180213 BTS' DNA & Mic Drop has been officially certified GOLD by RIAA on the website.

180213 BTS' DNA & Mic Drop has been officially certified GOLD by RIAA on the website.

everyone saying mic drop remix was only successful because of aoki and desiigner or added english lyrics really looks like whole dumbasses now huh

We already knew about Mic Drop but DNA too??

But can /sub/kpop really be /sub/kpop without these passive aggressive comments about bts?

The best part is sneaky DNA, no one was expecting it, no one was checking the numbers, she just jumped on us 😂 Glad to know a K-pop only song is on the same level as a Western-artist collab, gives me high hopes for the next comebacks :')

This makes BTS the only korean artist to have multiple songs certified by the RIAA!

??? 1 sale = 1 unit and 150 streams = 1 unit. You need 500,000 units to get gold. There ARE sales in this.

EDIT: I can't believe there's people trying to downplay this wow. And you don't even know what you're talking about.

Man, you can't even bother to say a simple "congratulations" before you drag their achievements. Fact of the matter is, no other kpop group has achieved figures like BTS have in the U.S., otherwise their companies would have jumped on the chance to be certified and get that media recognition. BTS are currently the most marketable and successful group in the U.S. That's all there is to it.

Awesome! I was waiting for MIC Drop to finally get added to the site. But DNA being certified was definitely a surprise.

DNA paved the way for MIC Drop and she got her revenge! Seriously unexpected, congrats boys!


Edit: I might as well add the relevant quick info while this parent comment is on top:

BTS received two times Gold from RIAA: DNA and Mic Drop Remix As of week 6 of 2018, each song sold at least 500,000 units digitally in the US The sales count is comprised of sales+streams: 1 digital unit of the song sold = 1 unit towards the award, and 150 streams = 1 unit towards the award Next award (platinum) would be at 1,000,000 units

I mean people will still find some way to belittle their achievements. Just scroll down a bit ;)

Yes, that is why until now BTS is the only kpop act who managed to have a double certifications for different singles from RIAA. Because it's just so easy to get that right?


DNA is taking revenge on everyone for not believing in her. Unlike Mic Drop, there’s no feature, lyrics were never modified to include more English, there was no campaign to try to get it gold...

DNA really snuck up on us out of nowhere. everybody was focusing on MDR, but DNA was really the beginning for them -- their first Hot 100, the song ARMYs worked so hard for radio plays. i'm so so happy that DNA too got certified GOLD.

We can never celebrate without someone saying “it’s not a big deal.”

According to the RIAA website BTS received type: digital Gold for DNA and Mic Drop. Criteria for single songs are:

Gold – 500,000 Units

Platinum – 1,000,000 Units

Multi-Platinum – 2,000,000 Units (increments of 1,000,000 thereafter)

Diamond – 10,000,000 Units (increments of 1,000,000 thereafter)

And for the digital type award, units are counted as:

Each permanent digital download == 1 Unit for certification purposes. 150 on-demand audio and/or video streams == 1 Unit for certification purposes.

Source (pdf format warning)

Edit: ALSO, PLEASE STOP FIGHTING EVERYONE lol. Seriously. Award type and criteria were clarified. Case closed, just be happy. Unless of course you don't want to be.

Then way more kpop groups should have certified Gold rn, but they dont. Why’s that? 🤔

It was all over the place. It was really patronising too. Like, 'oh, congrats BTS, but they only achieved this because of some Westerners! I wonder how they'll do next time without a big name behind them?' (The implication being, of course, that they couldn't have achieved it on their own.)

If you could not tell, your comment came off as rude and dismissive in this context. Your "context" was unnecessary and did not help to convey any form of congratulatory feeling or pride, and instead was widely interpreted to be minimizing what BTS have achieved. This social context is equivalent to someone telling you that they won first place in a talent show and you replying with "Ok, but only a small subset of the student body even auditioned and you were only chosen based on the judge's viewpoint of 'talent'." Please take this constructive criticism into consideration when you make a comment to ensure you do not get misunderstood again.

And to me, it seems like you're actively ignoring that there was a larger backlash to your comment because of a miscommunication of intent on your end. But that's fine. Doesn't matter to me. If someone can understand the importance of social context today and use it more wisely tomorrow, that's all that matters.

