In Alaska, snow plows are able to plow the streets without blocking in driveways.

I wish I had more input on where my tax dollars went. This is the type of shit I want to be paying for!

Hi this is PA, we'd like to buy several thousand of those. Send invoice to PA Legislature, Harrisburg PA.

Alaskan here. I didn't realize this wasn't a thing everywhere. Sometimes the fuckers don't use it though and I curse them every fucking moment I shovel the shit away.

Meanwhile my mailbox is taken out every year with the local snowplow.

Picnic mlem

Picnic mlem

Das a blop friend.


Still cute.

That cute boi doesn’t need no heckin neck pinchies

heckin oops

good girlie in training, can't wait to graduate from the pinchies soon

I finally did it. I know it's cliche but I love it.

I finally did it. I know it's cliche but I love it.

Nah, it’s great. Especially if it makes you happy

Doesn't matter if it is cliche if it is fucking awesome.

It's cliche but it's my favorite MM symbol.

Symbols like this are great because it doesn't scream "MODEST MOUSE" like if you slapped some lyrics or text on there. It's just an image, and somebody who doesn't know the band can still appreciate it as simple body art.

Tucked in Bengal baby

Tucked in Bengal baby

So freaking adorable! I just want to be the big spoon to that tiny kitty!

What a perfect lil bean!

that is a sweet baby kitty! good lord

It’s hard to even conceptualize that something so little and perfect is real!

Absolutely adorable baby tapir chewing very loudly

Absolutely adorable baby tapir chewing very loudly

Too cute!

Ixchel!! She is the cutest.

Omg haha. She CHORMF!

This is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!

It’s not domestic violence, it’s DiGiorno

It’s not domestic violence, it’s DiGiorno

I definitely stuck it out through a decade of emotional abuse for the pizza.


If you get to the point that you're calling out reposts, then it may be time to spend less time on Reddit. Let things be new again.


Top post over at r/standupshots

Top post over at r/standupshots

[T]he workers must be armed and organized. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition. . . . Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.

-Karl Marx

The 'cannon' part here is most important.

They'll only let you have weapons which you can turn against and kill each other with, in large numbers, even. But they'll never allow weapons that are strong enough be used against an oppressor.

That's why Lenin expands to point out that the revolution needs to take control of state apparatuses including heavy industry, so that they can produce their own large scale firepower capable of going toe-to-toe with an Imperialist military.

If you think about it, in today's terms the final revolution would be a massive, clandestine, global missile shield. If society's hierarchical powers were ever truly existentially challenged, they would strike first and with the heaviest weapons possible. And if they knew such a scenario would be countered effectively, they would remove the means to counter it.

...The scientists need to be the first ones to settle Mars.

Congrats on 7K subs!

Congrats on 7K subs!

We just want to thank the fans and awesome mod team for making this community so fantastic. Through the good time and bad, we're always thankful for your passion and loyalty. Best fans in the world.

Best social media team in the world

Man the nets social media guys are so good. u/bklyn_nets for mod

not good enough to handle disgruntled fans on Facebook, though

Two goals from Adam Armstrong as Blackburn beat Portsmouth 2-1 and stay third in League One.

Two goals from Adam Armstrong as Blackburn beat Portsmouth 2-1 and stay third in League One.

Ah I was hoping for a vid.

Scored at the weekend as well. Good to see he's getting back to form

edit: Here's the goals

It's funny how so many of our fans write him off at 20 years old. For reference Jamie Vardy hadn't even made his professional debut at 20, and Ashley Barnes was playing in the Conference North at 20 years old.

Not to say Armstrong is going to turn out the same but to write him off so early is just baseless.

Or maybe he's being played to his strengths again?

Arma's record for the various England youth teams is pretty good, so I wouldn't write him off.

The lad is only 20 so, who knows, he might develop to a first team player.

He was in the Newcastle team at 16. (I know because my son had that sobering moment where, for the first time in his life, there was someone younger than him playing for the Toon.)

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