50 Cent dressed as a Cyborg for his sons birthday yesterday.

50 Cent dressed as a Cyborg for his sons birthday yesterday.

Not a cyborg, just cyborg.

He's half machine, half dollar.


As Cyborg* he's not just any Cyborg. He is Cyborg


We have half the technology....


We can rebuild him, we have the technology.

Curtis James Jackson III is... The 50 cent man!

I guess it's better than making fun of airport workers.

About 50 per.. cent ... human.



Thank you. I was expecting somebody to mention this and it took all the way to the bottom of the comments to get it.

it was a whole Teen Titans Party

His costume looks to have cost just about 50 cent

Oh, gross. It's not Teen Titans. It's Teen Titans Go!

At least he dressed up as the original Teen Titans version of Cyborg.

Chop low. Rob Lowe. Chad Lowe.



They addressed this in the show, and it is legitimately hilarious:

But the point being, it's a different show with a different target. As a father of two young school age boys, I find Go much more watchable. The old show might have had substance and a gripping plot, but that's just not what they're trying to do with this one.

You should have checked out this post 2 hours later.

Kid seems thrilled.

Probably because his son gets that shitty white straight jacket, while his Dad, once again, gets the coolest stuff and gets to wear an entire cyborg costume.

So? Who knows, maybe he and his kid made it together or something. How many adult Cyborg costumes do you think exist?

A Pimp Named Slickback.

You don't get it. The original Teen Titans is a legitimately good show with nice writing, character development and all that shit. Teen Titans go is bad because it's basically nothing like the original show, although it's aimed at a newer generation it's managed to piss off a whole generation who grew up with the old show.

Yeah he's not a cosplayer, just an awesome dad apparently


Disabled airport workers

Started from the bottom, now we here

It's a white person singing, so "shorty" is correct.

In this case, he's half machine, half 50 cent...dudes a Quarter.

Actually now it's "A Guy named Cyborg", you know like "A Tribe Called Quest"?

Oh, gross. It's not Teen Titans. It's Teen Titans Go!

Oh the humanity!

It's so strange how much hate a single letter can cause in me.

Of all the cartoons my young child watches, teen titans go is most definitely the one I prefer to sit down and watch with him. No, it's not some deeply layered complex emotional blah blah blah, but it is so much better than any of the other cartoons aimed at young children. I laugh and I get it, it's not that bad when considered on its own.


I'm tired of using technology.

Well in the New 52 (2011) onwards he was a founder of the justice league. From pretty much any book he was in prior to then he was exclusively a teen titans hero. So you're a bit off there.

Oh shiet mang. This guy gets it eh?

Bankruptcy cosplay.

If the target audience for a show is kids, then I see no point in people 2+ times the age of those kids getting pissed off at it.

Twilight is aimed at 13 year old girls, I see no point in watching that movie, or talking shit about it since there is no reason for me to watch it.

he is... 50 Sentinel...

Oddly specific. I believe you.

Go go go go go shawty It's yo' birthday

I'm guessing you're not familiar with Teen Titans?

He's come a long way from the days of being shot 9 times

Cyborg is the character's name from Teen Titans, as opposed to a generic cyborg.

It's so strange how much hate single letter can cause in me.


He gets it he's just countering a previous statement which still meant something other than the pun

You say the whole thing: A Guy Named Cyborg.

in case anybody is wondering if 50 is broke, this costume should answer your question.

Yes you have to say the "A Pimp Named" part, yes you have to say it every time.

I don't care what people say about the new Teen Titans. It's more for kids than the original, yes, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

They even made fun of themselves in a few episodes for being how the show is now compared to before.

Plus if you watch an old Teen Titans episode you'll clearly see that Cyborg and Beast Boy were always big broski goofballs. Not sure why people bitch about them so much now.

A cyborg is just a robot. (the) Cyborg is a character from DC/Teen Titans, who 50 is dressed up as

So like... 50 PERcent

Half the technology.

Shh, I brought this up earlier and got downvoted because apparently all you have to do to make people forget you publicly shamed a disabled kid on the internet is...dress up like a comic book character.

What is going on with cutout starfire's stomach? Or is she holding some odd, triple baguette with a belly button?

wat tha fak

Ya choc blocked me, bro!

I love you homes

In the New 52 rebooted universe from 2011 that is the case; but the character was originally created for Wolfman and Perez' "The New Teen Titans" in the 80s. He is a fairly recent addition to the Justice League.

Not just cyborg cyborg, but Victor Stone cyborg

Teen titans really went down hill with Go.

A cyborg is not just a robot. Cyborgs are "cybernetic organisms." C3PO is not a cyborg, Darth Vader is.

I think it is the family dressing up, Starfire is the boys mother.

You didn't see that thread about him making fun of a dude working in an airport? Turned out the guy had personal issues and wasn't on drugs like fifty was saying. It was pretty big, a while back.

Costumes on a budget.

So we call him 2bits from now on?

It's from this episode.

It's her stomach.

It's for his kids party, chill.

Would be perfect if he had "the night begins to shine" rocking too

High disabled airport workers

Making money isn't necessarily a sign of intelligence, nor is blowing it away a sign of lack of it. Just based my opinion on seeing him talk. I've seen some challenged people speak, he didn't sound like them.

Must've gotten it from the same place Titus gets his costumes.

Chronic Bitch Dependency is no joke.