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MFW hAsch hAashs hoomss
Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image


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Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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It's the small things that matter.

Like my penis


To be fair, that should count as a highlight in Anyone's life.

MRW someone says I can't just post a gif of Natalie Portman laughing and expect upvotes

The motion track and shadow is tangy. The text backwards, when the camera changes? Superb. The knife-edge tension as the text slides to end-on and we cringe, waiting for that blipping in and out of existence that miraculously doesn’t happen was a tour de force.

I would rate this a pretty good out of ten.

I’m too drunk to understand the details of this criticism, but I’ll get back to you at dawn... noonish.

Just a GIF of Natalie Portman laughing

And Mt. Everest is just a bump in the ground.

Yes, the international version included 30 minutes worth of material in the middle of the film where he trains her to be a cleaner. It also addresses his back story and really adds to the film overall.

Why are a rinos D teir!?!??!?!?

Why are a rinos D teir!?!??!?!?

Limited access to good plant loot, comparatively high food cost, low effective mobility, in fact the only real draw of the rhino is how well they body in 1v1, but they're almost too good. Their defence is so high, no one bothers trying to down them so the evolution points aren't utilized effectively. Other quasi-megafauna herbivores do much better. The hippo has better amphibious matchups and doesn't invest as much into armor, the elephant went for a prehensile limb for loot access and their size let's them control an area more effectively than a rhino, and giraffes spec'd into that sweet neck for the best loot access on the server and can body any of the assassin predator builds. You literally have to be a jaguar to go at a giraffe, and even them it's just not worth it, there's better loot for them anyway.

Tldr: over investment into defense and suboptimal food access for the weight class.

Plus, with the new human expansion, Rhinos are WAY too over-hunted. I feel that they are going to be gone in a few updates...

True, but humans as predators rarely factor into a species viability in any given current meta. Humans are so meta-defining it's pointless to analyze their effect into any breakdown of another species viability.

That said, the rare ivory loot drops from rhinos and elephants might not be to valuable much longer. Certain dataminers are stumbling onto methods to create facsimiles that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Gamers rise up!

Gamers rise up!

This legit gave me 3 nose exhales.



What's the original text? I know it was about suicide squad could someone point me towards it? That shit is so funny

Earth Dispute.

Earth Dispute.

Double face palm

But Columbus discovered America in 1492 so its only 1492 years old oh ma goood how dumb can you be

Some serious whooshing going on in the comment section

There should seriously be a dumbass of the year award. It would be a hell of a race between these two....

Når du er dansker, men browser /sub/sweden

Når du er dansker, men browser /r/sweden

Vi har gott om kassa inhemska memes här, vi behöver inte importera. Men tack ändå!

Jeg får "danskhat" nu ikke?

När man inte kan reposta för karma i /sub/dankmark går man förstås till /sub/sweden


Apink completed MV filming last week | Girl Crush concept

Apink completed MV filming last week | Girl Crush concept

Took 3 days & 2 nights

Girl crush concept which is different from their usual concepts

Comeback expected to be in the first week of July

An Apink girl crush concept?! May the lord have mercy on my soul

omg at this rate im not gonna survive the summer.. ahh im so excited

It's all I've ever wanted after seeing their concert performances

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