Arena/Assault Overview & Thresholds - Incoming Cutoff Inflation

Arena/Assault Overview & Thresholds - Incoming Cutoff Inflation

To those who discover this thread series, I am MisogID, a Tier 20 regular who's been following Arena score cutoffs for a while. (Don't hesitate to check the link below to get an idea of current scores.)

But let's go back to the subject. While no noticeable score inflation is expected this week (barring Tier 20 staying threshold going back to 5000+), next week won't be as merciful:

Water Element as a Blessing Bonus. Zelgius, Fae & Fjorm among high score-weighting options, along with Micaiah, Sothe and Linde as units catering to dedicated whales. Horse Emblem is fucked due to no cavalier bonus unit and the new trenches.

Based on past trends, I'd easily expect a 20+ increase in Arena & Assault thresholds, if not more.

As such, while this week's scores aren't known until tonight, if you want to estimate the minimal scores you have to aim for next week (barring Tier 19 & below due to scarce input), add ~25 points for now to all thresholds in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/sub/OrderOfHeroes/comments/7qfjh5/arenaassault_overview_thresholds_january... If you can't get a score that's superior to the mentioned cutoffs +15, don't bother (either you won't make it, or you'll be RNG reliant to gain the 10 extra points).

I'll launch the data collection tonight, so feel free to contribute there or even ask for subscription to be reminded of weekly updates regarding Arena/Assault scores.

There should be a tier 19.5 so I could feel I belong somewhere

Join the evergrowing Tier 19.5 guys lazying around every two weeks while collecting a very good payout.

Meanwhile, my score margin is shortening once again.

Lol those would be the tier 20 people. 19.5 get to take a vacation every other week.

I would aim for a lot more than 15 points increase. When Fjorm first came out my score jumped 50 points. It won’t be the proper season next week, but you are only losing 6BST compared to when she first came out. I fully expect my personal score to increase by at least 30 points.

[DISC] Grashros - 06

[DISC] Grashros - 06

Looks like the secret weapon was irrelephant

Invalid dad sure still holds hunting skills for sure.

Good news guys. We hunted the Grashros into extinction!

I really like the art style in this manga!

I hope MS can translate this one faster so I can understand what happens in the next few chapters.

Boris Johnson would 'rather stay in' the EU than accept a soft Brexit

Boris Johnson would 'rather stay in' the EU than accept a soft Brexit
Boris Johnson would 'rather stay in' the EU than accept a soft Brexit

There seems to be a change in tide from the lead Brexiters over the past week.

Farage has softly mused the notion of a new referendum - suggesting he knows he's politically finished and irrelevant when Brexit fails - as nearly two years in from the vote, the government has made no real progress, the economy is losing money and skilled workers, and the pound is still weak and has not recovered to pre-referendum levels.

BoJo obviously realises he gambled on the wrong horse to boost his political game and is still backing the wrong team with feeble public soundbites that are torn to shreds by a scrutinous European media he, and Brexiters, completely underestimated. Despite these alleged comments, he remains spineless as he is incapable of coming clean with the public to seek any form of redemption for a dignified bow out of British politics. The ego doth protest honour.


I'd rather stay in the EU and no Brexit.

Sounds good. Stay it is!

Miami's record is probably unsustainable

Miami's record is probably unsustainable

They are currently 8 games above .500 (7th) with a negative point differential (-0.6). That would place them 18th in the league.

While an unpopular opinion, I would bet on them regressing back towards the .500 mark because they are winning an unsustainable amount of close games. Their net rating in clutch situations is a ridiculous +26.2 which is second in the league behind the Spurs.

An 8 game winning streak isn't sustainable for a middle of the pack team who lost one of their top scorers for the season

Yes we're probably overachieving right now but we've barely been healthy all year and still aren't with Mcgruder out another month or so not even including Waiters. I believe fully healthy we'll be able to improve on that point differential. Even if we finish at .500 the rest of the year that still puts us at 46 wins which would be a great season and probably put us around 5th in the East. It's not like the bottom of the east is so inspiring at the moment.

