generally the people who go demanding respect usually don't behave the way that would warrant it.

I feel weird. I can't imagine Mac talking in such a manner...

“Younger generations have no concerns for anyone around them”

completely stops and fully blocks grocery store entrance/exit to shuffle through purse for keys and sunglasses while people que up on both sides of her

I work at a retirement home and the disrespect that comes from some of those people just because I'm in my 20s is unreal. I get treated like an idiot if I don't fulfill their lengthy and sometimes ridiculous requests perfectly.

My take on a few things

My take on a few things

Hey guys this is just two thoughts that I have in light of recent events in the game and life that puts things into perspective.... I think.

'1. Cost of packs - Don't mistake this for me not like people spending money, I spend a good chunk every year because #AddictionIsReal. My issue comes with how much these packs cost in relation to what you get. Per a conversation yesterday with a coworker that plays Destiny and recently purchased the DLC, I realized how much this game really over prices things. After pulling a Hall from my EVO set on Friday morning, I decided I wanted to try my luck with a special pack. Go figure that the special pack available at the time is the 1600 point rare player (jumbo maybe?) pack. Okay so 2200 points cost me 19.99 so 1600 points costs roughly $14.50 USD - for one pack... that may or may not include a 86+, mine didn't but that's besides the point. My point is, that's $15 for a 15 second dopamine rush of opening a pack that contains no real playable content. Even If I pulled a 92 stamkos I still don't consider this "playable content."

We, myself included, need to realize that these packs cost EA nothing to create and can be a good drop in the bucket. Put this into relation to my conversation about destiny. My coworker got "playable content" for roughly the same cost of $20. That Destiny DLC actually took man hours to create and will continue to cost man hours to maintain and update flaws if there are any.

Knowing this, I think that I am done for the year on buying packs - I'm about $300 deep and knowing that this really didn't increase my play-ability or provide me with additional content makes me want to actually stop. I would have most likely played just as much as I have if I hadn't put money into the game.

My NHL '12 guys will know what every weekend was like with the jumbo rare gold packs that cost like $1.20 per pack on the weekends for a GOOD PACK. I was working a part time job and I loved taking a $20 on friday or saturday and just letting these guys rip. $20 now will get you 2200 points or 6 gold plus packs.

'2. The new big news - lack of daily log in. Don't yell at me farmers, I'm not sure this is a bad thing for the game (I can understand why the farmers are upset). The way I see it, is everyone not getting a daily log in basically the same as everyone getting it? The daily log in in my mind is meant to bring users in daily to spend money (so EA shouldn't have removed it for this reason) and to combat the in-game tax. I might be wrong here since I'm an accounting major rather than an econ, but by decreasing the availability of coins doesn't this decrease the cost of players by an equal percentage? In my mind, everyone getting daily log in is the same if no one does. Please discuss the economics of this if I am wrong in the way that I see prices being affected.

Please share some thoughts you might have about some of the way things are handled and take the time to explain why you feel the way you do about it!

I completely agree on number 1 . I make a good salary and can afford but these top end Christmas packs are half the cost of the game. All these Ultimate Team modes are a rip off or gamble.

As far as your second point...now it may end up being better but today I logged in to 500 coins, Huburdeau that I can’t use or QS and a contract. I don’t know what high end QS will be though so maybe when I open the next one in 12 hrs I’ll get luckier. That brings in another point...now i have to check in twice a day lol

While I agree to some degree, I also support a business pricing their product according to demand. If no one was buying these packs at this price, they'd cut the price. If they could raise the price and get more revenue, they would. I'm ok with a business doing that. And except in the cases of things like food, water, and other essentials, I'm not in favor of the government stepping in to regulate how business price their products or how I choose to spend my money. I'm in favor of the market determining that.

I am in favor of more regulation to keep minors for getting exploited in the microtransaction world. I am also a fan of personal responsibility, so if I want to go the casino, as an adult, I should be able to do so (with appropriate laws/rules around it).

First point solid.

Second point, well personally I will take a coin QS and a chance at an incredibly lucky pull twice a day over a guaranteed 1600 that sometimes fucks up based on when you last claimed it(as by nature it tends to just tick off towards a time that you blow the clock and reset it).

It seems shitty until we see someone pull a EVO Stamkos from it...

I get that, and I think that's a fair argument. I wouldn't be opposed to it whatsoever (though I'm not holding my breath for that happening). My argument is more the general one that as an adult, if I want to buy packs at whatever price is set, it's my responsibility and decision, that's all.

