Alfredo Appreciation Thread

Alfredo Appreciation Thread

Even after countless Deaths Alfredo never gives up. Twitch chat should learn from him.

If we continue to spam We will get cam! All plebs and subs must unite so that we can see our favorite 250kg beast play Lone Druid while we see him eating pudding.

synd fanboy LUL


admiralAlfredo FeelsBadMan


Welches Instrument ist für Nichtdeutsche schwer zu spielen?

Welches Instrument ist für Nichtdeutsche schwer zu spielen?

Die Umlaute.

Umlaute geht noch. Bei der Artikele wirds schwierig.

Nicht zu vergessen die Präposaune.

Nach einer nicht unerheblichen Anzahl Dienstreisen kann ich dir sagen, dass dieses Instrument rund um die Welt gespielt wird.

Hätte auf die Arschgeige getippt.

History lesson

History lesson

Five hundred and forty-firth birthday.

Uuuh Copernicus was not set on fire and lived until he was 70? But whatever fits your circlejerk I guess

The Catholic Church didn’t take any issue with his heliocentric model until sixty years after his death. His life saw no controversy at all.

Giordano Bruno, who expanded on Copernicus’ model WAS burned at the stake as a heretic, but that was because he was an outspoken opponent of several Catholic doctrines, including the divinity of Christ. The Church didn’t have many problems with his science.

The church said "What if.." not "We fucking will m8".

Came home to a nice surprise from my online boxlunch order.

Came home to a nice surprise from my online boxlunch order.

I believe I ordered about 2 weeks ago. Don’t remember the exact date but someone posted it on the sub that it was in stock so I bought one. 2 years in the Pop game and it’s my first ever chase from an online order. Very happy

Thank you I was very excited and happy to receive Mickey

I just got my shipping email and it says that I REALLY HOPE I GOT A CHASE I’ve been collecting for 2-3 years and haven’t had a single chase if it is fitting it’s kingdom hearts my crown jewel of my collection

It’s not

[no spoilers] Last Chloe Price cosplay before I dye my hair again.

[no spoilers] Last Chloe Price cosplay before I dye my hair again.

That's super dope! As a guy, I'm always jealous girls get to wear that style of flannel shirt.

It looks nicer on girls though... :)

Y'know, it is just a lumberjack shirt :) and available in most decent mens sections...so yeah, unisex for the win! :)

So you're saying you're going to dye your hair brown to give us another great Chloe cosplay?

171213 @BTS_twt reaches 11M followers!

171213 @BTS_twt reaches 11M followers!

another day, another milestone @BTS it wasn’t a while ago that they were at 10 million followers, they really are kings of socials media

I believe he switched to every 10 million now, haha.

Finallyyy! Double congrats on Seoul MV and 11M Bangtan ! +_+

Not even surprised at this point.

We all know why we watch it

We all know why we watch it

I admit, they get me.

Okay so we found that mentos can't make a bottle of soda fly.

So we're gonna fill the bottle with C4 just to see if the bottle could fly

C4 and mentos, just to be safe

So I'm still a bit groggy, and totally read "mythbusters" as "masturbators"

A For Honor Viking I Drew

A For Honor Viking I Drew

Give it a few hours this will be re-posted with "girlfriend drew this for my birthday"

This is so amazingly accurate.

This is spot on my man

A tiny bit of honest critique from a fellow pencil drawing artist about the technical aspects:

The right hand looks a bit off. I think the wrist should be a bit slimmer, a bit longer and it's not bent at the right spot. It looks like the elbow begins right above the tatoo. The underside of the forarm looks like it doesn't have an elbow at all but instead is curved without any joints. At the top, it looks like the forearm is bent right below the bracer, but the wrist should be bent a bit closer to the actual hand. The perspective on the thumb is spot on though. Meanwhile, the 3rd and 4th fingers could be a tiny bit thicker. I think that would improve it.

edit: I wasn't satisfied with my ability to explain what I mean, so I made a quick, rough sketch to show it.

On the flipside, the rest of the proportions and perspectives are great and you manage to sell the different materials, the wood, the metal, leather, fur, skin etc. very well. They all feel spot on without having overly complex textures.

Great work, keep it up!

MR as a german seeing all the "SS" posts are actually about christmas gifts

Its all still a massive No No here. I joke around all the time about everything and anything but I almost never make a holocaust or 2nd World War joke. If someone makes such a joke people look at each other checking if it is ok to laugh or if that was too much.

Christmas Gifts like Arsen

only a german speaking person would understand this "joke"

Germans don't have to fear that shit anymore, apparently America has appropriated your culture.

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