The president*

The president*

Nikon resigned shortly after he asked if could pardon himself. Every branch of government told him “No.”

... but we live in a different age now where a lot of people think this is acceptable. That’s a problem.

It must really suck to be an American rn

There are so few historical examples of impeachment being used or threatened to look to and Trump still manages to appear unfamiliar with any of them.

Then again, this is the same guy that thought he could bring up the War of 1812 as proof of Canadian belligerency, 60 years before it became an independent state, literally 2 centuries ago.

It makes you want to tune it all out rather than experience all of it. That might be part of the problem.

Elon Musk "Having Kids Is A Social Duty" (OMG this will blow the liberals minds)

Elon Musk "Having Kids Is A Social Duty" (OMG this will blow the liberals minds)

I told you guys not to throw Musk under the bus. His businesses could have failed if he pissed off the left, he was constantly walking a tight rope. Now that their power is fading they tried to strong arm him into the resistance, it didn't work. Gloves are off.

Europeans and americans get out and f"ck like rabbits.

Stop thinking. Start f"cking.

Seriously. Stop thinking abuot paying for kids college. Its highly overrated today when anyone can stsrt a business and learn what they need on line. Teach kids how to start a business and employ all those other college suckers.

Stop thinking about how you will pay for everything. If raised right kids actually begin to pay for themselves.

Move to communities where others are having kids and support each others with baby sitting and home schooling.

Only hang around with women who want to have at least 4 kids.

At least 4. Thats the MINIMUM!

Find those women who feel the happiest when they are pregnant. They exist. Thoee are the ones you want. Never be on birthcontrol during the first 5 years of your marriage. If she wants to wait a year to have kids then dont marry her for a year and keep dating others .

Kids are fun. They are cheap entertainment. If raised right they actually are completely independent and capable (if not legally) at about 9 years old. At that age if raised right they LOWER your costs of keeping a house and raising your other kids. Remember apprenticships used to start for kids at 8 to 10 years old .

This whole idea that kids are a financial drain until they Are 21 is absolutely wrong and crazy.

By 5 years old fhey should know how to buy something for less and sell it for more than they paid.by 8 they need to know how to pay someone else to do it for them will they make the majority of the profit. If they have those skills they will be able to go or do anything they want.

In 8 years you want to have 5 more humans on your team building your families wealth and permanance and city and businesses.

The nuclear family you say? Has it a roll?

Youth comes to an end a lot more quickly than you think when you're young. And you'll end up with nobody and with nothing for it at the end.

People think they're lost and wonder what their purpose in life is. It really is to have children, and to protect and provide and nurture your family.

Coincidence? I think not.

Coincidence? I think not.

Legit just made a comment on the other post about how it looks like Aku

Oh snap cannot unsee, but it’s not even useful for me anymore :/

This nearly made me spit my water out.



How dare we deny the opportunity for meaningful debate with literal fascists. brb kms.

Tbh I don’t think even they believe this shit. They just know it works on some people.

No dude you just have to engage in the free marketplace of ideas

Rage 2 Against the Machine

Rage 2 Against the Machine


Is it bad that I can't tell if this is real or not? xD

Lights out, Pip-Boy radio!

Lol. I was thinking hey, that singer look like Todd, and it is Todd, just photoshop.

My handsome loaf.

My handsome loaf.

THOSE EYES omigosh! This kitty gives Puss in Boots a run for his money! This literally brought a tear to my eye, and it's hard to make me cry for happy reasons!

Bonus picture

Bonus picture


Looks like a happy boi

Prep for AQA Physics Paper 2 like

Prep for AQA Physics Paper 2 like

Mate, you've got the wrong paper

That's his secret. He's always learning thermodynamics at night.

Here, take this

No time to poorly edit the meme to fit the correct paper :(

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