🔥 awesome pet 🔥

🔥 awesome pet 🔥

I noticed the hand wasn't too confident when mouth opened at start!


Actually this is from a guy who has a YouTube channel about his pet lizards (all different kinds), and he got bitten really badly one time, so that’s probably why. Link:

Probably sensible. Reptiles may be cute sometimes, but they're usually neither very intelligent nor particularly social. It might act somewhat like a dog, but it definitely doesn't think like a dog.

I'm a good boy. Yup, yup!

"I'm putting this on YouTube so you'll know what to expect if you're bit by a monitor lizard"

Yeah...I don't see myself being in that situation. Thanks though.

I did not know it was legal to have a dinosaur pet.

That's what happens when you pet your lizard

Come 'ere baaaaahhddy

That is one dirty hand