Maloney Introduces Legislation to Save the Open Internet, Block FCC Rollback of Net Neutrality

Maloney Introduces Legislation to Save the Open Internet, Block FCC Rollback of Net Neutrality

Now everyone needs to call their representatives again and demand they support this legislation.

A sensible peice of legislation? What are we?!Canada?!

Can we add in true oversight into ISPs being forced to actually invest the money they receive from the US government into infrastructure, and punish them for not following through?

I did. Here's what my "Senator" Pat Toomey (R-PA) responded with:

December 8, 2017


Thank you for contacting me about net neutrality regulations promulgated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). I appreciate knowing your thoughts on this issue.

On November 22, 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released his proposal to repeal harmful regulations imposed on broadband providers and Internet traffic. Better known as net neutrality, these regulations, which were promulgated by the Obama FCC in June 2015, reclassified broadband Internet as a telecommunications service, similar to wireline telephone utilities, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1934. The FCC is expected to vote on the Chairman's proposal during its Open Meeting on December 14, 2017. It is also important to note that Chairman Pai's decision to publicly release the net neutrality proposal before a Commission vote breaks from past behavior of withholding FCC proposals from public review until after the Commission had approved a measure.

Like many Americans, I support an Internet free from government control. While I understand the concerns expressed by those who support net neutrality regulations, I believe that such federal mandates would unduly inhibit this industry's investment in new technology and job creation. Moreover, the Internet and online content have thrived in the United States without net neutrality, which throws into question the need for more government intervention.

I am encouraged by Chairman Pai's recent proposal to keep our Internet free from greater government control, and I support the FCC's effort to increase transparency and public participation in the rulemaking process. Net neutrality threatens the innovation and economic freedom that have made the Internet a powerful catalyst for job creation and growth. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind should this issue come before the Senate.

Thank you again for your correspondence. Do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of assistance.


Signature Pat Toomey U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania

As you can see a waste of time. Republicans know their base and as long as they continue to stoke the fear of liberals and immigrants and poor and government regulations they'll vote however they want.

My youngest son has been worried about the fires here in California. Big brother wanted to show him they weren't too close. I like to think they'll always remember this moment.

My youngest son has been worried about the fires here in California. Big brother wanted to show him they weren't too close. I like to think they'll always remember this moment.

That is rather close.

Stay safe! I can tell you from experience that a fire can jump a move pretty fast.

Oh my glob that's what I wanted to say. That's pretty facking close.

Damn, the fires many years ago in San Diego i told my little brother to stop acting like a girl. Times have changed

Hi. If you could report this guy for his use of an anti-latinx slur it would make me one happy bean.

Hi. If you could report this guy for his use of an anti-latinx slur it would make me one happy bean.

Who came up with Latinx? It doesn't sound at all like a Romance language word. I'm a Portuguese speaker, words are gendered and it's fine. It doesn't relate to gender of people.

I don't get it either as a native Spanish speaker. It's definitely an Anglo creation.

how is a language being evolved by its own speakers to be more gender-inclusive some vampire castle shit? non binary spanish speakers exist

it was created by radical latin american circles to be more inclusive of those who are nonbinary and not imply maleness as the default, and has been in use for awhile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latinx

Pokemon return with full HP from gym

Pokemon return with full HP from gym

All my Pokemon that returned tonight returned completely healed. Bug or feature?

It looks like something to do with Gen III being released - all 50 of my fainted Pokies were revived with 100% health, which is great, as I was out of revives.

I think it did the same when Gen II was launched.

A friend had her cemetary of 300 'mons healed. Early gym returns were healed, too, but the most recent one wasn't.

Oh, I thought that I forgot when I healed them. But it looks like all my mons returned with full HP too.

It's due to Gen 3 and moves/cp changes made in game.

Same thing happened when gen 2 dropped.

The Magnificent Seven!!!

The Magnificent Seven!!!

Rule 5 and the left really needs to learn how to make funny memes.

No muslims are. This doesnt effect Muslims life beyond not getting to delegitamize people they hate because of their religion. The religion of peace is acting like the religion of impotent rage.

They are anti semitic ass hats and are being shielded by the modern left who hates israel and jews as much as muslims do.

Antifa today called for the destruction of Israel and violent protest against jews all because trump said something.

You people are lock and step in line with the alt Right. You might as well all get together and form your anti jewish army. Great look ass hat.


More than half of voting Americans didn't vote for Trump. Just because he won the election doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to complain about him, and damned if I'm not going to call stupid shit out when I see it. But this whole internet Trump-hating circle-jerk has me sick of /sub/all.

Rome didn't commit genocide ever heard about Carthage. And answer my question What makes Israel claim more than the others that I mentioned.

My first Secret Santa gift has arrived!

My first Secret Santa gift has arrived!

It's so nice :)

A glass pokeball with a gengar inside.

Excuse the stupid: wtf is that?

Thanks. I though Pokemon had started making Fleshlights..

I know I posted a lot of based things on this sub, but I want to be absolutely clear about something.

