His name is Arno, my little assassin.

His name is Arno, my little assassin.

I dont think an Elise would be interested.

Well that’d be accurate to 90% of the game so where’s the problem? 😉

Since they were named after a protagonist in the series

Mainly he just plows through them, doesn’t even look back at the damage

Since when did picture of cats were allowed in this subreddit? :D

The Drunken Peasents (Maddox Stream) list of banned words from Road Rage Portland

The Drunken Peasents (Maddox Stream) list of banned words from Road Rage Portland

Maddox's personally curated list of trigger words. Fucking incredible.

You could say he maintains a trigger list

Thanks for the personal upload, it was unlistenable on the stream

I hope this guy from Drunken Peasants becomes a common fixture for TDS. He's a great fit for the show

It gives me joy to see an outsider to the drama reacting to those list of words that Maddox banned.

"D1ck Masterson". He fucking thought of everything!

Do It For Her

Do It For Her
Do It For Her

what a trash meme, you came from /sub/dankmemes?

I don’t know what I’m meant to do for her but i’ll do it

I've been waiting for this! Ever since someone posted one of these day 1 with only a handful of different 02 photos I've wanted to see this with photos from several different scenes.

Fantano Girl at SLC

Fantano Girl at SLC

There was a girl at the SLC show. During Zipper she climbed up on a dudes shoulders and when Merlyn said the Fantano line she held up a giant cut out of the Melon's head.

Just wanted to tell her that she's my hero.

Haha! Did merlyn notice her?

Hard to tell. I sure hope so.

Ameer pointed it out to Dom and they laughed about it

Shit I was right by her at the show

Very killer concert tonight in Madison. 🤘🏼

Very killer concert tonight in Madison. 🤘🏼

That was my first metal show. Sabaton rocked the shit out of that place. It was fucking awesome.

Nice photo, and yeah I can imagine that it was epic Sabaton allways delivers them thay do a show, I saw them 4 times last year and every single show was just epic,

From illinois, family spent the weekend in madison just to see Sabaton. Fantastic weekend, pretty cool city too definitely wouldn't mind coming back for a show again


What I'm going to tell you is serious and will require some research.

What I'm going to tell you is serious and will require some research.

As I mentioned in another post, I am a security consultant. There is an alarm company out there called Sonitrol. Sonitrol's alarms are different than any other alarm company. They use audio sensors instead of motion detectors to detect a break in. I worked for Sonitrol and specialized in school security for a number of years. Sonitrol is very popular with schools, especially after Columbine for a few different reasons.

If there is an incident at a school and a panic button is pressed, the audio sensors are activated even when the alarm system is turned off. The audio sensors allow the central monitoring center to hear everything that is going on in the building. They can hear voices, gun shots, everything, including people walking on carpeting. Not only can they hear everything, the system is "addressable" which means you can tell which audio sensor the sound is coming from. If a shooter was in the library, you would know the sound was coming from the library. You can imagine how this would take the guesswork out of the police having to enter the building "blindly". Sonitrol is VERY, VERY popular with the school districts in Florida. I kind of remembered Broward County having Sonitrol but I wasn't sure, so I did some digging. I found that they do.

What I found is a Staff Handbook for the year 2015-2016, so it's fairly recent. The handbook mentions the Sonitrol System.

"This school is equipped with a silent alarm system (Sonitrol) that is activated when anyone enters any of the buildings without coding in. It can also be activated by other noises. The school is also equipped with a security surveillance system. Cameras are placed throughout the campus and serve as a means of monitoring activity. "

The link to the handbook is here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:1ARmOZvENGcJ:www.broward.k12.fl.us/ospa/ospa-central2/_sip_plan_evidence/2017/0031_01082016_Staff-handbook-2015-16.docx+&cd=14&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Okay, so now that we have this info, here's the point.

SOMEONE had to have been notified at Sonitrol about the event. We never sell these systems at schools without panic buttons to activate the audio sensor in case of emergency.

The audio IS recorded

The police can be patched in on the call

So why did it take 20 minutes for the police to realize there was a shooting at the school?

Why did they wait outside with the information that should have been provided to them by the operator?

Was the fire alarm activated on purpose so that the operators couldn't hear the gunshots above the fire alarm? In any event, once the panic alarm is pressed the police are normally notified within 20 seconds, so why did it take over 20 minutes to "see the shooting" on the cameras?

Just putting this out there as one more issue to consider.

Sonitrol can confirm whether or not there was another shooter and the exact times/places for every shot fired.

Yes but. They were having a SUPPOSED drill. You think they would call security Co. for that purpose. Then have the real shooter come in. It's such a setup. You know they are scared to death to put out this B ROLL movie. The A team was better. These kids sure are yucking IT UP ON ELLEN D SHOW after losing supposed friends. Same ones over and over on TV. GOOD RESEARCH. There is alot more Going on Broward County then meets the eye. DWS,CLINTON,LAWYERS,JUDGES,GOV FRAUD,EB5VISAS, TONS MORE.. DIG ITS THERE. Seen ton more on twitter.

They want to demolish the building....destroy the evidence!

DUDE YES! Thanks for bringing this to light man I remember in my highschool they had that, it freaked us out one time when they tested the system. They said something over the intercom and someone in the class yelled at the voice and I shit you not they responded to that kid lmao! I have no doubt in my mind now after seeing what I have about this FL shooting that there's is alot to the back story. I'm not gonna say it was pre planned but there is definitely some corruption being hidden in FL.

Krista Pärmäkoski hopeaa!

Krista Pärmäkoski hopeaa!

Itävaltalaisella Stadloberilla varmaan aika karmea fiilis.

Video täällä, jos ei nähnyt.

En sitoudu varsinaisesti mihinkään uskoihin tai -ismeihin, mutta oma vastaukseni tuollaisen jälkeen olisi vahva lähes spirituaalinen alkoholismi.

On se kova mimmi, kun puhuttiin että onko Markkanen vai Niskanen vuoden urheilija, niin kyllä Pärmäkoski mielestäni pitäisi olla mukana samassa kisassa.

Moni urheilijahan sanoo että kun on se 90% kisasta takanapäin niin sitä on niin uupunut henkisesti ja fyysisesti että ei pysty ihan täysillä ajattelemaan (esim juominen voi tuottaa haasteita), ja silloin syntyy tuollaisia virheitä mitä ei normaalisti tapahtuisi. Tiedä sit mitä on tässä tapahtunut.

Two new upcoming Primarchs revealed.

Two new upcoming Primarchs revealed.

/sub/furry_irl cannot wait

Found the Arch-Betrayer!


Asmodai, escort this citizen outside.


[Junkertown] Respawn to push payload in a competitive match (6.5s)

Wall jump and speed boosts bruh

How do i jump far with lucio i started playing last week?

Yeah, did this in my comp placements. :)

Well, we have a coaching discord that we keep pinned to the top of the sub, as well as a few resources like the ultimate Lucio guide. :)

But a quick rundown of this would be remapping your jump to right click and scroll, and then put the other mechanics on whatever works best for you :)

Try one of these subthreads