Kim Chi Decides to get into Kpop group LOONA during the grammys.

Kim Chi Decides to get into Kpop group LOONA during the grammys.

yall bitches better get tf onto LOONA

Kim Chi(p) confirmed as 12th girl

she even posted a link to a great way to learn about the group because if even if you're familiar to kpop, they have a different way of doing things. (i also may just be a loona stan too so seeing two of my fav things come together made snap)

I stan Yves 100%

It's outrageous! It's unfair!

It's outrageous! It's unfair!

Well, Kashyyyk has lots of oil, and the droids want to destroy the refinery. No oil, no fuel, ships don't fly as far. Kashyyyk is a massive navigation hub for the eastern quadrant of the galaxy, connecting Hutt Space, the Corellian Run and the Perlemian Trade Route, as well as many other smaller routes that go straight to the core worlds. If the Seperatists had control of Kashyyyk, they could hit the core worlds whenever they wanted and win the war in a matter of days.

The Wookiees also have some secret knowledge of other hyperspace routes that neither the Republic or Separatists knew about, and both factions wanted to get their hands on it.

Obviously Ki-Adi-Mundi would have been disappointed in jedi council if they didn't care about the droid attack on wookies

TL;DR: It's a system we cannot afford to lose

It's a system we cannot afford to lose

Shit should have included it

Black face Mickey

Disney is troll racist :)

People weren't raised to be perpetually offended eternal babies back then.

This does not offend me in any way.

I am a 35 year old democrat. You sound like a whiny baby.

Chester reporting for duty, sir.

Chester reporting for duty, sir.

I wish i had Chester.

Why would you be mad about being called soldier though?

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[BUG] I make kyogre raid and this guy have a big bug.

[BUG] I make kyogre raid and this guy have a big bug.

/u/nianticgeorge /u/nianticindigo

This appears to be a very old issue, other players are saying they've had this bug months ago, and I know a friend ran into this one too, and when he went to Niantic support, they just told him to restart the phone.

He lost his pass and wasn't rewarded anything.

Had this happen to me way back during a Lugia raid. No amount of rebooting solved the problem. Eventually the raid ended and I never got that Lugia :/

It is the same error code I got during a Mewtwo raid.

If you think it hurt on Kyogre, imagine the pain on Mewtwo - and I was doing the raid for a friend, so it was even more painful.

I had the same problem back then

M/18/6'0"[232lbs>165lbs=67lbs] 4 months of dieting, 10 months of gym.

M/18/6'0"[232lbs>165lbs=67lbs] 4 months of dieting, 10 months of gym.

No way, not the same person! (Srs though this is probably the coolest transformation I've seen in a while). What was your calorie intake like? Workouts?

Haha, thank you. I didn't actually count my calorie intake, I just ate until I felt like what was right and managed to lose an average 2.5kg(5.5lbs) a week.

I followed a bro split for 8 months or so and now I've moved onto PPL.

wtf dude, thats awesome

5.5lb a week is crazy! Especially without counting. Looks like you got stuff figured out not having to track calories. What motivated you to start the journey?

The trade deficit has increased under the Trump administration.

The trade deficit has increased under the Trump administration.

Forecast says heavy spin zone system is incoming.

"The TREMENDOUS stock market gains and overall ECONOMY rebound from the absolute losing economy levels it was at for the last 2016 years is 1000% Trump, all Trump and only Trump. But the LIBERAL media won't tell you that!

The TERRIBLE trade deficits that continue to rise are all because of Obama policies that still ruin our great nation's progress. They will continue to be caused by Obama era regulations and policies - until the point where they start turning to numbers that we like at which point IT WILL BE ALL TRUMP's." /end press statement

As a side note, they likely have a pre-prepared press-statement for the point when the Dow Jones drops:

"The OBSTRUCTIONIST Democrats, lead by Cryin' Schumer, Pathetic Pelosi, and Bernie the CLOWN, have consistently interfered with President Trump's plans to Make America Great Again and as a result have caused a recession larger than we've ever seen before. This is ALL the fault of Dems - and Hillary."

How am I doing? I've added capitalization in semi-random locations as I think they do but I might have missed the mark in some places.

This is a reference to how this kind of con plays out; anyone can get duped if they are distracted enough, especially if they are desperate for a fix for their personal situation. Trump has victimised a portion of the US that he knew would grasp at straws if he offered them. Pride will prevent them from admitting it, especially if they are considered to be intelligent. It's not easy to admit you're wrong no matter what your intellect is.

