CRPF constable sacked, arrested for social media rant against Modi, Rajnath

CRPF constable sacked, arrested for social media rant against Modi, Rajnath
CRPF constable sacked, arrested for social media rant against Modi, Rajnath

Thank god Jimmy kimmel isn't Indian

He got away easy. Remember that soldier who asked for dal?

He wasn't on borders. BJP only uses soldiers on borders as their propaganda.

Better luck next time.

So where are the defenders of freedom of speech now? The same defenders who hurl out abuses and rape threats.

You know, the defenders the PM follows.

Trump Told Widow Soldier ‘Must’ve Known What He Signed Up For,’ Congresswoman Says

Trump Told Widow Soldier ‘Must’ve Known What He Signed Up For,’ Congresswoman Says
Trump Told Widow Soldier ‘Must’ve Known What He Signed Up For,’ Congresswoman Says

I'm convinced that Trump isn't a real human being. He's a Troll Bot that Russia developed and then incubated in a vat of pancake batter.

....And the Navy Seals with the Trump flag in Kentucky.

What a fucking scumbag. Argh I'm so fucking pissed off right now.

Shoot happens

3a.m. with ~6,500 patriots online.

3a.m. with ~6,500 patriots online.
That's the spez counter. We a much more than that.

Fox is cucked besides hannity and carlson and liken3 others

I'm in the middle of a cross-country drive and can't sleep. Still amped up on Monster. And I'm still charged up from the Hannity stuff that I listened to on my drive.

Tfw you wish T_D was live and syndicated so you could listen to the posts and comments while driving. I have been there on those late night drives, fellow pede - usually I ended up listening to Art Bell. :D

Is the next patch Dueling Fates? Or is it just...

Is the next patch Dueling Fates? Or is it just...

How dare you make a post about the next update that isn't at least 500 words of thought provoking analysis of the potential balance implications stemming from nerfing the living fuck out of anything even vaguely shaded green? Did you even think about how your post might affect people? This might be the single worst thought crime in the history on the inter connective netscape.


Earth Spirit as usual

vaguely shaded green

Wraith King?

Finally watched Eminem's Trump "diss"

Finally watched Eminem's Trump "diss"

I thought Eminem was a good rapper, but watching that, it felt like the rhymes were just coincidence and the flow was non-existent. If he's trying to speak his mind, he could have done better, leads me to believe he's being forced to shill anti trump rhetoric and he just doesn't want to actually put any effort into it.

Just my 2 cents

He was trying to sound really angry and tough. Looked like a stupid cuck poser to me.

It seems like he's really into black men. Like to some weird extreme. The whole video was like he was begging for their acceptance. Still.

He was really mad about Drumpf being ORANGE.

It totaly sucked.

I don't understand the buzz around it.

Painful to hear and painful to watch. He litteraly looks like a transgender.

Catching a ball

This needs to go to. https://www.reddit.com/sub/UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG/

My dad dropped me a bunch of times, I'm fine.


"Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl"

Yeah! And in a biki... I mean yeah. lacrosse.

[REVIEW] NikeLab ACG Alpine Jacket & NikeLab ACG 2-In-1 Jacket (Expensive Batches)

[REVIEW] NikeLab ACG Alpine Jacket & NikeLab ACG 2-In-1 Jacket (Expensive Batches)

Pictures for yall to nut on

Disclaimer: I copped both of these jackets for a whooping $305 SHIPPED INVOICED from another user on here whose name will not be mentioned because he had some issues and was banned. W2C links are from using the searchbar. Not sure if same batch, but they're the most expensive link I could find.


Have yet to see many detailed reviews on this one except for the one u/Broka1979 posted so I figured why not do one.


Quality: Very fucking warm. Not accounting accuracy, this is a very well built piece. Completely waterproof and windproof as I could tell. A few loose threads on some details but can easily be fixed with a lighter or scissors. The only thing that grinds my gear was the inner strap. The button that clicks together to hold the collar loop is very loose and tends to click apart very easily. Can be fixed with 1:1 superglue or Gorrila glue however.

