MRW anyone starts talking about politics.

MRW anyone starts talking about politics.

Politics are what affect people the most in their life; saying you’re tired of it doesn’t make it anymore pertinent to care about.

What you’re basically saying is “I can’t be bothered to try and help other people because it’s annoying”. To me that’s the biggest cop out there is. And it’s incredibly childish.

But like I said: you decide for you. I’m no better than you

Thats a shame.

Apathy can lead to the state you are living in being run by people who do not have your best interests at heart.

Politics isnt necessarily the most exciting thing ever and it can be decisive but its in your best interest to understand and be involved.

Personally I feel that’s the worlds biggest cop-out, but that is entirely your right

Thx for answering

You don’t understand how privileged you are. Some of us can’t afford to not care about politics

Teamfight in EG vs Navi

Teamfight in EG vs Navi
Teamfight in EG vs Navi

"NaVi is mediocre at best." - blitz, 2018

What a biased clown

can we just give some fucking props to rodjer for this play? dude just gives 0 fucks and jumps into rosh pit to bait all of EG for the chrono

Well, they already kicked their professional void player.

Next-Gen-Spielegrafik: Unity zeigt Techdemo Book of the Dead

Next-Gen-Spielegrafik: Unity zeigt Techdemo Book of the Dead
Next-Gen-Spielegrafik: Unity zeigt Techdemo Book of the Dead

So vorgerenderte Videos sind ja schön und gut. Ich erinnere nur mal an die mittlerweile zwei Jahre alte "Virtual Paris Appartment Tour" der Unreal Engine (). Die eigentliche interessante Frage ist ja aber nicht ob es mögliche ist so eine Grafik zu erstellen, sondern wie man das ganze auch auf Mittelklasse-Rechnern einigermaßen flüssig zum laufen bekommt.

Insbesondere Unity schneidet da regelmäßig sehr schlecht ab. Ich habe einen Haufen Unity Spiele in der Bibliothek (z.B. Rust, The Forest), die sind grafisch meilenweit von den gezeigten Bildern entfernt und ich kriege keines davon ruckelfrei auf beste Grafik geschaltet (R9 280x).

Seit The Vanishing of Ethan Carter sollte klar sein, dass die Photogrammetrie der "richtige" Weg ist, dem Photorealismus möglichst nahe zu kommen. Aber solange diese Grafik nicht auf Rechnern läuft, die man im 700-800€ Bereich zusammen gebaut bekommt, bleibt es eine Spielerei. Und vor allem solange es vorgerenderte Videos sind und keine frei bewegliche Demo, bleibt es im Grunde nicht mehr als ein Animationsfilm...

Es ist eine Game Engine. Für das Gameplay sind die Spielentwickler zuständig, die die Engine in einem tatsächlichen Spiel einsetzen.

Und das ist nur die eine Hälfte der Gleichung. Mindestens so wichtig sind die Entwicklungskosten. Wenn sich Content nicht zu Preisen entwickeln läßt, die man auf dem Markt auch erzielen kann, nutzt die schönste Engine wenig.

Zumal der "Trend" zu Photorealismus meiner Beobachtung nach sowieso rückläufig ist.

Wenn ich mal zurückdenke, was in den 2000ern für ein "Wettrennen" um gute Grafik gemacht wurde... ich erinnere mich noch, wie damals bei Crysis alle ausgeflippt sind ("Oh mein Gott die Hautunreinheiten wie realistisch...").

Wenn wir uns heute mal angucken was bei Steam 2017 den besten Umsatz hatte... viele alte Spiele dabei (CS:GO ist mittlerweile 5 Jahre alt, DOTA2 ähnlich), viel unoptimierter "early access"-Kram (ARK, PUBG,...), viele grafisch simpel gehaltene Spiele (Civilization, Stellaris), sogar ein ganzer Haufen 2D-Spiele (Factorio, Cuphead,...

Ich stelle einfach mal die These in den Raum, dass das Rennen um die "beste Grafik" eigentlich vorbei ist und schon seit einiger Zeit andere Faktoren (spielerische Freiheit, Story, Wiederspielwert...) wichtiger geworden sind.

