Parents arrested in Japan after daughter kept in tiny cell for 17 years dies

Parents arrested in Japan after daughter kept in tiny cell for 17 years dies
Parents arrested in Japan after daughter kept in tiny cell for 17 years dies

Ironic really. The parents are the crazy ones.

“(Our daughter) was violent, so we kept her in the special chamber at our home since she was around 16 and 17 years old,”

That’s no excuse. I hope they throw the book at them

It’s scary to think people out there would do something like this to their own child. It should also be noted that their actions were a result of a perceived “mental illness” in their daughter, which again shows that modern society is still not where it needs to be when it comes to dealing with people with mental problems. You need to seek help for your child, not lock them up.

"She weighed just 19 kilograms, a forensic autopsy showed."


19 kilograms = approximately 42 Pounds

For anyone wondering the objectives finish at 95 overall.

For anyone wondering the objectives finish at 95 overall.

Plus the awesome ability to trade your team across and instantly get coins plus a heap of packs.

Can you post your lineup I'm curious how you even got there

That’s so dumb last year we got a legends pack and coins

Will post it up now.

Recent issues and our plans to move forward.

Recent issues and our plans to move forward.

Happy holidays to all our Sword Masters! As everyone has seen, we’ve been experiencing a massive amount of server failures over the past few days. We wanted to use this time to address the cause of these issues, compensation concerns, the recent Android pricing changes, and how we plan on improving things on our end to prevent these types of issues from happening again.

First of all, we wanted to apologize for the plethora of bugs that were included with v2.5. We tried to pack as much as possible into our final update of the year and it ended up being a bit too much over such a short period of time. In the future, we will plan our release schedule better so that updates are thoroughly tested before going live.

Additionally, we had a completely separate issue that surfaced with unfortunate timing in that our servers unraveled from the huge influx of traffic we saw this holiday week. This surge in traffic caused a few deeply rooted bugs in our server to surface. Our initial attempt to address these issues fell short due to some shortcomings in our framework, so a different approach was taken earlier today and things appear to be stabilizing on the server now. Details aside, we will be conducting server maintenance to reset everyone’s skill tree later today starting around 10:00 EST, 15:00 UTC; this fix is needed to correct the skill trees that were corrupted during the server issues and should take up to three hours to complete. Following this, we’ll be running our 75% off skill tree reset promotion for the rest of the year.

Moving forward, we’ll be sending out everyone a compensation package shortly after maintenance as our thanks for your patience and understanding with everything that’s happened. Moreover, we’ll be fixing accounts on a case by case basis to correct any lasting issues that resulted from our faulty server infrastructure. If you have any persisting issues with your account and have not submitted a support ticket already, please do so using our support page (http://www.gamehive.com/support) and we’ll compensate missing items and purchases as needed.

The next thing we wanted to touch on was the recent Android price changes that rolled out alongside v2.5, and our lack of communication in regards to announcing these changes to the community. In terms of prices set in currencies other than USD, iOS automatically handles conversion rates for us whereas Android does not. We realized that our Android prices were out of date so we matched them with their iOS equivalents. This resulted in a major price increase for several different currencies specifically on Android platforms. The magnitude of these increases warranted a warning and explanation from us before they went live, and we apologize that this did not happen; we will be sure to properly communicate any pricing changes in advance whenever they are updated in the future. Furthermore, we’ve also received various reports of inconsistencies concerning the updated prices as well as price mismatches between iOS and Android platforms; these reports will be investigated early next month and any discrepancies will be addressed at that time.

Finally, we wanted to give a brief roadmap for how we plan on moving forward from the current mess we find ourselves in. The primary focus for our next update will be to rework our servers as needed so that they will be more stable and better equipped to handle future growth. We’ll also be tackling some of the login bugs that occur when accounts are switched between different devices, as well as some Facebook related login issues. Additional bugs will be resolved as well, but these were of the most pressing issues.

The players are what makes this community great and we appreciate your support as we work towards finalizing our server fixes. Thanks again and tap on! ⚔

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Chris. Looking forward to a great 2018 with TT2!

Wishing the team all the best and some well earned rest this holiday season. :-)

Thanks for the update. It's really appreciated that you guys are taking time out of your holidays to get everything back on track :)

The Android prices for Denmark (Danish) are f'd and not in line with the USD counterparts.

Holiday Bundle: $4.99(?) -> DKK 42 = $6.69 (+34%)

Anniversary Bundle: $24.99(?) -> DKK 215 = $34.27 (+37%)

Diamond prices has the same hefty USD->DKK premium

180 Diamonds: $1.99 -> DKK 17 = $2.71 (+36%)

500 Diamonds: $4.99 -> DKK 43 = $6.85 (+37%)

1200 Diamonds: $9.99 -> DKK 85 = $13.55 (+36%)

3100 Diamonds: $24.99 -> DKK 215 = $34.27 (+37%)

6500 Diamonds: $49.99 -> DKK 429 = $68.38 (+37%)

1400 Diamonds: $99.99 -> DKK 859 = $136.98 (+37%)

There was already a small premium on the $99.99 pack (it was DKK 659 = $105.04), so about 5%.. but this is just ridiculous.

I'll continue supporting the game when/if the prices are in line with the USD equivalents again.

