A .gif for your consideration.

A .gif for your consideration.

Banana skin in the eye gets me every time

(_)_)==========D~~~~ NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS TECHNIQUE ~~~~~

Just like how Erik compresses those big, juicy bananas right into his mouth.

Damn, that's some insane compression

When you fall off the roof on house and your whole team is already inside

When you fall off the roof on house and your whole team is already inside

A friend of mine will take his time to go back outside, do a diagnosis like a doctor, declare “compound fracture, gonna have to put you down old girl” and then shoot the downed guy in the face, be it a random or one of the guys we have in-party. It’s always funny.

When will you learn!?

Makes me think of how any time I play with my friend and we wind up in a "Xv1" situation, I'll say "oh shit found him guys" then just run up to my friend and shoot him in the face

That your actions have consequences?

Am I getting too old for Ice? He disappointed me today.

Am I getting too old for Ice? He disappointed me today.

I feel like maybe I'm getting too old for this stuff, I'm 31 years old and I find myself disappointed in Ice more often then not.

I've been watching Ice for a long time now and started watching him regularly when he did his "Going to Walmart because I don't have a pc anymore" stream back in Florida, so you could say I'm pretty oldfag.

I feel like Ice tries to blame his friends for all of his mistakes and it's really starting to piss me off. Today he told Salmon Andy he was at fault for the gas thing because "A friend of your friend did it, and that's your fault" When really It's Ice inviting his friend (Salmon) to be there, who invited a friend of a friend. So to not say Ice is at fault for anything that happened is childish on his part.

He's irresponsible and it's frustrating to see him do this kind of thing over and over again. I really don't like SalmonAndy as a streamer, but the dude stood outside for hours watching the house to try to protect Ice's property and all he gets is a "You're most likely banned"

He's a shit friend and watching him all this time I feel like I'm watching a friend stream, and at this point I don't think I even want to be friends with him anymore. Maybe I'm just too old.

I even drove to Twitchcon just to meet the guy and guess who didn't show up? I got a picture with Asian Andy, Mexican Andy and even Scuffed Steve Jobs. But Ice was MIA as usual.

I'm guessing if this gets any replies it'll be "Fuck you" from the kids who watch, but I can't be the only one who's getting fed up with him not taking any responsibility for his actions.


It took you all the way to 31 to figure this out? Cmonbruh...

Seriously though, just look at it as entertainment and don't get too invested, and it'll be a lot more fun.

Creepy no-lifers that live their life through Ice are not the norm you want to adhere to.

Ice is just another guy that does stupid shit and makes mistakes, just like you and me, but his are under a microscope.

You're not alone.

I get you. I really should just stop being disappointed when he does the same shit over and over.

And 31 sneaks up on you dude, I feel like I was 21 like 2 years ago.

Ice is:

Pathological Liar Sociopath Closet Homosexual 👗 Fraud Homo👗 Normie Social Outcast Alien Pussy Whipped 👽 Ass Wipe Tired 🛌 Obnoxious Narcissist Greedy Self Centered Tool Scum Con Artist Egotistical Unstable Errand Andy Vile Douche Bagger Lazy 🛌 Baiter Weasel Resident Sleeper🛌 Dindu Nuffin Much Druggie 💊 Capricious Jerk 🚮 Jew Sham Cheat Predictable Low Life Sperg Youtuber Autistic Temperamental SJW Cuck Morally Bankrupt Snake Oil Salesman 🐍 Charlatan Nerd Your Momma

Ayo Sis! Has elimination ever looked this good??

Ayo Sis! Has elimination ever looked this good??

I have three letters for you


ChiChi also looked pretty good for both her eliminations looks

I'm so in love with her Warhol Ball look. She looked so incredibly beautiful.

yas i love trannika karbdashian brown !! she's sickening

all jokes aside you got a good contender there sis!

Aqours First Years with their Nesoberi plushies

Aqours First Years with their Nesoberi plushies

Here are the second years with their nesoberi if anyone hasn't seen!

Gaaah Yoshiko.

I have different types of merchandise from Love Live but I am still missing the Nesoberi plushies. Artwork by 師霾

Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=67433289

This makes me so happy wtf

Thanks dad, K bye!

He was trying to save the grass from any more damage.

I like how he glances up before running off

Digging holes in the lawn is MY job!

This man knows damn well he isn’t intending on hitting that ball. Still cute though




Or become a dentist. Hard to tell.

He's not wrong.

She'll definitely marry a dentist and drive around a porche. 100% wrong.

What's underneath

Thundercats hoooo🦁

She looks fun

Fuckin teaser!!

Ko'diak, Master of the Ursine Staff

Wtf I can't do that. Not even close.

Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne.


This is just a guy in a bear suit, not a real bear, right?... right??!

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