No, PSY has only song certified by RIAA, Gangnam Style. Gentleman probably would have reached atleast Gold, but he didn't apply for certification, as it seems

It's the social context this comment was presented in that is why it is widely interpreted as negative. Billy tells Sally that he got into prestigious university X. Sally tells Billy that there are many people who could have gotten into university X, but didn't because they didn't apply and could not pay the application fee. Is it that hard to see the problem here?

Why hasn't anyone else then? Shouldn't other Kpop groups be swimming in golds since it's meaningless and so easy?

One of my goals is to help give context to what the numbers mean.

By talking about the criteria for standard RIAA certification when this is a post about digital RIAA certification?

Like dude. I didn't really think you deserved to be run over for your post. But sticking with this whole "I just want people to be educated" schtick isn't really helping your case.

But only if all of the 75 million streams came from the US.

Edit: And I was looking through the YouTube Insights and other than PSY I don't see any kpop acts that have over 75 million US views for a single song.

But also, YT Insights really shouldn't be used for this since the RIAA only counts views from official videos and YT Insights adds in fan-uploaded videos that are claimed with the Content ID system.

Your comments are so filled with disingenuousness that it's laughable. The reason you're being down voted is because we can all see through your saltiness.

Your first statement is "Glad that they paid for the certification" implying off the bat that the only reason that BTS received these certifications is because they bought it instead of focusing on what made them eligible to pay the fee to achieve certification. In the world of KPOP, we know that the "paid for certification" is a direct implication of mediaplay or some other form of non genuine achievement played up to make the artist bigger than they actually are.

and then you go on to further diminish the achievement by suggesting that the RIAA certification is based on shipments, not sales and that... "there are plenty of certified platinum & gold albums that never make those sales." thereby implying that BTS' achievements are again not legitimate.

You could be a poor writer and one who cannot effectively communicate one's thoughts, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you intended to downplay these two amazing achievements and that your intentions were clearly read by the majority of this sub.

LMFAO. This comment section. BTS news always keep /sub/kpop alive.

well i downvoted because of the unnecessary comment about shipments when it has nothing to do with dna and mic drop going gold

Wow! "playing victim card", "apologize in their behalf" "everyone has the right to their own opinion"

Maybe you should be the one to reflect about being oversensitive. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but they shouldn't when they use incorrect facts or twist truths to appeal to their convenience

No one is playing a victim card

What the original comment stated was incorrect. If he/she tried to "educate" kpop community; he or she should first go to the website and read how certifications are obtain

There is a difference between: a)standard certification and b)digital certification

If he needed to say that "they paid for the certification" he/she should also post the 350$ fee necessary to "buy" the certification that is the cost to prevent piracy in RIAA (and the cost of using external companies to audit sources)

With those correct terms, everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

edit: and no one would be bothered.

the OP who complained about the cost and felt the need to "educate" everyone on RIAA made it seem like BTS paid big money to be a part of RIAA. lolololol.

Also, keep in mind that RIAA certification is based on shipments (and now streaming) not sales. Not really a big deal in this, since it's likely digital sales and streaming that contributed to this and there are no 'shipments' in digital sales/streaming, but there are plenty of certified platinum & gold albums that never make those sales.

I'm not quite sure why it was necessary to bring this up since the "shipments" issue doesn't at all apply in this situation.

Given the EXO fandom's history of attempting to downgrade and delegitimise BTS's sales as far back as the sajaegi controversy in 2015, especially with regard to shipments and returns and 'context', I am not surprised. It's still going on; I've seen EXO-Ls claim that Love Yourself: Her was overshipped because it outsold The War on Gaon. That being said, I downvoted them because I didn't see the relevancy of their latter comment about physical certification to the matter at hand, which is a digital certification.

I guess the way you were mentioning having to pay for the certification (even though everyone has to) and then how some certified albums don't actually make the sales came across as trying to downplay what BTS had achieved. Even if that wasn't your intention.

To me, it kinda seemed like you were saying "oh they paid to get this certification that sometimes means nothing since people can get it without really achieving the sales numbers" or whatever.

she's getting downvoted because she made it seem like BTS had to pay a hefty fee to get RIAA certified. "Glad that they paid for the certification...the company has to pay for RIAA certification in order to receive it officially. It doesn't always happen since, in many cases, it gets charged back to the artist, and well, artists get screwed enough as is without needing a trophy collecting dust, so there are occasions when they opt out of getting it."

