Must be concise

Must be concise

This is what it's like when you written down enough info to answer the question, but then there is a minimum word count.

Yup, and it’s still bullshit.

Do teachers still do minimum word counts?

His death was quickly followed by his last words

His last words were "I'm not fucking dead, you idiots.".

Barber Kokoro

Barber Kokoro

“Just trim it a little” “YOU GOT IT”

Hot wheels keep on giving.

There was another version of this that was waaayyyyy longer

I think you meant to post this in /sub/gifsthatkee

Someone doesn’t have a cat!

stuff like this is why i like playing games like wipeout

that smelly smell

that smelly smell

I hope my final moments are some dumb shit like this.

M4A1 No Colour

In real life they don't actually just drop magazines on the ground

Clean. I like it, reminds me of Squad

I feel like it was pulled out so the empty mag can be put back into the shooters mag pouch.

Depends, in some cases you really dont care where the mag is going you just want more rounds on target. Thats why I like that some games have a fast reload where you actually drop the mag on the ground.

me irl

me irl

2 in 1 bois The future is near

it's like he didnt even read the sign.


Are we smokin' beer?

Oululaisella sarjakakkaajalla on vielä opittavaa tältä mestarilta

Oululaisella sarjakakkaajalla on vielä opittavaa tältä mestarilta

Sarjakakkaaja: Pitele mun kaljaa

Tämä puhuttelee minua niin monella tasolla. /sub/suomissa linkki /sub/norgeen jossa kuva /sub/todayilearnedsta.


mua puhuttelee se että yksikään noista sun linkeistä ei toimi

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