I know I posted a lot of based things on this sub, but I want to be absolutely clear about something.

I came from India to the US at the age of 10 with both my parents and my younger sister. We were given political asylum because of political turmoil in India at that time.

When we came here, we lived in a basement in NYC with rent that was $600 a month. My parents didn’t earn so much, but we always managed. Sometimes my mother would not eat so we could. My father bestowed upon us the knowledge and wisdom that if you get something for free always, you will be dependent on it always. And thus we never applied for any benefits to better our selves.

We were put in deportation proceedings and the court case took years. We spent at least a 100k from 1995 until 2012, to fight it until we realized that the lawyers really didn’t do much. We then took the matters into our own hands and filed everything directly and did not use a lawyer. We defended the case our selves and finally in 2012 we got our green cards. Until then we had work authorization that we needed to renew every year. I recently realized that the prosecutors of our case were very conservative, but that is really besides the point. She did her best following the law but ultimately we met the burden of proof without the shadow of a doubt. And really at that time I had no clue about politics or alignments. I just did not want to get deported after living in a country for 22 years! I became more active after moving to Texas, from where I will never leave unless forced out. And I lean to the right, but I am guided by the light of my experiences and discernment.

Now it’s 2017. We are well off, affluent with good careers and a clear conscience.

And the landlord who rented us the basement slapped my mother one day in a drunken rage for no reason. We called the cops but NYPD did nothing. And the landlord came to America from India on a church sponsorship the easy way. Meaning that if you accept the lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior you will get a free ride to America and citizenship right away! As far as I know, he’s still a loser.

And as JFK said “We do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

However, keep in mind that when one gets a sponsorship for immigration it’s more than likely you are not getting the cream of the crop. Because it is not based on MERIT!

What really helped our case was that we never asked for any benefits

Right in the feels. Oof. Glad it all worked out in the end.

Thanks pede!

Thanks for sharing patriot


[META] Welcome in our newest MM!

[META] Welcome in our newest MM!

As you know we have been looking to increase both the number of moderators and the number of MM here at RLE.

Well, I would like to introduce to you our newest Middlemen!

/u/TinyTimothy22 Is a moderator for the /sub/rocketleague subreddit and has been a great middleman for the Trade Planet discord. Now he's gonna be our latest PC MM.

Next is /u/MD-United. He has been a great help for people on the sub and has done lots of trades and is also a MM for the RP discord. Now he will be our newest PS4 MM.

And lastly is /u/merkface. He has been a huge trader here for a long time now and has helped many people and is a generally nice guy. He will be our newest Xbox MM.

So be sure to message these guys when they're available if you need a MM just like you would for the others. Stay safe out there when trading.

We are still looking for applicants for Moderators and MM so go HERE to see the post about it.

EDIT: Just so you guys understand our timetable. We are currently voting on 2 MM each week until we run out of applications to go through. Right now we're focusing on Xbox, then we'll probably vote on some PS4 MM and then PC after the console apps have all been gone through.




/u/TinyTimothy22 /u/MD-United /u/merkface



[Jomboy] Stanton was at the stadium on Friday to possibly have his physical.

[Jomboy] Stanton was at the stadium on Friday to possibly have his physical.


Haha this was just a joke not a news report. Hubbs reported that Stanton was at the stadium today. Sherman reported that a physical would need to be done before its official.

I tweeted that Hubbs was reporting the physical without even knowing it as a joke..... I mean, yeah that could be what was happening, but I have no idea.

watch jeter throw a curveball and trade him to the Angels or something

Man does it suck to be a west coast Yankee fan rn. I was getting so hyped with new updates every 30 mins, and then midnight struck and everyone's asleep. At least there's gonna be a ton of new stuff when I wake up

oh boy

oh boy

Or maybe if they weren’t fucking their vaginal flora up all the time they wouldn’t need 24 hour odor block 😒

(Sorry for the wall of text.)

May I have your attention. Some unclean women claim that the vagina is self-cleaning. While this is true, if you do not use the following products (please refer to picture), your vagina will be unclean. Some women advise to use simply water to clean, but that is incorrect and they are on drugs. Some women claim that washing your vagina with products may negatively impact the pH of the vagina, however if you again refer to the following picture, you will see that there are products specifically designed to recalibrate the natural pH of the vagina. The women that made the previous statement need to learn about these products. I don't know about you, but I believe that using the products will have a positive impact on my vaginal health. Some women who do not use these products have the nerve to ask their partner to engage in booty-hole eating with them, which is bad because their vagina will be unclean and it will be unhygienic for the partner.

The second person reposted this to see which women do not use the products.

(I can't believe I just spent five minutes of my life translating slang.)

Vagisil gave me a UTI 💁🏼

Oh I recognize that diluted vinegar douche. I had to use it when I got BV from antibiotics but I had to use lactobacillus acidophilus capsules up in there for a week to bring things back to normal. The fuck would someone without anything wrong with them need that??

Try one of these subthreads