LOL, what??? It's a $350-$450 fee, how are the artists getting screwed?

For instance, if a group has 500K in shipments, but only sells 100K, then there's a disconnect between what retailers thought they could sell and why.

Woah, a discrepancy between Gaon and Hanteo is not an indicator that retailers bought more than they could sell. A high return rate to Gaon is an indicator that retailers bought more than they could sell. You can see this with the Chinese numbers for The War where they did year-end adjustments down.

A difference in Hanteo and Gaon is much more typically just a case of not all stores being Hanteo certified.

loll at least they’re having to come up with new wild things to say

Ok but maybe you should double-check your sources about RIAA certification and sales.

When did we have a post that DNA went gold?

$350 for RIAA member companies and $450 for non-members. I think the fee is because you're paying to have the certification audited by an outside firm for the RIAA.

i don't think you're intentionally trying to downplay BTS's achievement, but your comment does kinda seem a bit passive aggressive. i assume (from the other comments) that you have some wrong/irrelevant info about the certification (which is probably why you're being downvoted). however, people shouldn't be downvoting you because they think you're against BTS or something (cause no one can really prove that).

not only it's not relevant, but it adds confusion too. like, why bring shipments into a topic that has nothing to do with it? i won't be surprised if people get confused and start to misunderstand about how the songs were certified gold, if it weren't for the clarifications by other users.

Ikr, that's my favorite thing about this song getting certified gold. It makes me even more excited to see a comeback and the heights the potential songs from that could reach!

It’s a huge deal for BTS and us ARMYs but there’s always someone who tries to discreet it in a sly way.

I am so proud of the BTS lads! You keep on going! :)

Paying $350-$450 for RIAA certification is not screwing the artist over like she claimed.

They can afford to pay $350 and $450 if they reach that certification limit. RIAA is huge in the U.S., if someone reaches gold, platinum, they're going to pay that $350 certification fee. That's common knowledge.

I was trying to stay out of it but when they said- "Some artists just don't care"- are they seriously saying artists don't care about getting a gold/platinum certification?? if that isn't another attempt to discredit another BTS' achievement-i don't even know what to say anymore

I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(me whispers: "platinum is a matter of time")

they don't pay for the certification because there's a good chance, they're not reaching gold or platinum level. Exo, iKon etc..., aren't ever going to be popular enough to reach gold, so why pay for it.

why play coulda woulda shoulda? mic drop and dna, two songs from the same album, one of which has the harder hiphop sound everyone says they want “”again”” from bts BOTH went gold in the u.s when no other group has had any song do so. their musical taste is evolving and expanding, they’re popular enough that any concept they want their music to be can be successful

Three songs. Three different genres. Three achievements from three different countries. One artist.

Hail Queen DNA, King Micdrop and Princess Crystal Snow.

It's incredible how the ~neutral~ Kpop stans will literally downplay everything when it comes to BTS. RIAA doesn't involve sales now? Lmfaoo.

Yes kings! DNA came as a surprised though. So proud of these guys, I'm sure we're about to break more records this year.

You're dishonest, which is why you're getting downvoted.

You got yourself in trouble because of your original comment:

"Glad that they paid for the certification...the company has to pay for RIAA certification in order to receive it officially. It doesn't always happen since, in many cases, it gets charged back to the artist, and well, artists get screwed enough as is without needing a trophy collecting dust, so there are occasions when they opt out of getting it."

Paying $350-$450 for RIAA Certification does not mean that the artist is getting screwed over like you claimed. If the artist has to pay $100,000+ for RIAA Certification, then that could hurt the artist but we're talking $350-$450 here. You could have easily mentioned the cost but you chose to exclude it bc it didn't fit your narrative.

It's an accomplishment when a song, especially a foreign act's song sells 500k+ in the United States. In today's climate, the company who represents the artist is going to pay that small fee for certification. It would be idiotic to pass on RIAA certification because you didn't want to pay a $350-$450 fee.

Regarding the comment you made about your idol. Who was the idol? As you pointed out, it sounds like a contract dispute. Disgruntled idol.

If an American artists' song sells 500k+, they are paying that minimal fee for RIAA Certification. Again, RIAA trumps all in the US, so if a song goes gold or platinum+, everyone and their mom is putting out a press release about the success of that song.

