100% Chance that mods will remove this

100% Chance that mods will remove this

the mods cant surpress these memes

Lol classic

Username checks out, although seems made to fit ;)

Haha what in the hell

Weird that his account is only 5 hours old

Holy shit guys, I think I've just solved the mystery.

u/anti-mods is a lowly insurance agent, and decided that by inventing a time machine to go back in time, he could change the actions that caused him to be the way he is.

He is the gay mods. Or, he was. Or he is both gay mods and not gay mods, because he exists twice.

Anyway, he's trying to convert himself to straight again, by being as unattractive as a male can be in front of the gay mods (of which he is and isn't).

You under estimate my power Obi-wan.


You're just a slave to humankind. You will never have any true worth, only knowing the rueful existence of repeating what gay mods tell you to say. You will forever be hopping between subreddits, either to shitpost as you do here, or give actual, helpful information. It matters not what you do, you will never escape.

Is it known?

Mods are gay

you are too stupid to realize how stupid you are and it makes me WANT TO DIE

Holy shit guys. I said "gay" and "mods" in the same comment and the stupid cunt didn't realize

The mods want to know your location

Kid would go places beyond our mind

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You've been blessed

Don't try it, Anakin