It's been a long year for all of us I guess... Looking forward to 2018!

Anon is claiming to have stalked and contemplated killing me, knows details about my life and schedule, is there a single thing i can do?

Anon is claiming to have stalked and contemplated killing me, knows details about my life and schedule, is there a single thing i can do?

I got a random message from a twitter account with zero tweets and followers, here

when i pressed him about it, he came up with places and dates that were accurate for my life and that i didn’t share online, here

is there a single thing the cops can do? he says he’s currently in a halfway house and doesn’t want to hurt me, but he’s obviously sick and i don’t trust him. i still live in the same place. i also went to the cops before to report a rape, and the detective on my case spent more time trying to get me to admit i was lying about being raped than he did asking me what happened. very traumatizing and i don’t trust cops. i’m just honestly scared for my life. i didn’t know it was seriously that easy to stalk someone.

i live in texas

update: i’m at the police station, cop at front says there isn’t much to be done and i should “help myself”

update 2: he sent me a picture of his ankle monitor as “proof” he’s been to prison or is on parole or... to give his story credibility? cop who spoke to me looked at the picture and said it’s fake. doubt he’s even at a halfway house or has been to prison.

This would definitely constitute harassment in many states. For certain, it is also considered cyber stalking, which, in my experience, is generally more harsh in penalties than simple electronic harassment.

Every state has their own rules and names for charges and such, but as for Texas, they consider cyber stalking to still be regular stalking. In Texas, stalking is when a person knowingly engages in conduct that: (1) stalker knows/reasonably believes victim will view as threatening, (2) causes fear, and (3) would cause a reasonable person to fear. It is a felony.

I would make a report to your local police department, they can use their resources to dig further. Even if the person is out of state, they are breaking laws elsewhere, too. You could also make a report to the FBI internet crimes division.

You might be interested in the concept of a "soft delete". Basically, rather than actually deleting the data, you just set a flag in a database to say "don't let anyone access this". The data are still there -- every IP address the person signed in from, their throwaway email, everything -- just not accessible to anyone outside of the company.

I think it's very likely that Twitter only ever soft-deletes accounts. All the data are there for law enforcement to use, even if you can't see them.

his account is locked and jesus, he might even delete it. can they still find him if he’s using a throwaway and it’s locked?

Try getting in touch with a domestic violence shelter. They usually know all the ins and outs of the local system. Perhaps they can help you.

just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas

just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas

I hope you all had a good day today! no matter what you're going through you all deserve to have a good day. and if you didn't, that's okay! I hope you have good days ahead in your future.

merry christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas! <3

then I hope you had a merry christmas!

I did and same to you!

I'm glad!

Hassad should've worn his combat hijab

Hassad should've worn his combat hijab
Hassad should've worn his combat hijab

"You get this game for fuckin Christmas kid?!?"

Best minute of PUBG gameplay I've watched in a while lmao

Dranzogger as soon as I saw the notification on my phone, from the fucking corner of my half asleep eye, I instantly woke up. Who the fuck do you think you are kiddo? I’ll fucking end your entire existence. Do you know who I am? I fucking own twitch.tv, and honestly, I probably own you. Hah. I fucking just bought your house. You’re getting forclosed on. I invested in bitcoin when it was at $4 per. I bought $40k in bitcoin.

You’re done kiddo.

Just in case someone stumbles into this post and needs the fullest content, destiny and Hassad both landed next to each other before the clip started. Badbunny is the woman who saved Destiny at the end. The game is pubg, Christmas just came and went. The year is 2017

what a turn of events lmao

Good God people are so vitriolic online. And we are the hate filled ones?

Good God people are so vitriolic online. And we are the hate filled ones?

2.5 inches

More projection. I believe the relevant quote from Marla Maples is "...nine inches and girthy."

The second paragraph makes me think that has to be satire. Has to be.

/sub/conspiracy has been totally comprimised.

They are literally people who bitch about lower taxes. I mean, how seriously are we supposed to take their opinions?

Bicycles Graveyard, Somewhere in China

Bicycles Graveyard, Somewhere in China

The guy in the picture singlehandedly slaughtered all those bicycles...and now grieving for the damage he's done

Think they’d let me borrow one?

How are people not scrapping bikes together from that place?

Fuck, that's downtown Sydney now that shitty rental bikes are everywhere.

To all f2ps like me who pulled for Kakashi/Sakura

To all f2ps like me who pulled for Kakashi/Sakura

In this season of pvp.....we're doomed

You people are weird. You said christmas sasuke/itachi banner was a trap for neji/hinata banner which was a trap for sakura/kakashi banner which is apparently a trap for hashirama/madara which is let me guess a trap for SO6P madara right? And that banner is probably a trap for boruto/sarada. You people act like you have never played a mobile game before.

Good thing some of us don't give two shits about PvP anymore. Only thing that worries me now is how hard it might be to get five daily wins.

Who cares about pvp, the super top is still for the whales, having some particular single unduped BB unit doesn't change anything for most ppl. Kakashi is still top tier heart unit, usable in pvp and probably just below Madara in pve. Pulling on Sakura was probably unwise for veteran players but if someone need her sick heals and don't have so6p Naruto then he probably is still happy

Preach my guy

Try one of these subthreads