"By trade deficit what they actually mean is hey look at this orange monkey puppet doing tricks, it's can juggle, Hillary Clinton! Emails! Did I say Hillary yet? The election was ages ago but all I can think about is Hillarys sweet sweet juicy emails on those devices wut like dem Trump people use to drain da swamp"

@Trump supporters. He won your vote by telling you the obvious things that needed to be fixed and letting you fill in the blanks that fit your own situation. He is a conman who conned you using a simple trick. This can happen to the most intelligent of people, the more intelligent the more they are able to fill in the blanks. Looking back you may feel like he was the one that filled in the 'how to' plan, but he didn't. It's just a mind fuck, preying on the fact that you are too busy surviving to put the time into researching it all. It's your system that is broke, not (just) the politicians.

Here are all the laws MPs are voting on this week explained in plain English!

Here are all the laws MPs are voting on this week explained in plain English!

Hey guys! Each week I write a short explainer on every new law Parliament is due to vote on and share them round an email list. This time I thought I'd post here too!

If you're interested in the weekly email, you can sign up for free here.

Update: wow! I'm bowled over by your encouragement and feedback. I should say that I'm looking for a good name for the newsletter to replace the rather dry "Parliament Calendar", so if you have any ideas do drop me a PM!

Monday 29 January

Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill - report stage and 3rd reading Allows members of the armed forces to work part time and within a certain geographic area. Started in the Lords, so if it passes this stage it only needs the Lords to approve any amendments before it can become law.

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill - report stage and 3rd reading Aims to improve infrastructure for electric vehicles. Among other things, it would set minimum standards for charging points, making sure they are installed at all motorway service stations and large petrol stations, and require information about their whereabouts to be widely available.

Tuesday 30 January

High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill - 2nd reading Approves the second phase of HS2, a high-speed rail network running from London to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. The second phase is the line between Fradley in the West Midlands and Crewe. (Construction on the first phase, from London to the West Midlands, started last year.)

Wednesday 31 January

No votes scheduled.

Thursday 1 February

No votes scheduled.

Friday 2 February

It's Private Members' Bill day! All of these laws are being championed by backbench MPs. But there probably won't be time to debate them all :(

Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill - 2nd reading This Bill would do three things: allow heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships, create a proper registration system for stillborn babies and allow coroners to investigate the deaths, and allow a mother's details to be included on marriage certificates.

Parking (Code of Practice) Bill - 2nd reading Creates a code of practice for operators of private car parks including guidance about handling appeals against fines.

Licensing of Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Bill - 2nd reading Requires the authorities that license taxis and private hire vehicles in England to share information with each other to prevent unsuitable people being licensed.

Healthcare (Local Accountability) Bill - 2nd reading Concerns the accountability of clinical commissioning groups (groups of GPs and other healthcare professionals that organise the delivery of NHS services in England), among other things.

Local Roads (Investment) Bill - 2nd reading Concerns funding for the maintenance and repair of roads by local authorities.

Live Animal Exports (Prohibition) Bill - 2nd reading Bans the export of farm animals for slaughter or fattening.

Leasehold Reform Bill - 2nd reading Aims to make it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to buy the freehold of their property. Also establishes a new compensation scheme for those who have been misled into leasehold agreements and changes the rules around who pays legal costs in Property Tribunal cases.

Food Insecurity Bill - 2nd reading Requires the government to monitor and report on food poverty.

Voter Registration (No. 2) Bill - 2nd reading Bans people from being registered to vote at more than one address.

Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill - 2nd reading Requires the government to put the final Brexit deal to a binding referendum, with the alternative being to remain in the EU.

Clean Air Bill - 2nd reading Requires the government to set and enforce air quality targets, and reduce air pollution using clean air zones (among other methods). Also introduces new laws about vehicle emission testing and restricts the sale of vehicles with certain engine types.

Please post this every week.

Yeah, and why isn't something like this a weekly five-minute bit on the BBC news or something? A quick accessible little overview of the upcoming stuff would be cool.

Actually I haven't watched the news for a while, maybe it is.

Thanks for doing this! Nice and easy to read.

It's not. At least it's never been covered in a simple format like this on the BBC whilst I'm eating my cheerios.

Would make a good, if not slightly niche, YouTube channel/series though.

A husky and his best friend. Wonderful.

A husky and his best friend. Wonderful.

Correct me if I am wrong but it doesn't look like a husky?


Looks more like a malamute/german shepherd cross of sorts..

I know this Husky and he hates that guy

stop everything right now and go all in AAPL

stop everything right now and go all in AAPL

This is your captain speaking. Prepare for liftoff to 1T.

Holy shit my calls are moon bound

”Reporting by Muvija M in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty”

Fack off mate

It's dropping pre-market.

Try one of these subthreads