Notable players in the bottom 20 of TS% through 25ish games

Notable players in the bottom 20 of TS% through 25ish games

96 players have attempted at least 200 shots this year (while averaging 10+ shots per game). Here are some notable names who are scoring in a really inefficient way. League average TS% so far this year is 55.5%

96 Lonzo Ball - again, not much to say really. Every part of his scoring is worrying. Finishing at the rim, jump shots, and even free throws. Blah blah blah. Again, it is notable how far away he is from 95th place (38.0)

95 De'Aaron Fox - just like last time, Fox is right below Ball on this list. Fox is persistent at attacking the paint but ends up settling for floaters more often than he actually gets to the rim. Very good finisher when he gets there though. He is taking a pluaraliy of his shots from long-2 range. (45.5)

94 Dennis Smith Jr. - serious déjà vu kicking in as we again start the list off with three straight rookies. Nearly 70% of Smith's shots come either at the rim or from three. Smith takes 5 shots per game as a PnR ball handler. Out of all players taking 5+ shots as a PnR ball handler this year, Smith has the worst eFG% at 39.9%. He doesn't get to the line enough (currently averaging more TOV than FTA). (46.5)

93 Jusuf Nurkic - in the first 3 years of his career, he took nearly 55% of his shots right at the rim. This year he's only taking 39% of his shots that close to the basket. From what I've heard, his weight loss (to help with knee issues) is a big part of him not being able to bully his way to close shots as often. Blazers offense currently performs better with him off the floor (49.0)

92 Kris Dunn - one of the most erratically inconsistent scorers this year. Here are some consecutive game samples from this season. Shot 1/11 one game then 10/16 the next game. Later shot 2/11 then 0/6 then 10/16 then 9/11 then 2/9. He's been uncharacteristically hot from beyond the arc so his efficiency could dip even lower if he doesn't sustain his shooting. (49.3)

91 Dion Waiters - The Heat paid for Dion with that 50% TS but instead are getting Dion with that 49% TS. Despite a huge dip in 3P% this year, his finishing at the rim has miraculously jumped from a career average of 52% to 60%. Waiters has shot 36% from the field in the first 3 quarter of games this year. He is shooting 47% in 4th quarters and overtime periods. (49.4)

90 Justin Holliday - this is shaping up to be one of the ultimate chucker seasons by Holiday. He is 7th on the Bulls in touches per game but still takes the most shots per game. He leads the team in minutes by a wide margin but makes the 8th most passes per game. (49.9)

89 Russell Westbrook - he is currently averaging 0.73 points per possession as a PnR ball handler. That's down from 0.89 last year. Despite early murmurs that WB looks like he's lost some burst, he's actually shooting more of his shots in the restricted area than last year and is making them at a better rate (best of his career). His FT rate has declined by a decent margin, but less significantly than other stars (Harden for example). He is on pace for 50 dunks this year which would match his output last year. He just can't make a jumpshot to save his life (50.0)

87 Austin Rivers - his finishing at the rim has regressed in a bad way. After averaging 62% at the rim in his first 2.5 seasons as a Clipper, he is at a lousy 49% so far this year. His development into a very good 3PT shooter is saving him from being a total headache on offense. His is shooting more than half of his threes off the dribble and is making a better percentage than when he takes 0 or fewer dribbles (lol). (51.3)

86 Ricky Rubio - he's upped his 3PA rate from 30% last year to nearly 40% this year. His assist rate has dropped from 39% last year to only 27% this year. He has the highest usage of his career and for once his team's offense is performing better with him off the court than with him on it. This has been a very strange year for Rubio.

85 Lauri Markkanen - currently shooting a miserable 29.8% on spot up possessions. He's been a true 3PT bomber so far, taking 53% of his shots from deep. Better than some of the other rookies we've seen on this list. His burden to create shots isn't the same as the other rookies. However his teammates are realllly unimpressive as he's the 3rd Bull to make this list (51.4)

84 Andrew Wiggins - he's been playing as a floor spacer too often this year. Nearly 30% of his shots are threes and he's only hitting 30% of them. He's only making 34% of his spot up shots. He's taking the fewest shots of his career at the rim and getting to the foul line at the worst rate of his career. (52.0)

82 Carmelo Anthony - he is shooting 2.2 "open" 3s per game this year and making 24% of them ("open" refers to a shot where the closest defender is 4-6 feet from you). He only shooting 30% on corners threes. Almost half his shots are still 2PT jump shots. (52.2)

81 Ben Simmons - I think I said this last time but it's kind of impressive his efficiency is this "high" given that this is his rookie year and he has no jumper to speak of (28% on jump shots outside of 10 feet). He is leading all rookies in dunks with 43 (barely beating out Atlanta's John Collins who has 42). He's shooting an amazing 70% on shots in transition. (52.3)