Cause you said “it’s not a big deal in this” I don’t understand you replaying to my comment about us not celebrating in peace since it’s always the same deal I see on twitter and reddit about antis discretion towards BTS and ARMYs.

Honestly, a little guilty as charged here....it felt like nobody was even talking about getting DNA gold certified so I think a lot of people considered it moot. This is really cool.

Thanks for telling your viewpoint! That sucks. But yea I've never heard of this notion. It's honestly fking irrelevant to me anyway, BTS' success speaks through action.

Almost like getting a certification based on US sales alone for kpop artists is hard!

That's good then. But are you sure RIAA counts shipments? The criteria for RIAA are different from RIAJ. I think you mixed it up. Only RIAJ counts shipments and give certification based on shipments (for album).

yes DNA, get what you deserve

I am explaining why I felt that OP's comment was unnecessary. /I/ wish that you had made your own comment to OP on the matter instead of trying to belittle the point that I was making on how effective communication is important to getting your point across to an audience. If this is a conversation that you want to partake in, I am not the one you should be replying to. :) Simple, isn't it?

name a gold certified album that didn't sell over 100k final in consumer sales. i'm sure you've got the links since you're well versed in RIAA.

Hanteo and Gaon are about as local as it gets. Awesome for selling music in south korea. Kpop artists want local and international success, so yes getting RIAA certified is a big deal. It's great to know BTS dominated everywhere. They're setting a great example for the other groups.

cool! unfortunately that didn't apply to me because i actually had to do a double-take and got confused wondering where the hell did shipments come into the picture.

lol look, i don't even really have anything against the comment, i downvoted because it's honestly not very relevant to digital certification and also the possibility of causing confusion to other users.

that's all it costs??????? lmao, seriously?

What’s not worth doing it? Getting RIIA for DNA and MIC Drop? Of course it’s worth getting it because it’s huge! Also, the way you typed it was not the right way, it’s like the other comment mentioned about getting #1. If it’s not a huge deal then why is everybody talking about it?

Where is the post for 'DNA certified Gold'?!

TIL: RIAA has their own website where you can search for artists and see their certified songs...is their any other similar sites but were you can see Korea and Japan for example?

Edit: Off-topic but If anyone cares to help me, i looked up Michael Jackson and it said for Thriller "33x Multi-Platinum", i looked up the requierments for Multi-Platinum and it said "2,000,000 Units (increments of 1,000,000 thereafter)" so does that mean that Thriller has sold 64million units or am i interpreting it wrong?

Edit 2: Thanks for the answers!

I didnt see anyone even commenting on them being an exo-l,only non bts fans are bringing it up. Good thing armys don't generalize a whole fandom based on one, i know for a fact the whole fandom would be dragged through the mud if the situation was reversed.

RIAA has three type of awards for singles: standard, digital and latin.

standard = shipments,

digital = digital sales+streaming,

latin is for latin music.

BTS received 2 digital awards.

Nah OP knew what she was doing. It was a good troll - look at how many got baited LMAO. Even got ARMYs fighting each other with the variance in reactions to it.

Look at the first sentence in a post that was supposedly congratulatory:

Glad that they paid for the certification. I think it's a good step for kpop in the US.

See how many people got triggered after. Either OP is socially retarded or it's just a backhanded compliment.

You see. It's not traditionally a gold certification. Because it's the DIGITAL one. Oh, don't forget! You have to pay for the plaque! Oh btw, I no anti. I think what they did was AWESOME! Pay for the plaque tho. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Yeah, the album sales criteria from the RIAA says:

Sales of albums in physical format become eligible for certification 30 days after the initial street date. Sales of albums in digital format become eligible at the initial release date.

Initial pre-orders of digital albums will not be counted to towards certification. The pre-orders will count towards certification after the album is released to the general public and the customer receives a copy of the digital album.

Only domestic sales and sales to U.S. military post exchanges are included. The requesting company must separate PX sales from other accounts on sales sheets. Export sales outside the United States are not included in certification.

Club sales and club free goods may be included towards certification. Product shipped to retail, mail order, record clubs, TV marketing and other ancillary markets are combined toward certified sales. All shipments to these accounts must be verified by the label.

So the only place where shipments are mentioned is like mail order clubs and stuff.

