Don’t you think of picking.

Don’t you think of picking.

That's my lunch, motherfucker! Get your own!

She will be so confused when the ducklings will start to swim

Just another game of Duck, Duck, Kitten.

VGK post a video and caption saying they're happy they have former FLA F Reilly Smith. An owning Partner from FLA responds: "me too"

VGK post a video and caption saying they're happy they have former FLA F Reilly Smith. An owning ...

Poor Vegas, they're going to learn the hard way that 1st year Reilly Smith has DirecTV and 2nd year Reilly Smith has cable.

It's funny because Reilly Smith has more points than all but three Panthers. Meanwhile, the VGK are 2nd place in their division while FLA sits 2nd last in theirs.

Florida has some shit tier management

Anyone want to guess how much I care about VGK social media related matters?

Top 10 playmaking backcourts in the NBA (assists per game)

Top 10 playmaking backcourts in the NBA (assists per game)

Paul/Harden: 18.7

Rondo/Holiday: 13.5

Lowry/DeRozan: 12.2

Wall/Beal: 12.1

Teague/Butler: 12

Simmons/Redick: 11.4

Westbrook/Roberson: 11.1

Walker/Batum: 10.7

Schroder/Bazemore: 10.4

Collison/Oladipo: 10.2

Notable miss: Curry/Thompson (9.2), Ball/Caldwell Pope (9.5), Lillard/McCollum (8.9)

I think this really highlights how absolutely dominant the Harden/Paul backcourt is. Over 5 assists more per game than the next best. Unbelievable.


-Westbrook/Roberson is being carried by Westbrook obviously. he has 10 assists per game which leads the league, and Roberson only has 1.1 assists per game

PLEASE let me know if I missed any so I can put them in right away, I tried my best to look over all the backcourts, but I'm an actual idiot irl so I may have missed one. thanks

edit: wall and beal had .1 fewer assists than I had them at

Westbrook/Roberson: 11.1

Who? Lets never speak of that name again.

reminds me of the time MJ & Stacey King combined for 70 points

Jrue Holliday is balling this year.

My Christmas Tree!

My Christmas Tree!

He's more tree than man now...

A Sithmas Tree

I find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing.

You are safe.

There's the truth...

There's the truth...

there's frogurt :D

... and then there's potassium benzoate D:

Bad bot

Can I go now?


But Her Friend Was Pregnant for Years Before She Gave Birth! Why Don't You Believe Her?

But Her Friend Was Pregnant for Years Before She Gave Birth! Why Don't You Believe Her?

I hate them both for these two statements.

"U wont never have triplets"


"She was pregnant 3 years n had her baby"

Pretty sure "U won't never have triplets" was a response to, "You won't never understand"

I approve, good slam IMO.

I believe her, because I know her husband is a commercial crabber from Boston...


This island called fingerprint island

This island called fingerprint island

Judging by this image, this island is wanted for murder in six counties.

It's in Croatia.

Farmers built the walls to seperate plots of land. It looks like a very inefficient way to farm and God only knows what would grow there.

That's neat. How did it get its name?

Population: 1. David Caruso. Yeah!!

Threadlocker Needs to Get Their Shit Together

Threadlocker Needs to Get Their Shit Together

you could go on and explain why it's done this way, but then how would you look so damned cool and knowledgeable.

yeah, we get it - the blue stuff's in the red tube and vice versa. But you purported to know why and you haven't told us.

e: not you. my bad, point stands.

The smaller colored lines are the color code.

Edit: the blue line that says "removable" on the loctite brand and the red line that says "high strength" on the permatex.

It's been like that for a few decades now. I'm assuming you don't buy any of their other products or you would know why it is done this way.

Tell me if you think I went too far...

Tell me if you think I went too far...

This morning in the park with my daughter. A group of women and children, a few guys.

One asks if my Daughter is the same age as her Son. No she's 9 months older, but they're the same height. Yes I think my Son has put all his development into growing. I said don't worry girls usually develop a bit quicker, but obviously in the long run the boys will far exceed them.

Everyone went silent. I got nothing.

This evening back in the same park, one of the guys says geez you're brave! I said I didn't hear anyone disagree. He was prompting me to tell this other guy. So I told him. He went silent, then turned to the other guy and started talking about the cricket.

You spit in their PC coffee with your facts. This made them feel icky and they blame you for it.

The woman may be vegan, and keeping her son on a diet stunting his growth


The father is a little person, and his height is far more than they expected

Yours is better, because it was in person.

I called out this one girl on facebook about how all of Moore's criminal accusers had been debunked, and she replied with "I don't need to be educated on current events."

At which point, I said, "You're either a liar and unaware, or you're a coward with weak moral character who can't stand up for the truth."

Else if you would be a man speak what you think today in words as hard as cannon balls, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict everything you said today

If a bunch of guys are all sitting around worried about what a bunch of hags from the local park have to say,its time to seriously reeeeeee-evaluate your life FFS

Maybe I'm just sleepy - your daughter is older but same height as her son. Girls usually develop faster than boys. Doesn't that mean your daughter is behind on growth? Why would the men that were with her think you're brave? And "the cricket"? You mean your comment left everyone silent so you could hear crickets, but they didn't stay silent because they wanted to talk about the crickets? Fuzzy ... time to go to bed.

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