79 Brandon Ingram - again, I said this last time, but his driving and finishing has been very impressive this year. It's just all the jumpshots that he can't get to fall. He's working much more as a creator than as a play finisher this year as the Lakers try to figure out what they have in him. He's averaging about 0.75 points per possession in isolation and 0.86 points per possession as a PnR ball handler. (52.6)

78 Marc Gasol - Marc is on pace to, for the first time in his career, shoot a below-league-average FG% from floater range (3-10 feet). For his whole career, he has shot a plurality of his shots from floater range, but he has never shot as low as 42% on said shots (40% is league average). Right now he is at 35%. I'm amazed by multiple aspects of this stat. (52.7)

77 Dennis Schroder - well this is the 3rd Hawk to appear in the bottom 20 (first to be included in my list however [fuck you Bazemore]). Schroder is currently leading the league in drivers per game and points scored off drives. He is as quick as they come but not very creative when it comes to finishing. He's also had to attempt a bunch of long-2s this year just because his burden to create has been rather burdensome. He currently has had his shot blocked more than anyone else in the league except one player (y'all can guess who that player is in the comment section). (52.8)

What a nice informative post with helpful analysis. My guess for most blocked shots is Boogie, I remember reading something last year about the surprisingly high number for him.

It's fun to guess. But I'll tell you. Dennis Smith Jr.

Top 5

1 Dennis Smith Jr.

2 Dennis Schroder

3 Victor Dennis Oladipo (I'm not even making that up... I googled his middle name just to see and it's actually Dennis)

4 DeMarcus Cousins

5 CJ McCollum

Correlation between being named Dennis and getting your shot blocked CONFIRMED.

some resort to cheating

My dog/best friend by Angela Bailey, Studio XIII Tattoos in Orlando, FL. RIP little girl.

My dog/best friend by Angela Bailey, Studio XIII Tattoos in Orlando, FL. RIP little girl.

Pet tattoos have come a long way. Looks great OP

Awww, that face is so sweet and cute! I'm so sorry for your loss. Your best friend will be watching over you forever now.

Thank you for the kind words!

Aye im from Jacksonville, FL. Nice tattoo!

A few screenshots from my current run

A few screenshots from my current run

Jesus Christ! My eyes! The border gore! You sick fuck, how could you be so cruel!?

Looks like some westerner thought he understood the middle east and divided it up in a peace deal

Nsfw please

Probably someone from the british isles.

Christmas in Warsaw, Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Warsaw, Christmas in Paris

What is that? A giant muslim butt plug?

It’s a giant Christmas buttplug actually

WHAT the fuck is that green thing in Paris, do they erect sex toys now lol?

Anderson Cooper just booked a flight to DeGaulle International Airport

Corgi puppy in his jammies and ready for bed now

Corgi puppy in his jammies and ready for bed now
Corgi puppy in his jammies and ready for bed now

animals don't need clothes.

That's what I said and now I'm a registered sex offender.

"My ass is out."

Elex mit den #michabros um 17h live

Elex mit den #michabros um 17h live

Moin Leute, wollte euch nur wissen lassen, dass wir uns freuen würden, wenn ihr um 17h uns mit nach Magelan begleiten würdet.

Haut rein, Krogmeyer

könnte mir gefallen + schmecken

!!! + ! ! !

Ja, geil, hab ich Bock drauf

Ja, geil, hab ich Bock drauf

Ich wiederhole mich: /r/rocketbeans/comments/6yerzg/spiele_mit_bartevent/dmnnnpr/

Sehr gerne. Erinnert mich daran, dass Ich Elex auch mal wieder weiter spielen sollte 😁

Russell Wilson is on track to become the fifth QB in the post merger era to finish a season as his team's rushing leader

Russell Wilson is on track to become the fifth QB in the post merger era to finish a season as hi...

Cam is only 16 yards behind Jonathan Stewart right now so it's still possible that he also does it

Before them, the last player was Randall Cunningham – who did it for the 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 Eagles. The only other time since the merger that a non-RB has led his team in rushing yards was Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass in 1972.

So Randall and one dude in 72, got it.

Surprised that Vick wasn't on this list for eclipsing 1000 yards in 2006. Warrick Dunn was a beast.

All of the great players, especially at QB, manage to elevate their team seemingly single-handedly. But I don't know if we'll ever see an offensive player that compensates for figuratively everything that the rest of his offensive cast can't do to quite the same degree as Russell Wilson. No O-line, no run game, no whatever . . . he makes it work

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