Xbox Game Preview Patch Notes #6

Xbox Game Preview Patch Notes #6

Xbox players,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We have a new patch for you that will go live at 01:00AM PST / 10:00AM CET. Here are the release notes for Xbox Patch 6:


Auto-run function has been added (from a standstill, double clicking L3 will activate auto-run) Players can now drop equipped weapons with Y button when inventory screen is active Grenades can once again be cycled by tapping right on D pad Players can now cancel casting actions while the inventory screen is active Optimization

· Continued optimizations and crash fixes


· Game controller guide has been updated

Bug fixes

· Buildings around the Military Base have had their collision adjusted

· Camera shake when riding as a passenger in vehicles has been reduced

· Inventory character models have returned to their normal stance

· Fixed a camera issue created by unintended Aim Down Sights and Free Look interactions

· “A” button will no longer refresh game results screen

· Team UI will now correctly show the proper direction teammates are facing over larger distances

· Player changes to markers on the in-game map will now be properly applied to their teammate's in-game map

· Fixed an issue where switching to throwables under certain conditions left the player empty-handed

· Adjusted character positioning when exiting vehicles and parachutes

We ask that you continue to direct feedback, questions, or bugs to:

General Discussion & Feedback

General Help


Bug Reports & Troubleshooting

See you in-game,

The PUBG Development and Community Team


· Camera shake when riding as a passenger in vehicles has been reduced

this was really messing with my head in duo/squad games

I sense an impending "you spend more time with him than me" argument.., watch out for the frying pan lol

Was hoping to see vss sensitivity fixed

Love seeing improvements being made. Only bought this on Saturday to play with my girlfriends brother and man, I am hooked. This game is way too much fun.

Yicai Global retweets PBoC Rumor

Yicai Global retweets PBoC Rumor

Temper your expectations if you are anticipating this tomorrow. It is a Q&A with DNV GL over their partnership.

They are part of the Yicai Media Group, a state-owned media group in China.

Yicai Media Group, formerly branded as China Business Network, recently launched its new brand name in English as “Yicai”, which is the Pinyin abbreviation of its official Chinese name, meaning first and best in financial and business media.

Yicai Media Group, founded in July 2003, has become China’s largest financial media conglomerate, with the widest variety of media divisions, including television, newspaper, magazine, website, mobile APP, and a cluster of professional service institutes, including Yicai Data, Yicai News Agency, Yicai Research Institute and Yicai Global. Yicai provides a wide range of products and services, including media, information, video, data, conference and forum planning, think tank and etc.

Yicai Media Group delivers more than 2,000 items of text, videos, data and analysis to Chinese investors every day. Yicai TV is the largest financial video producer in Chinese-speaking world with one cable channel, one digital channel and online streaming. China Business News ranks No.1 in readership among financial newspapers. CBN weekly is the most circulated financial magazine in China. Yicai has launched multiple digital products and mobile apps, reaching 15 million downloads. Yicai New Media Tech was founded under strategic partnership between Yicai and Alibaba to lead the new media revolution in Data Technology era. Yicai employs a team of 1,000 journalists and professionals specializing in finance and economics. Yicai runs over 10 overseas stations, sending real-time financial and economic news coverage back to the headquarter from New York, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Washington and other journalist stations around the world. Yicai has launched its English-language news stream known as Yicai Global, elaborating on China’s issues for the world. http://yicaiglobal.com.cn

This does not mean anything!

Can't you people be happy a multi billion dollar company is announcing news with Vechain tomorrow morning? Ffs

I think we need to temper this as a community. A retweet can be mistaken intent, an overtly enthusiastic employee, anything really. The comment by Yicai in the same tweet does seem like an attempt at damage control.

I'd love for this to be true but I'd rather we base our expectations off the real news and partnerships coming out

Is VISA developing something on the XRP network?

Is VISA developing something on the XRP network?

maybe they're just looking for a blockchain developer that has experience with ETH, BTC, or XRP development

David Schwartz when asked about Visa Blockchain (From XRPChat):

So the blockchain just improves security. And it's faster and cheaper because ....?

I’m taking it in the way he’s telling us to fill in the blank ie Visa’s blockchain is cheaper and faster because....of XRP

Crossing Fingers

I chuckled, but there is always the possibility that they actually are trying to implement their own version of the blockchain.

Ripple is THE ONE AND ONLY settlement (and payment) coin—we’ll aside from XLM but it’s got a narrower use case and Jed. Visa coin without XRP liquidity can only intrinsically do payments not settlements. So business B overseas sends business A VisaCoin, and business A wants to convert VisaCoin to local currency it cannot do it without expensive and slow exchange rates.

If you want a blockchain solution for international settlement Ripple is the only option unless VisaCoin becomes world reserve currency.

Given Visa and Ripple are friendly it’s extemely likely.

Visa most likely wants to set up all the front end themselves and integrate Ripple securely to handle just one aspect of their business. That’s what I would do if I was handling the an extremely large portion of world CC transactions

I’m confused—we’ll not confused, more like disappointed— why people keep saying that VisaCoin (B2B Connect or whatever comes next) is a threat to Ripple. Unless the new coin in question solves international settlement between banks there’s no way around. Please spread the word because I feel like I’m alone in trying to stop this misinformation in like 4/5 threads on Reddit so far and a bunch of twitter posts

Glare - 3.6 - Parahumans 2

Glare - 3.6 - Parahumans 2

Unless she's severely unstable both mentally and emotionally (unlikely given that she's an accepted and experienced member of a Warden's team)

That guy who flipped out at Vicky days later for de-escalating the car accident in 1.1 is an accepted and experienced cape isn't he? No parahuman is super stable.

