The Great Annual Tumbleweed Migration

The Great Annual Tumbleweed Migration

Hedge trimmers.

You think a wall can stop an army such as this?!?


They must be moving the Bakersfield/Taft area! LOL

One thing you cannot deny about this coin..

One thing you cannot deny about this coin..

The devs are the most dedicated devs in the entire crypto-currency industry. No sleep, no holidays, nothing but coding like they are putting out little fires with their fingers.

Dev here, and from experience I can tell you the best devs aren't the ones who work day and night before a release and putting fires out like that, although it might look great from the outside. The best devs are the ones who work a lot before that, test everything and make sure those fires never make it to the release/master branch in the first place, while keeping the release dates that they set themselves. I'm not denying their merits, but after 8 years in software development I can tell you it's not really cool.


We are getting closer and closer....these are the most recent tests...some are live as we speak

I wish I could do something more to help them other than Hodl and show support with my words.

"the most dedicated devs in the entire crypto-currency industry."




Ohhhh snappppp 不不不不

Can you link tweet? I want to bask in the salt

oh. my. GAH!

Navy pilots had better not be drawing a penis in the sky...

Navy pilots had better not be drawing a penis in the sky...

Yup thats the hypocrisy of the left

That was an Arby's logo.

LOL I never thought of that. You are right!

I honestly thought everyone thought it was pretty fucking funny, please share me some articles proving otherwise if I am mistaken however...

If I儭 get 1 upvote il sleep

If I儭 get 1 upvote il sleep

Time to 湘

update your phone while you sleep pls


Wake up!

so true lol

so true lol


please help my dumb ass understand

Or, quick someone grab the razor

LOL thats me, except I didnt have a gun...and I was dead asleep.. gah!

A Ma Maniere x Invincible adidas Consortium NMD

A Ma Maniere x Invincible adidas Consortium NMD

Did you cop the UB collab ? Personally I prefer those to the NMD but both are on point !!

Personally I copped a pair of the UB, quite like how its uncaged but fit feels like the caged version. I really disliked how the uncaged versions fitted. Have u UnDS your pair yet?

Nah just the NMD. Ive been eagerly awaiting these since the early pics leaked months ago. I really liked the UB as well, but Id hate to think what Id do to a pair of triple whites. Did you grab either?

I love the upper of this thing. There's just something about it. Worn it around my house but have yet to step out with them. I think a part of me cringes at the thought of dirt getting in the material.

Possibly my favorite cop of the year.

Have you tried the leather laces yet? It looks good but they keep untangling themselves.

A 94-feet goal

he probably won a $50 gift card to applebees for that

He batted that golf sphere right in the goal. Sports!

Any prize?

I mean a boat's a boat, but the mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat!

EXO Baekhyun posts an apology letter on Instagram

EXO Baekhyun posts an apology letter on Instagram

Fuck him for never being tortured by a serious mental illness amirite?

Seriously fuck the people having enough hate in their being to use current raw emotions surrounding depression to intentionally and maliciously misinterpret and ruin what was a meaningful interaction between a fan and her idol. There really is no bar too low for these people. Hate that he had to say anything and most likely blames himself.

It was clear from his conversation with the fan that Baekhyun is ignorant about depression, but it is also extremely clear that he cared deeply about her and talked with as much consideration as he could given that this happened at a fansign. He didn't say anything malicious, and his desire to understand the fan better is what is truly important, not that he could have worded some things better. Fuck everyone that contributed to this shitstorm, way to make a guy who just lost a friend to depression look uncaring and flippant about it.

Translation (credit):

Hello, this is Baekhyun. I am posting about what happened at the fan sign on December 30.

Recently, I am in the state of being very afraid of and sensitive to depression. But at the fan sign, as that fan and I exchanged many words, I became very afraid. Because a fan, one of many whom I strive to make happy, came to me with such a serious message, I felt it to be extremely serious a concern. I think the fact that after saying goodbye to that fan on that day, I would never get to talk to her again and it made me feel impatient. In other words, I wanted to cheer her on and, knowing that because shes my fan, my words would mean a lot to her, I wanted to be a source of strength for her - and I knew I needed to do it right there and then. After talking to that fan and through the end of the fan sign, I think my mind really kept focusing on that conversation. I feel I may have spoken too quickly, without even taking time to properly organise my thoughts. I really just wanted to comfort her and provide her strength..

Even now, writing this, Im afraid my words will be flawed. However, I want to sincerely apologise. Im very sorry to that fan and to anyone else who may have been hurt as a result of this event. From this point on, I will try to become a Baekhyun that speaks and acts more carefully.

Here's what happened for people who are unaware. I'm on mobile so forgive me for the formatting 1. This got around by a KOREAN hashtag made up of people wanting baekhyun to apologize

The audio being spread around was already clipped

Translator that's an ARMY saw what was going on and translated what happened based on the clipped audio

Korean media make articles based on the outrage in the KOREAN HASHTAG

Baekhyun apologizes

Shit hits the fan on the international side of twitter since international exo fans think the ARMY translator caused the articles which is NOT what happened. What was translated was incorrect since the audio does not show the full story but the English translation DID NOT CAUSE THE ARTICLES

Baekhyun should never have had to apologize for all of the shit going down but international fans think the translator caused the articles which is not what happened

EDIT:the audio was not clipped in anyway. SM also would have said something if the audio did not show the full situation

I am still here..

I am still here..



No you are not , i will burn you with the best ending

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