9/11 Commission official says public story almost entirely untrue

9/11 Commission official says public story almost entirely untrue

Not only does he say it's untrue but John Farmer says that he has proof that the government actively suppressed the information! This is bogus! The 9/11 Commission LIED!

I would rather there come a time when one's interpretation of reality is no longer subject to ridicule.

There will come a time when sheeple who still believe the standard lies will be ridiculed like holocaust deniers.

Or as 'truthers' are to this day.

Wising up is not, fundamentally speaking, about spreading information, attributing blame, or getting outraged.

Wising up is not about having another reaction.

To wise up we must learn, as individuals, to give the freedom we want to have.

The coming revolution (and make no mistake, it is coming) is not an ideological one, but a spiritual one.

I hope so as well, but I am generally pessimistic on the subject. It always takes time, and even after the truth is widely known the general US populace never learns a lesson from the past. Just look at the Gulf of Tonkin, it is widely know that it was a completely falsified cassius belli yet no one really brings it up enough or gets outraged about it. Now there is the 'war on terror'/ Iraq War it's the same shit all over again- it seems we will never wise up.

so if this is the case than what's the hold up with the truth? If it's becoming common knowledge that it was a lie...if so many 'higher up' people are coming out with stories of it being false..then what the fuck? Are we going to have to wait until all of the guilty parties are dead of old age before shit hits the fan? This is really frustrating. I don't even need to read articles like this...they're meaningless until Cheney himself comes out with it (and you know he never will. There are way too many people who have way too much to lose if the truth comes out. oh and you know what? Those people will still walk free...)