I am a big Army but even I would need more fingers and toes for the amount of times I’ve underestimated these guys.

Because their stans are busy hating on other groups.

BTS bringing KPop to new heights. Anticipate record breaking comeback haters. Your tears are delicious!!!! Hahahahah

You were wrong about how singles were counted but good effort by you for including sources on album certifications.

There was a lot of talk in the music industry about Rihanna's ANTI and it wasn't a shocker that ANTI wasn't recognized by Billboard/Nielsen.

Korea doesn't have official certifications anymore, but Japan has RIAJ.

I think it kinda makes sense. Twice's US numbers don't make up a huge portion of their YT views. Like Korea is #1 with 1 billion and then the US is #7 with 170 million.

But for BTS Korea is #1 with 1.2 billion and the US is #2 with 950 million. So it's understandable that their MVs have a higher percentage of views that come from the US.

legends says that every time an anti makes a negative comment about bts, they come through with an achievement that makes the anti look dumber than a dumbbell

edit: got rid of an extra comma after bts lol

Yeah, the website states that they've to ensure absolutely no errors in sales numbers so they have multiple checks by outsider & non-aligned firms, I guess they're the audit costs (plus a customary profit for the RIAA maybe)

Edit: grammar

Japan has RIAJ and bts have been cetified by it for a lot of theire realese incuding the latest which went double patinium (the only korean artist this year)

apparently not

https://www.riaa.com/?s=Psy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentleman_(Psy_song)

Congratulations 👑, a full korean song did this <3

HONESTLY i always think “we’ll prove them wrong next time 😭” and then something amazing happens way sooner than all my delulu expectations

lol yeah. If they want to buy a plaque then they'd have to pay for that too. But as far as just getting the title of being RIAA Certified, that's all it costs.

We weren't even making streaming campaigns for DNA lol, we were just trying to achieve this for MIC Drop. I wouldn't be surprised if BS&T has also chances to get gold since it's close to 100M on Spotify (idk if it's possible because it was released in 2016) or even the whole Her album.

It means that 33 million units have been sold.

Like, when something is 2x Multi-Platinum it means that there are 2 million units sold. And 3x Multi-Platinum means 3 million units.

don’t forget prime minister spring day

Lmfaooo the comments. The sheer bitterness. It will never not be fun to see Kpoppies seethe over BTS! ilovethissong.gif

The comment here contains information, and even if it doesn't apply directly to the situation it's not wrong?

I mean, they do sort of correlate shipments with RIAA digital certification which is incorrect. And they do the same thing elsewhere in this thread where they talk about Hanteo and Gaon, talk about overshipping right after, but oh wait, no, they were talking about overshipping in the US market--nothing to do with Hanteo and Gaon. It's more shoddy communication than actual inaccuracy. But it's not great. Plus there's the bit where they talk about the cost of certification screwing artists when they admit to not knowing the actual cost of certification.

I mean, I totally get that ARMY can get hella over defensive. And the whole "fandom trauma" thing is ridiculous. But I don't really get why OP's comment is worth getting this defensive over. One person--who doesn't even have a BTS flair--mentioned the EXO flair. Do we need to really be dragging the stan twitter comparisons out over it?

Unnecessary snark.

Hm, Hanteo is not necessarily end user sales. Hanteo covers sales from Hanteo certified stores and not all stores are certified or they don't report to Hanteo. That's why people look at both charts

If you want to know if there are any discrepancies in what was shipped and what was sold then one option is to look at the returns of albums on gaon.

idk, like the first reply to that comment, maybe? constructive to the conversation? or if not just ignore it?

From OH>> "Psy has two platinum certifications for Gangnam style, one for the single and one for video single. But none for Gentleman"

At the top you can filter by date and location. Choose a specific country and then all the songs on the right side will show views for only that country.

33x RIAA multi-plat means 33million units sold (in the US), worldwide estimated sales of Thriller are 66million units.

Talking about "oversensitive"

Bring the agressiveness down a notch would you?

Have you verifiy if I downvoted the original comment?

I responded to you and that overused twitter terms "apology on their behalf" "victim card" "Oversensitive ARMYs"

Insight and introspection can solve A LOT of issues

the company has to pay for RIAA certification in order to receive it officially

I'm curious, do you have any idea of how much these certifications costs?