I wonder when their next albumen is coming out? Their last one was cracking.

Haha yes


As a guitarist and an egg lover, I find this offensive on a personal level

When Thatcher Wastes all of his EMP Grenades

When Thatcher Wastes all of his EMP Grenades

When you ping a wall 10 times and type thatcher please emp in chat but he still rappel branches at the other side of the map before instantly dying.

I agree on an emotional level

Have you played with me before?

when you ping a wall 10 times and type thermite please breach i emped here but he still rushes the objective and gets shot from five cardinal angles so you ask hibana but she used all her pellets on unreinforced hatches

The Salvager's Code! [Poster List]

The Salvager's Code! [Poster List]

Rule 5 being released as DLC might get me to buy the season pass😂

Yeah, number 7 should be "a". It was too late to change when I saw it :/

5 - Always be closing.

Those salvage contracts don’t win themselves, you know.

Ah number 7 was from the nopon doublons, wasn't it. To learn about who left that debt and the reason he got indebted was among the biggest surprises I had in the game.




N smile hockey shirt skates

Nicecream cone.


My Berserk collection !!

My Berserk collection !!

Wow, I think this is the first Berserk collection that I have seen so far where the spines match up

Thanks an awesome poster!!

Woah woah woah! Nani?

I’m not a huge fan of berserk but that poster is just mmm

The best thing that ever was mine ❤

The best thing that ever was mine ❤

So beautiful :)

What a beauty!

Isn't she though? ❤

I hope I was! Thank you! ❤



Never been to a doctor to diagnose me but I seriously have like 2/3rds of these.

Should I be concerned?

Edit: no.

Honestly I cycle between eating nothing all day for a week or so and then I have a week of stuffing everything that's remotely a carb down my throat, so I have both, just not at the same time.

That’s a lot of damage

If I made this list into a bingo card maybe I could actually do well on something for once.

Right lads, here we go.

Right lads, here we go.

As suggested, some are going to neighbours and some are going to mates and co-workers so I have some better odds of getting a reaction.

Posting slips through letter boxes is harder than it looks, by the way.

I have been dying laughing since this started. I'm so happy.

Ever since I saw the post, I can't help but think of things Id do:

package up a vibrator, leave it turned on, and deliver it to address B - knock on the door as you walk away to make sure they see it bouncing around. leave a note at address A saying you left the package at their neighbours.

get the largest cardboard box you can find, then put a much smaller empty cardboard box inside (so it will rattle), and deliver it to someone fairly far away from where you leave a note saying the package was "too confusing" to deliver.

take a small box of matches, or something equally small. make it look like a package. deliver it to a neighbour, with a note in the other address saying that the package was "too large" to deliver.

Leave a note at address A that you left the package at address B, at address B say you left the same package at address C, ad infinitum with each one getting a new excuse why you couldn't deliver it. At the last address, actually deliver something... maybe a dirty potato?

Leave a note that says package was unable to be delivered do to "strange noises coming from it" - leave a phone number which will call the dogs trust or similar.

Note saying unable to deliver due to "overpowering smell emanating from premises"

Note saying unable to deliver due to "poor career prospects"


Oh shit the lad is only going ahead and doing it!

You absolute legend.

New series of Peep Show looks a bit weak.

Born To Fight

Born To Fight

It’s real. It’s an uncropped photoshoot picture that was leaked a while back

Lord how often is this pic going to get posted? We are close to 10+.

Nsfw maybe?

I’ve always wondered if this photo is real or not. Is she actually showing her junk?

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