36 z 50 najbardziej zanieczyszczonych miast w UE znajduje się w Polsce

36 z 50 najbardziej zanieczyszczonych miast w UE znajduje się w Polsce

Czy to przez to, że u nas wyjątkowo popularne jest palenie węglem?

Nie węglem tylko śmieciami.

Mnie się wydaje, że żadna z tych rzeczy, które wymieniacie, nie ma decydującego znaczenia, tylko wszyskie składają się po trochu na chujowość wszystkiego naokoło. W sensie, że ludzie mają po dziesięć czy dwadzieścia zachowań, które mogłyby zmienić obraz miast, gdyby je wytępić. Ale nikomu nie przyjdzie do głowy, żeby ogarnąć, bo mogłoby być czyściej i ładniej. Nie, kurwa. Obesrana, obeszczana, zajebana dymem, ale jedyne, co ważne to, że biało, kurwa, czerwona.

Skoro wyprzedzamy pod tym względem nawet jeszcze biedniejsze i bardziej zacofane kraje Europy, to chyba nie jest to wina ani budżetu, ani rozwoju technologicznego. Po prostu systemowo coś tu musi być nie tak, gdzieś popełniamy błąd jako społeczeństwo. Czy to przez to, że u nas wyjątkowo popularne jest palenie węglem?

Trują, to trują na ch_j drążyć... Ważne, że mamy prawdziwy polski wungiel, a nie jakieś niemieckie wiatraki czy inną gejowską fotowoltaikę.

QUICKLY! Someone get Ashley a soccer ball!

QUICKLY! Someone get Ashley a soccer ball!

Look at Magus's face in the final panel. He's ecstatic to be fighting this thing.

Yeah, that's definately an Elliot face on Magus there: Elliot loves fighting for a good cause

One of potentially several smoking craters for the feds to deal with in the morning?

I wonder what kind of back blast that attack's going to have now that it's directed at the ground?

How to use black magic to manipulate the size of your ears

How to use black magic to manipulate the size of your ears

Some people like me are pretty lazy.

Does there really need to be a guide for ordering a pizza?

Plain Text Link: https://www.wikihow.com/Order-a-Pizza-Over-the-Phone

It's also a way to read the title of the article without going to the website or copying the URL and pasting it elsewhere.

Worth investing? Seems pretty good to me.

Worth investing? Seems pretty good to me.

Hmmmmm, it's a bit rapey, which will probably protect it from normification. It will surely atract a large number of weebs however, so I'd say invest carefully.

Nice. Yeah, I’d invest






What are some gay slangs?

Daniel Descalso hits a 3 run go ahead homer, which eventually gives them the win against the Dodgers in 12 innings.

Daniel Descalso hits a 3 run go ahead homer, which eventually gives them the win against the Dodg...

Petition to rename Dodger Stadium to "The Descalzone"


Posted this on our PGT...

Daniel Descalso:

Home Runs: 4 TOTAL (3 against Dodgers)

Total Bases: 21 against us, 28 against everyone else

OPS this year: .841 (1.021 against us not including the home run)

RBIs: 10 against us, 8 everyone else.



Can I switch with someone dead who's actually missed?


Fuck you people make me want to die...

I love it.

Lol, take it slow around corners and change, the body gets impulsive and likes to self-destruct when things are going smoothly. It's got some addictions, but you'll have that after around 28 years of miles. The legs work, they just don't feel like moving a lot of the time. The brain engine is a 1990, and in decent condition but prone to anxiety and self-doubt.

All new voice listings - 5/8/2018

All new voice listings - 5/8/2018

I saw some people asking for a compilation so I made one. Let me know I missed anything.

Mr. Hippo

“Although Mr. Hippo is a murderous robot, his dialog is very uncharacteristic of that persona, sounding more like an elderly grandfather telling a long drawn-out story to a friend. He speaks with a deep voice, and is in no hurry to say what he's going to say, pausing between phrases and pondering the words before he speaks them. I want all of that to sound natural, however.”

The listing for this says it is a 2000 word script.


”Pigpatch has a very goofy appearance, but speaks deeply with wisdom and menace, delivering his one-liners as though standing over the body of his enemy.

I'm open to interpretation with this character, so feel free to try any style or accent.”

Orville Elephant

”This character is a ring leader with a commanding presence, but it also a bit twitchy. He should sound like the ring master at a circus combined with a malfunctioning jukebox.”

Happy Frog

“Happy Frog is a very upbeat and cheerful character, and I want her lines to be a stark contrast to the death she just delivered to the player. She should sound bubbly, excited, and even a bit ditsy.”

Nedd Bear

”Nedd Bear has a goofy country accent, and doesn't sound like he understands the severity of his actions, often quipping silly one-liners as though telling a joke to kids despite the fact that he just murdered someone. The thicker and sillier the accent, the better, as long as it is still easy to understand.”

Vengeful Spirit - thanks to /u/MoshiMinecraft for finding it was UCN related

“This is for the voice of a young child, who speaks in a whisper from the shadows. This child is in control, and is toying with the player, who is helpless to change their situation or prevent their inevitable end. The gender should not be immediately clear, it should work as either a young boy or a young girl, and you are welcome to do readings leaning one way or the other.”

This is listed as having 300 words. Many people have assumed it will be a cutscene.

Cant wait for Mr. Hippo to kill me and give a 10 minute long speech

TFW when you figure out Mr Hippo was phone guy this whole time

The Game Over screen doesn’t go away until the audio finishes

”...and boy was I mad when Happy walked over, she’s such a... doll ya know? So I... looked over at her... and she looked over at... me and...”

For comparison, the Golden V. Hard Speech had under 90 words.

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