Moonsong's willingness to start a powered fight on the cape floor of the Warden's headquarters in the middle of the day lends credence to what she's saying about Tristan. Unless she's severely unstable both mentally and emotionally (unlikely given that she's an accepted and experienced member of a Warden's team), then she must have very good reason for hating Tristan as much as she does. Byron's ambiguous reaction to what she said doesn't help.

Most of all, I just can't stop feeling terrible for both Tristan and Byron and the nature of their Case 70 situation. I'm honestly starting to think that I'd rather be stuck with Blindside's power.

Random Other Thoughts:

Carol fucking sucks. I'm not sure I'd have been able to remain calm if I had been in Victoria's shoes. Speaking of which, I'm dying for an Amy interlude.

I'm really itching to know the specifics of Kenzie's abilities. I love that she's working on helping Tristan/Byron, but I'm also not keeping my hopes up. In fact, I'm assuming that either nothing comes of it or that she makes it worse based purely on the fact that Ward is written by WeeabooBums and he delights in crushing the souls of his readers.

I'm incredibly excited for their team to actually start going out into the field. These new enemies sound like some real tough cookies and I can't wait to see how Team Therapy does (or doesn't) deal with them. (I also can't wait to find out the team name and the codenames and the costumes.)

Maybe it's just me, and I'd love for someone to correct me, but it feels like these chapters are shorter than Worm chapters. I just want to read as much of this story as I can! Is that so wrong??

Seriously, fuck Carol.




Chris using his power, the form he used in Glare 3.3. The description says he looks like an average guy in every way, other than his headgear braces, so I wasn't inspired with his design until I started working in his power. The alternate emotional form was a shirtless, tusked hairy dude who is twelve feet tall and eats trees. Artistic license taken, not to scale, etc.

This marks the completion of the therapy group character sketch series. I've done a sketch for every member with this last one. In hindsight, some are better than others, with later ones being a better representative of the characters' powers and personalities than the earlier ones. We really didn't get much information on the characters in Flare 2.5, the first chapter they were introduced for reals outside Glow-Worm.



And it looks like the word is in from Wildbow as to how accurate the full set of character sketches shapes up to the versions he pictured.

Capricorn > Kenzie=Tristan > Sveta > Ashley=Chris > Rain for accuracy to what's in my head.


He had a mess of tousled brown hair that would have been over his eyes if he wasn’t wearing large headphones as a kind of hairband. He had a very flat expression as he walked around the perimeter of the room. His t-shirt was black with a logo I didn’t recognize, his cargo shorts had stuff packed into the pockets, but he mostly looked like a very average kid. Only his old fashioned braces really stood out to me- the kind that made it hard for him to put his lips together.


Fucking time manipulators

I hope this is our new Fucking tinkers.



Sorry, but it just pisses me off to see the Q drop tonight regarding, not only corruption, but our own agencies plotting the assassination of our president and child abuse, molestation and sacrifice, and then come in here to see people bitching about others posting news , views, religious perspectives, etc that "annoy" them. No, we don't want malicious trolls and larps in here, but for the love of God, some of you, FOCUS on what is important! We have a war to win here! We can bicker about the little shit when it's over if we have to!

Unity, not division, will win this war.

I hear you. May I say that some have never posted here before now and are not totally aware of the rules. Some reading these posts can get very concerned and upset. It's natural, and it is just humbling to see the support that they get from others through this sub. To those critics please be understanding of this and guide, not belittle.

Absolutely! No infighting. That's what they want. Don't forget this post from Q:

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/19/18 (Fri) 15:53:00 No.44

Why are we here?

Why are we providing crumbs?

Think MEMO.


Not convinced this is spreading?

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.


APART you are weak.












This is more important than you can imagine.


if LeBron's mind was switched into the body of Stanley Johnson and vice versa, how long would it take people to notice?

if LeBron's mind was switched into the body of Stanley Johnson and vice versa, how long would it take people to notice?

wtf hahahhaha

Late night /sub/nba

Good kush

you should be thankful i posted this instead of my amputee oladipo fan fiction

Lego Yuri

Lego Yuri

Still looking thicc <3

Thanks, me too and maybe a class for all of them too hang out (no pun intended)

Awwww I love it! I would buy a huge lego house just for her :)

Thanks :) now i just need to draw Lego natsuki

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