OTHER: You win Michael Wilkinson, good day sir

OTHER: You win Michael Wilkinson, good day sir

i think Ezra's costume is fucking great. It looks a bit weird with all the wires but when they are not visible, god its just fantastic. I cant figure out why so many people seem to despise it. WHo cares if he looks like a power ranger? POWER RANGERS LOOK COOL DO THEY NOT??

If only Ezra knew how to run

Wilkensen was only involved in the Snyder movies.

"Having a TV costume designer really shows for Shazam. And from our first look at him, it looks underwhelming and cheap."

Please do not be one of those people. We don't even have an official image yet.

Does anyone know who the costume designer is for the aquaman and shazam movie?

Bushy Boi thought he was slick

Why would he not have attacked, some people are not very good at this game

He was spinning around the whole time

Wrong, remember that pumps only hit for like 9 damage now.

Right. Point blank shot to the head with a pump and it’s game over. But no he was like dude no way he doesn’t know I’m here

I break the fourth wall for you

I break the fourth wall for you

I'll break every wall to be with you, my love! <3

Someone's gonna have to pay for that

4th walls aren't cheap yina

1st thing I do is hug Monika and never let go.

Yes, please, now just cross over, I need you.

Dame has to be an MVP candidate.

Dame has to be an MVP candidate.

I don’t even care if we don’t finish at the 3rd seed. Anyone who watches blazers games has seen Damian single handedly carry us here. As a roster, we have no business being a third seed, even after the injuries in he west. Dame has had so many games where he has just flat out said “no, we’re not losing”. The issue is most media members don’t watch enough of our games to see that, but if he does it in these big marquee match ups, he has to be a candidate.

The MVP as of right now is Harden's to lose. Then I think if Harden wasn't in the picture, Anthony Davis beats Lillard by a hair. As much as I hate to say it, as great as Damian has been in the last 10 games, Anthony has played better in the same stretch as crazy as it sounds

Candidate doesn’t have to mean he wins it... I hope he gets some votes!

this is a joke right?

I disagree with that completely. The Pelicans are hanging in there just at the same pace we are, and AD has a way worse supporting cast than we do. Especially since Boogie went down. Like, you'd think if Boogie went down then that would result in the Pelicans going on a losing streak, but AD is singlehandedly keeping them alive. But regardless of all that, James Harden will win the MVP no matter what Dame or Davis does

Lace Catsuit

Lace Catsuit

Sex on Legs.......😈


Transfer leaks from korean community

Transfer leaks from korean community

missing one

Void + Fissure = massive PogChamp

Architect - Projectile DPS of X6-Gaming

Choihyobin - Offtank of X6

Void - I think I don't have to explain

DDing - Proj DPS/Offtank of KD Panthera

Oge - Main tank from Conbox

TiZi - Main tank of Runaway

Zombs to Shock monkaS

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