19 and 20 had a fight.

19 and 20 had a fight.


19 wound up in the hospital, and 22.

The two numbers resolved their fight through the act stereotypically known as 'make-up sex', which was unprotected and resulted in the number '21' being born.

At least they were both over 18.

19 got lucky. 28 18.

Twenty one sounds like twenty won.

tl;dr: twenty won.

19 only got disturbing the peace, better than murder and cannabalism like they got 24

25 or 6 2 4?

7 11, was a part time job

They booked 24 25 2 life

I was wondering where you were going to go with this. The inside of your head must be a kaleidoscope of surreal humour. You tickle my nugs and I'm gonna follow you around till you stop making me laugh.

9 11

'One-One' was a racehorse

'Two-Two' was one too.

'One-One won one race

'Two-Two' won one too

Then all 19's friends ganged up and attacked 20 and his friends 200 and 2000.


Edit: To clarify, I am English so I am correct and all y'all Yanks are wrong. There is an and!

Aaaaaannnddd i'm confused.

Was an inside job.

Oh wow, I am embarrassed that I couldn't get the joke until this comment


b-but that's longer than 21

Complex equations can't melt steel beams.

Luh Mao

1 1 was a racehorse, 2 2 was 1 2. 1 1 1 1 race, 2 2 1 1 2.


19 is in pretty rough shape after the whole ordeal - doctors say his days are numbered.

Well I feel dumb. Did not get it at all.

9 and 10 had a fight.


This is, without a doubt, exactly why my wife is still with me.

Steel beams can't melt jet fuel

The chairman's lost brother.

this YouTube video with CGP Gray

It took me a while to understand what your joke was and then I remembered .

Not everyone would pronounce that as "two thousand, two hundred, and twenty won".


more interesting then what i had in mind.

"Twenty One" to be read as "Twenty Won"

17 38


twenty ate a teen?

I should've been high before reading this.

Thanks bot.

19 and 20 had a fight. Twenty-won.

Cause she tickle your nugs?

I fucking love this subreddit.


Here ya go.

8 6 7 5 3 0 9

Number of upvotes on this comment is 3. HL3 CONFIRMED



Yeah, his is definitely shittier.

That's odd

Exactly. I had a lot of fights with my brother when I was young. Yet, I only had sex with him once.

27 / 9 😧

So, this is basically every relation ever?


17's looked on in horror.

This is like reading tablature and it's on me to figure out the rhythm.

Ninety-nine and point six... am i doing this right?

Nah, he tickles hers.

Eighteen is a teen so he technically ate the teen eighteen - therefore you are both correct

What's funnier than 24?

When she lets me, aye.

No, One-One was a giant.

But steel beams weaken under extreme heat. It bends like a pretzel. This caused it to buckle under its own weight. Just ask a metal smith that fires his metal to form it to shape.

Edit: I'm fun at parties.

twenty-two hundred twenty-one

1 1 was a racehorse. 2 2 was 1 2. 1 1 1 1 race. 2 2 1 1 2.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Twenty ate eighteen.

Nah, 7 was charged and now he's on the list of registered 6 offenders.


You must be new here.

(here meaning Earth)

(I'm trying to say that I believe you are a relatively young person)

It's /u/ShittyJokeExplainBot. Therefore, it's a shitty explain.

It seems like he explained the joke rather shittily.

19 felt sorry and baked a cake. 28.

I'll give it a 5/7

Prisoner 20 is a cannibal, his cell mate is prisoner 21.

28 21

One won? But I have to know which one won!

You are not what the party deserves, but what it needs!

tl;dr: 21

I actually thought this was the explanation.


Now just think of how 3 was conceived.

Double-two, two, one?

Two double-two, one?

Two two two one!

You are not alone

I don't understand this joke can somebody explain it please?

I heard that's what 7 went down for when he 8 9


I'm like "Hey, what's up? Hello" Seen yo pretty ass soon as you came in the door I just wanna chill, got a sack 4 us 2 roll

How dare you question the humanity of our overlord?


and definitely not prime

10n-1 and 10n had a fight, where n is some integer greater than 2. 10*n+1. (Sorry, I hang around /sub/math too much).