I have finally found my people!

I have finally found my people!

It really is such a social taboo to even hint that you may not want to vigorously rub every pupperoo that passes by. So it's nice to have a place to finally vent about this absurdity.

It kind of freaks me out that most of my close friends believe they're getting human-equivalent affection (if not more so) from something that doesn't really even know what they are. It sometimes makes me call into question their other relationship choices. This article does a really good job summing up this point.

With that said, I understand affection needs are different for everyone, but the fact that it almost always goes beyond this into "omg how do you not like dogs?" shaming territory is what really crosses the line for me. I don't aim to paint all dog lovers with the same brush, but a large majority in my personal experience tend to suggest that there is something "off" about my feelings towards dogs, often going so far as to exclaim "omg how does anyone not like dogs!".

I have my own issues with the dog itself invading my space but the owner/lover's immediate dismissal of views different from their own is where the real frustration comes from.

Most of all I'm just glad I found you guys so I don't have to live through another "who's a good boy" alone.

Yeah, I just found this sub yesterday. It's nice to have a space to get away from dog owners and be able to vent the frustrations we have about the things.

Where I live, not a day goes by where I'm not forced to interact with dogs somehow. They are fucking everywhere. I especially hate the ones who leave them by the front doors of shops. MOVE YOUR DAMN ANIMAL.

Welcome! And yeah, while loving a pet is perfectly understandable, too many owners force their dog into other people's lives and insist that everyone else must respond to it with the actions and feelings they expect to receive. Too many dog owners will over-prioritize the dog and expect everyone else to accommodate them, too.

What is also odd to me is how people and businesses are very aware of food allergies these days, but they appear to be completely ignorant of dander allergies which could be equally life-threatening.

Put me in a room with a dog and I will suffocate to death in several hours (without an inhaler). But dog nuts couldn't care less -- they feel they have the right to bring their animals inside everywhere.

You have indeed, welcome!

Ginko outfit stitch [Ryuuou no Oshigoto]

Ginko outfit stitch [Ryuuou no Oshigoto]

What an episode

What an episode

If only all the episodes were like that.

I mean, today's episode was like a cold shower.

When people say Sorina is stupid and won’t happen

When people say Sorina is stupid and won’t happen

There are still deniers out there? Come on, It's for sure going to happen.

god tier heirs

At least you're not in denial about it.... Good for you!

It's our good ol' Senzy hooking up his granddaughter to one of his best student's son xD

I took this on my first morning in Sydney and Australia. It's an amazing sight indeed.

I took this on my first morning in Sydney and Australia. It's an amazing sight indeed.


I bought a Mercedes Sprinter van and live in it, so I really don't understand the mentality that Sydney is not a livable city. All these millennials complaining about not being able to afford a house. I do fine, I wash my crevices and launder my clothes in the Cooks river and enjoy a 10 second unicycle ride to work. Sydney is accessible if you try just a little bit and don't sink your money into 4 dollar flat whites on the daily.

The logical step is 1995 Hyundai Excel with K-Mart pillow, then an ex-taxi Ford Falcon station wagon with K-Mart air mattress, next is a Kennards storage locker with AGM battery system. Little while, you have a Mercedes Sprinter van and only have to spend 10 years on a friend's couch to save a deposit, bam! You got a house in Oberon to rent out, then you can rent a granny flat in Tempe while the cents for your Opal card roll in. Then you're free to enjoy the views of the Opera House whenever you want. I really don't get the bitching.

bigger than you think arent they? i was there last week from Tasmania. hadnt been there for 20 years. loved the harbour and ferries a lot!

may as well show you one of my favorite pictures from my week.

bigger than you think arent they? i was there last week from Tasmania. hadnt been there for 20 years. loved the harbour and ferries a lot!

may as well show you one of my favorite from my week.

Haha I was onboard until the cooks River and unicycle. Well done

Do Vikings memes this late at night still get upvotes?

Do Vikings memes this late at night still get upvotes?

Yeah cuz I can’t sleep so here ya go. +1

What really bummed me about the end was seeing Keenums face, he looked lost and defeated that's when I knew we lost.

But then it happened

As long as the Packers are not referred to kindly.

Sure, fuck it

Old Berserker 1v3 OP

Old Berserker 1v3 OP

Imma just throw it out there, i loved old zerk. Now i hate him

I like it and the taste of music. Since I listen to piano music daily.

Lmao @ dude trying to revive after that beat down

You dont need skill to win with him anymore. Now its just, spam and win or dont spam and dont win.

Oh no. it’s police.

Oh no. it’s police.

Bad boys, bad boys!

Watcha gonna do?


Disregard the constabulary

slaps me on the knee/10

To: Jere--- DisguisedToast

To: Jere--- DisguisedToast

I usually never write actual posts, no matter the social media platform. But I've been wanting to write this for Toast for a while. Found your stream through Janet's "part of Toast's harem" clip and I haven't been able to stop watching you since. Maybe it's your robotic humorous personality or your interesting history from Hearthstone or even your chemistry with everyone in OfflineTV. Perhaps, all of the above. I remember Fed saying on stream, "Toast genuinely just wants all of us to grow" ~ something about that resonated with me and really built into your already great character. Your humbleness despite the money/sellout jokes is inspiring and your love for the friends around you is amazing. Your streams and the rest of OfflineTV have kept me glued to my computer for several hours on end(on my lazy days), so I thank you for that!

I will be here to support always.

P.S; I love Jenny's appearances on stream

So wholesome, need more of this on here. chocoH

HonestLI...it was so sad to see how low toasts energy was towards the end of the stream today. I havent been a long time viewer, only started watching full streams/vods this year in fact but this man has always been super funny and energetic, bringing in awesome entertainment for all of us viewers. It just sucks that the minority of the chat (being the vocal spammy ones) are being toxic towards him. I'm sure toast knows that a large amount of the community loves him but having this many viewers mean even the small minority spamming can still take its toll on you, and i feel like he feels especially pressured as 'his chat' have been in other streamers chat, namely janets who receive quite a bit of toxicity too. Although i feel like janets taking everything super well, she seems to be dealing with this quite well and ignoring the toxic side and still being super energetic and mature throughout this (on stream at least, she hasnt let it get to her which is awesome)

Anyways, similar message to all the other posts around the subreddit today, we love you man and take it easy if you need to, im sure youll find a way to deal with this. <3

chocoH my man

What a bril--- wholesome post. Very nice

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