Archie Andrews Is Mentally Ill

Archie Andrews Is Mentally Ill

Any time someone brings up a criticism of Betty or Cheryl's behavior, there's always at least one person who's quick to point out that both characters are mentally ill and that probably informs their decision-making to at least some extent.

Oddly, I rarely see anyone point that out when it's Archie under the microscope. So, just for the sake of contextualizing his story arc this season:

Archie was molested by a trusted authority figure less than a year ago.

He broke his hand saving a classmate from killing herself.

Literally within 24 hours of saving Cheryl (which in itself would probably do plenty to fuck with a person's head), his Dad got shot right in front of him, and almost died. During an incident in which Archie was also held at gunpoint.

This same attempted murderer forced his childhood best friend to try and bury him alive shortly after the fact.

He essentially got bullied and threatened by a grown-ass middle aged millionaire for having the audacity to engage in mutually consensual sex with his daughter, and now he's being manipulated by said millionaire because the dude's preying on his (literal) insecurity and lack of stability to keep Archie under his thumb.

And that's just scratching the surface of what he's been through. That's not even counting all the business with the Serpents (mostly self-inflicted, on his end) that he's gotten into.

It's been at least the better part of the year since he's had any real control over his life. Every time he gets his footing, someone new starts ripping the rug out from under him all over again. He's been pretty much either sexually abused, manipulated, lied to (the FBI agent, anyone?), or assaulted by someone or other almost nonstop since the summer of 2017.

Everything he's doing, he's doing for the sake of trying to protect himself, his family, and his town. It's not smart, it's not logical, it's not the "right" thing to do, but it makes perfect sense through the lens of how he's been developed as a character since the pilot.

Like, Archie's dumb, but it gets incredibly tiring seeing people in the fandom constantly acting like he's just doing all this wild stuff because "oh he's just a dumbass" or like the writing hasn't clearly laid out his headspace all season.

Maybe PTSD? Anxiety as well maybe. He’s had a gun pointed in his face on like 3 different occasions. Plus the sexual manipulation/statutory rape. Poor Red.

Archie is definitely PTSD. They show him having flashbacks to his dad getting shot.

The question is, what happens when his trauma leads him to go against Hiram?

Archie often frustrates me but this post does a great job putting things under a new perspective. It's just that the show does not do a good job addressing Archie's non-black hood related trauma.

I really don’t understand why everyone is calling this boy dumb all the time. He really isn’t that dumb. Especially not compared to the rest of the characters. He’s a little more naïve, but heck, the amount of logic and thought behind his actions is level with the logic of pretty much everyone on this show.

Illegal alien ex-school secretary who made bomb threat indicted on gun charges

Illegal alien ex-school secretary who made bomb threat indicted on gun charges
Illegal alien ex-school secretary who made bomb threat indicted on gun charges

Poorly written story.

Illegal in the headline, has a visa that expires in a month near the end.

Obviously they hired a former CNN editor to do the immigration stories.

Did you read the story? She was not illegal, she had a visa. Just trying to stick to the facts.

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Warum liegt hier Stroh?

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King of my farm

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A crumpled foil ball into a perfectly polished foil ball.

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Isnt he fabulous

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