agree with their ideology and would never attack them over it"

Considering they never got any shit for the helicopter ride memes, I highly doubt anything is gonna happen to them now.

It was literally a neo-Nazi rally. They promoted a straight up white supremacist rally. No fucking platform for fascists. None.

There are two: "no they won't be banned" and "because money".

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[/sub/drama] /sub/anarchism wants /sub/the_dipshit banned for causing the Charlottesville incident

[/sub/drama] r/Anarchism mega edgelords think T_D is responsible for the Charlottesville event.

[/sub/shitpoliticssays] /sub/anarchism wants/sub/the_donald banned for causing the Charlottesville incident

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It isn't. The anarchist thing to do would be to police it themselves and stop crying about it. This sub is full of high school kids tripping off their first crime thinc book and romanticising hopping trains and squatting flop houses.

Agree completely. I get everyone is angry, but stop comparing the admins of an INTERNET SITE to the regime of the Hitler and his Nazis. The admins are providing a site where two sides can express their opinions without censoring or suppressing what people have to say.

What's a subreddit going to do about Nazis infiltrating the republican party? That's so laughable. Are you listening to yourself?

Reddit is full of LARP

They believe America threatens an elitist criminal Cabal and that Soros wants America to collapse into itself before American authorities finds evidence of crime linked to Hillary and links those crimes right back to Soros and his cronies.

That's literally the reason given.

ADVANCED PUBLICATIONS IS THE LARGEST SHARE HOLDER OF REDDIT STOCK. Yes reddit has stockholders. Advanced has the largest amt. of money invested in Reddit of all stockholders. They have taken a HANDS OFF approach with Reddit. This may be the time to get them to put a leash on spez, CEO of reddit.

Are you people born stupid or does the Nazism take hold over time?

I need to stop using this site out of principal. I enjoy a lot of the different communities here, but I can't support a platform that allows fascist hate groups to assemble.

I'm sure if the roles were reversed, it wouldn't be difficult to find someone in this sub celebrating the death of "a nazi".

Hypocrisy at its finest... drop the ideologies, kids.

Well done! It's deleted now. Fucking fascist sympathizing swine. They're trying to cover it up.

Modern Socialism.

It's disgusting that there are people taking advantage of a tragic event to push their hate for another sub because they support the president of the United States.

The person killed was a member of the IWW, which is widely known for being anarchist.

I don't know anything about this sub, but this is a good post

Did you know Spez founded Reddit right after graduating from UVa in Charlottesville? Hashtag facts.

attempted murder

It was a shooting, families were present, please don't try to soften terrible events because of your own political ideology. Anyway I'm just naming the first thing that came to mind cause the guy asked for an analogue for extremism on both sides.

Good lord that place is a horror show

"Anarchists" pleading for someone in charge to censor things for them... hmm

No, what's becoming a problem is the idiots who come out after someone has actually been murdered with the bullshit, 'both sides are the same' argument. They're not. One side murdered someone yesterday. Who have BLM murdered?

The moment they get bad publicity it's a Soros honeypot. That's actually the spin they're giving it. Not even the decency to do the usual "well that one wasn't like us! We distance ourselves from violence"

So what do you propose? Banning the sub will just spread them out all over reddit before they congregate in a new sub.

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

We have become two sets of people "liberals" and "the right", fighting each other whilst the .01 % continue to tell us how bad the other side is. Its nobody's fault but the elite, ignorance flourishes with bad education, something which america is terribly good at supplying, a stupid population is easily led. Look at the most educated countries, we see less extremism and divide in the people.

This is not their fault, this is the system perpetuating itself and we are falling for it.

Reminds me of Afghanistan and the CIA for some reason.

Nah, that means you're giving in to the stupid.

To stop doing what comes natural, as a Brit anyway, means these chucklefucks win and dumb down the discourse.

Anarchism calling for banning? That sounds like government to me.

I'm a huge fan of stupid memes and dark humor, but I'm totally with you there.

There are class divisions no matter what. /sub/latestagecapitalism is a stupid sub that doesn't seem to make any sense.

do you even fucking hear yourself right now? jesus christ

If people were shouting that all conservatives are Nazis

Plenty of people say that, though.

Then promote theirs. Not your anarchism/ communism bullshit.

Why are you being downvoted for making a rational point? If they didn't have a sticky inciting violence, don't blame them for inciting violence.

I think the sub should be banned or quarantined to begin with, but trying to blame them for something like this should require proof of them actually intending for someone to kill someone.

The Nazis, although "socialist" was part of their name, had absolutely nothing to do with socialism or a social movement. The Russian revolution was also not really a social movement - it was a group of opportunists taking advantage of a popular movement to seize power for their own ends.

And wasn't the great leap forward a program imposed on the Chinese people by the communist government, chiefly Mao? So again, I don't see how you can call that a "social movement" or compare it to the civil rights movement in the USA. It was an act by a totalitarian government

I'm not sure how it's really tied up together. That's like saying socialism is the cause of what's happening in Venezuela, which LSC would fervently deny I'm sure.

Yeah because getting rid of the Nazis from power and smashing the ideology for the past 70 years has really stopped fascism from propagating.

Uh, yes. Yes it has. These modern internet "Nazis" are a shadow of their former selves. Why? Because 70 years ago we firebombed them into oblivion, that's why.

When you have such a wealth divide, any ideology promising change for those at the bottom, will flourish.

Which is a structural factor that allows for the propagation of fascism, I know. What about "smashing their structural means of perpetuating and propagating themselves" didn't you get?

Are we banning the Bernie subs for attacking a politician ? Oh wait that's not how things work.

Because they're fascists and inherently violent?

LSC is the biggest leftist sub

Racist murderers? I do agree that it was most likely one of the white supremacist guys who crashed the car into the crowd, but who's to say that anyone condones that? I supported the march and still do even if something like that happens. If Antifa didn't show up and cause trouble like always than there would be no violence! hahaha. (and no, i do in fact think that no matter what side she/he was on the car crash thing was a little too much.) If you want to change my mind, Im always happy too listen! (:

Please read the history about the invention of race through legal means in Virginia during the colonial period.

Good bot but bad timing

You do realize Reddit allows an ISIS sub that openly supports ISIS, right?

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Containment subs aren't a thing. They're still all over the sight. Having the sub just gives them an echo chamber to bounce their thoughts off each other and become more entrenched in their ideology

No. This has been the script for 5 years.