I mean, we did go 30-11 to close out last season. And our clutch rating is so good because of the constant ball movement. No one player on our team will take the last shit, so other teams are not sure who to focus on. Our team is definitely an above .500 team, though

Luckily basketball isn’t played on excel sheets

People keep asking when Binance will list Raiblocks, here I am hoping they don't, not yet.

People keep asking when Binance will list Raiblocks, here I am hoping they don't, not yet.

Can you imagine the shitshow if they do it right this instant? I'm actually paranoid that Binance will suddenly announce XRB trading out of nowhere before the team can be done fixing withdraw issues for all current exchanges. That's not gonna happen right?

Binance are probably communicating with the team. They have a vested interest in this, and want this to work as much as we do.

Me too - It needs to go flawlessly!

I hope it's later so I can keep buying the under $20 dips

The correct answer. Support tickets alone will cost Binance dearly.

Implementation once ready, not asap for the sake of it.

"I don't want to be alone..."

"I don't want to be alone..."

Man... I just want to hug and kiss Sayori, cook her breakfast daily, tuck her in at bed every night and remind her that she is the most important person in this world and I would die for her. I just want her to be happy and see her smile everyday, not having to worry about anything. :((

I know how it feels...

On a brighter note, I'd really love to run around in storm right now!

Rain is my favorite <3

sigh I relate, Sayori. Two nights ago I took a walk in the pouring rain after getting yelled at by my dad. Beautiful art though, great find :)

Yeah, I'm actually on a roadtrip to college so I won't have to worry about my father for a bit until Spring break. Thanks :)

Saved myself £40 by cutting my own hair

Saved myself £40 by cutting my own hair

You've done a fine job on your hair, but you've smeared your mascara something chronic...

still cant believe how expensive haircuts are for women, good job!

It's a hell of a mess!

It looks great!

I've been doing this for years. Luckily I have really curly/wavy hair, so any unevenness won't be very visible.

I only recently bought a hair-scissor though, and even though I only bought a really cheap one on ebay, it makes a big difference. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who's considering cutting their own hair.

Warframe Peanuts: I have no idea who drew this.

Warframe Peanuts: I have no idea who drew this.

Reverse google search brought me here


This is great! The Chroma holding his pelt as a blanket is adorable.

First hit on reverse search

It's 2018 man, it's time you learn to reverse search so you know that pic she sent you has been downloaded from generic porn-site.

Thanks. I mean half the time I forget that's a thing I just 'oh hey that's cute but i have no idea who the fuck drew that and don't want ot just not credit.'

Jeff Session's Garden

Jeff Session's Garden

Everything about this drawing is perfect. Jefferson's gloves. His little face and ears. His hat, coming off his little round head. His body shape. The way his toes point awkwardly towards each other. The marijuana plant still firmly rooted in the ground. States Rights. The barrenness of the horizon in the direction Jeff is facing (i.e. his 'garden' of accomplishments). The lush, overwhelming jungle of corruption at his back, threatening to engulf him. Just everything.

I agree. I smoke pot almost everyday but we need to have bills passed! We don't need to get into this habit of exec orders and DOJ making laws. We have Congress for a reason, lets make them do their jobs!

Too be fair the AG does have the power to decriminalize weed

The law is the law period. If you don't like it tell your Congressmen and women to change it.

At first I was upset with this but I understand why he chose to do what he is doing. I personally believe he is trying to force congress to take action so that the states can then freely make their choices. With everything about to go down next week you can't simply choose what laws you want to enforce and which ones you don't. This isn't Obama era anymore, this is TRUMP Era!

Neat view above the fog.

Neat view above the fog.

If I learned anything from the movie “The Mist” .... don’t go outside.

Wow that is cool

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