From Ashley’s SC πŸ‘πŸ˜

oh lawd almighty so fuckin tight



Whats her snap?

Why I am HYPER Bullish on TE-Food.

Why I am HYPER Bullish on TE-Food.

Thanks for writing this up!

Oh man, awsome

Great post! Well done! I hope they add it to binance soon.

Our OG winner Bebe and queen Latrice making sure that we can hear this picture

Our OG winner Bebe and queen Latrice making sure that we can hear this picture


just two queens meeting to kiki about how things are going on their kingdoms

I can hear AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH from miles away

Wakanda Extravaganza

Cheer Firecracker [mojojoj]

Cheer Firecracker [mojojoj]

Hotter than the sun in the middle of July

isn't that the wrong arm

Nah, she got a flesh-covering on the other arm, but Adam is still fucking OP, soooo....

It'd be too monotone if they were yellow. The purple blue helps to make it seem more vibrant.

Those are my thoughts I'm no artist.



Trying to spell phenolphthalein

Just use methyl orange lol

Yes but I am an intellectual

The biggest pain of them all



And it has eyeliner

Maybe she's born with it...maybe it's maybeline. Lol

Fox McCloud

Smug little boi

This is Modi's India

This is Modi's India

So after my madrasa school got over, I was waiting for the bus in Andipatti bus stop. I was eating Briyani in one hand and a bottle of nattu sarraku in the other when a deep urge to sheet came over me.

There was this toilet, no whose design was not the same as the one I once saw on a yt video on toilets in Japan but no matter.

As I was still eating and drinking, I couldn't clean my kundi very well. When I got out, a proper Thevar unkil (with terrifying stache and all) yelled at me that this is "Modi's India".

I asked him what the issue was, he said that I still had 3 turds that I didn't clean well. He demanded that I go back and clean them.

Now the design was bad and damned if I was going to, so I punched him and his entire cohort and at the end when they were all done, I lit up a beedi, smoked it in slow mow (literal slow mo) and told them, "This is Nehru's secular India, mind it" and walked away, in slow mo

That OP was a pure unadulterated chutiya who thought himself to be smarter than Einstein. Unkill asks him to throw the bread crumb properly (which I am sure was half the sandwich) and like a total liberandu he misses the point of keeping the area litter free and starts arguing about Modi's India. And then the Unkill tells him to put the trash in the bin and the OP realises that no one irl gives a fuck about his sickular views and being a beta he probably put the trash back in. Then he goes back to his safe space called randia where he fantasizes how badass he was with an unkill and how he showed an Unkill his place.

Raja Uncle your Bakchodi hit rate will go negative if you keep it this way. Seriously its still not late do something i.e re-skill by join Skill India.

Upvoted for atleast trying to do bakchodi, newfags se to wo bhi nahi ho raha.

See people a rare sight.

RajaRajaC doing subtle level Bakchodi.

These cumskins ruined that sub. Used to be good.

Cardinals Offseason Dank Meme # 18

Cardinals Offseason Dank Meme # 18

now this, this is a grade A meme. amazing


thanks for letting me hit this dank


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