Accuracy: As far as I can tell, 1:1 my friend has some flaws. 1. Supposed to have 2 pockets under chest flaps, one on the jacket and one on the flaps. This only has one on the jackef.

Will add when I get home. Mobile reddit is shit.

Have been plowing through reviews, facebook groups, everything checked out. What's supposed to be reflective is reflective.

Note: You should not cop this piece if you don't have a winter. I'm talking -10 Celsius degrees winter, not that 15 Celsius degrees fake shit. This will keep you sweating underneath.


Again, no reviews for this one so I made one.


Quality: Excellent windbreaker. Also completely waterproof and windproof. A bit hydrophobia (water repellent). Inner strap is litty unlike the 2-in-1.

Accuracy: Having mastered the art of lurking through youtube videos, 1:1. I have yet to own any gore-tex authentic piece so I'm not sure if it is really gore-tex, but if it's not, it's definitely fucking close lmao.

Note: The 2-in-1 has 2 jackets fused into 1. Watch some youtube videos to know what I'm talking about. The inner jacket of the 2-in-1 is supposed to be interchangeable between pieces, e.g. Alpine and 2-in-1. The Alpine I own does have 2 hoops in its sleeves to connect with the inner jacket of the 2-in-1 I own, but the collar zip does not fit. Not sure if this is a size problem because the Alpine is a size M, but the 2-in-1 is a size L.

Size note for both: I'm a cis-male, 173cm, 73kg, athletic build with fucking huge hips and an even bigger ass. Shit, my ass might even be bigger than some of your hoes.

Alpine fits tight around the hips/ass area (fucking obviously), otherwise fits neatly fine. You can counter this by zipping up the lower zipper like a fucking 1:1 ninjaboi.

2-In-1 fits perfectly. The outer shell fits a tad big for me when worn alone, but looks puffy and fits great when worn together with the inner layer.

I'll be having this hugeass haul that costs me my kidney. Just GL everything inside my cart, will post review when it gets here.

Edit: They are both made of the same material as far as I could tell. Should have put that in earlier.

u/ZatJingle please approve. No idea why my post does not show up at all. Thanks m8.

Fit pic of dat ass plz fam mucho 1:1 love

Holy nut. Now that all these reviews are coming up I would be willing to drop money on a good quality windbreaker

If you can't justify dropping $300 on a windbreaker, I copped a Champion windbreaker for like $20 in Target. Also very techy looking and waterproof too. You just gotta find the right size that fits you nice.

When I send a bunch of tanks at a spearman and lose (Sid Meier's Civilization 3)

When I send a bunch of tanks at a spearman and lose (Sid Meier's Civilization 3)

Nothing like seeing him get an extra health point as he levels up after each successful defense.

I think it was based on probability back then. They still had a 1/16 chance of winning or something. I remember building musket men and anticipating a quick victory against a nearby civ. I surrounded them with musket men and lost to a city filled with spearmen.

In Civ 1, I remember it was not uncommon to lose a battleship to a phalanx in a walled city.

They bundled up their spears, swam up to the battleship, which couldn’t angle its long-range guns downward to hit them, and jammed the spears into the rudder which caused the battleship to go off course and careen into a nearby shallow reef, which disabled the ship (a hurricane blew up just in time which helped the brave spearmen). The phalanx then boarded the ship and engaged in hand-to-hand combat (the spears were too damaged from being jammed in the rudder), won, and scuttled the ship.

The tricky part was swimming to the ship with all that bronze armor on.

I seriously can't wait for cosmetics.

I seriously can't wait for cosmetics.

Epic please take my money already! You deserve it

I just want to dye my character's hair green so I can hide better in bushes

And then there's this fucker

I just wanna pick the model I want to use every game ATM.

I can wait a bit longer for other things, but I really just wanna play as the girl in the green shirt with brown hair.

Is she single?

Try one of these subthreads