SG MRT system

SG MRT system

How come use SMRT bus for DTL which is operated by SBS Transit

Get your meme straight OP

the new petit train carriages that travel on road instead of rails!


Well you've jinxed it.

And now we wait.


Singaporean Intensified

Webcams to watch Ophelia

Webcams to watch Ophelia

Galway harbour.

Shop Street, Galway, about 200 m inland from the harbour. There are loads of flags to show the wind.

Any other interesting webcams to share?


Hook lighthouse in Wexford

Lahinch beach in Clare

Inch beach, Kerry

Hopefully I will see it on chaturbate, Some wexford cam model flying out the barn door like a quare wan.


Kerry Cam-Girl


Looks like she's about 30-40 miles away

Martavis Bryant is requesting a trade....

Martavis Bryant is requesting a trade....

We are lacking an explosive deep threat THAT CAN CATCH. Thoughts?

If you think Chase Billingsly is better than anyone currently on the field Ive got a bridge to sell ya


To those saying he's a locker room cancer and has drug issues...

I think he turned a corner as a person and got his life straightened up. When he returned the seemed to have already phased him out in Pittsburgh and thats whats making him unhappy, albeit is his fault. Martavis can actually get separation from corners and gives us another big body for Stafford to throw at.

Now hear me out. The Steelers need a reliable (or atleast somewhat reliable) target to replace Bryant. With JuJu Smith-Schuster rising up the depth chart I think Marvin Jones would be a good fit there in Pittsburgh. We could dump his salary that is, if we're being honest, a little generous for his play even if thats what the market dictates and more than likely acquire a mid round draft pick; lets say a 4th rounder.

All of the sudden the Detroit Lions have 2 big deep threats in Bryant and Golladay pushing Tate to the slot and allowing more cap space to extend players like Tate, Whitehead, Fells, or Wilson. Just an idea but I think it makes sense..... in Madden :-P

Drug issues, so no chance.

Well when they turn out to be TD's what's the problem?



that dosnt look like the barrel of a gun

We shall one day return to glory.

I saw a swastika. This post is 100% correct

But where is my fucking Szechuan sauce tho

😂 the left thinks this offends us

😂 the left thinks this offends us

So they admit the Iran deal is a house of cards that will inevitably fall over?

Is this seriously supposed to be anti-trump??

Is that a 12 of Spades next to the ladder?

based cartoonist

What are the do's and don't's of tryouts?

What are the do's and don't's of tryouts?

Oh hey I tried out for my Tespa team a month ago. I can tell you how ours went and give you a rough layout.

Beforehand they gave us a simple survey, asking us what we ended in Season 5, what role we are trying out for, what are strengths we have and what we can bring to a team.

After that we were all notified about what day we would try out on. There was a day 1 tryout, which were the ones most likely to make the top team, these were the ones who showed most promise from their prior season ranking. They were divided into teams in different time slots, and played against other try out applicants. Example, from 12 players, players 1-6 on one team, 7-12 on the other and played a scrimmage. Then they would mix the teams up and play another scrimmage.

Day 2 would be the applicants thought to be good and have a chance to make a team. Same process as day 1. The leader in charge of the try outs would normally be playing both days to see how each player plays, their tendencies, what they're comfortable with etc etc.

What we looked for was player synergy; was this player good at working as team? Was this player vocal; did he shot call, call targets, be vocal about ults? Was he performing his duty? Was he positioning himself well?

After it all, we chose the 8 to be our first team based on the criteria. Then a second team if enough players, then another. Team 1 would play in the Collegiate Series, while Team 2 and below played in the Open Series.

After that, it's mainly about naming a captain per team, scheduling practices, scrimmages, and playing the games.

Heyo! I helped form two teams (~3.8k and ~4k) and have helped manage tryouts, scrims, VOD recordings, etc. since like late June.

Advertise and get your list of tryouts which you already have. Won't go into detail here since you have a lot of people. Can elaborate if you want. Make a Discord server and give people roles based on what they're trying out for to keep everyone informed and in the same place. Have an announcements/schedule channel specifically for you to @ people for important details. Ask everyone NOT to mute the notifs. Set your scrim dates and times in advance so you know who can make them and when. Too much flexibility means a lot of rescheduling or confusion for the people involved. Have a spreadsheet of everyone's SR, roles, contact info, availability, and whatever details you find important. Order people by SR within each role and try to make up "teams" made of people of similar SR. If you don't want to find scrims you can do 6v6 tryouts. Have someone to record the overhead VODs of these games if you can. Post-scrim have a feedback discussion with everyone about what went well and what didn't. If you have the time give each player feedback notes via DM so they can work to improve for next tryout. Basically repeat the previous steps until you find a solid 6-8 people for the team.

This is like really generalized and basic info so hopefully it's helpful for you. There isn't a one size fits all way that works for every team, but that's a start!

Happen to discuss more on Discord if you want: Ehloanna#4519

Edit: I forgot my own Discord username. Fixed now.

Remember to disassociate sr from their performance in scrims (to a degree).

Sr is a good indicator on if they have potential, but their high sr doesn't mean anything if they don't click with the team etc.

Account for people to miss try outs. Some people sign up, but then realize too late that they won't actually attend. Some examples would be on Day 2 we had applicants that didn't show up, this meant some people who were scheduled for 5:00pm try outs moved up to 4:30pm. In that case, have some flex players (because they can flex so if a support missed they can fill, and etc) from Day 1 just be ready to fill some spots on Day 2. I say this, because I felt some people got way more game time than others in their respective role on Day 2, giving them more opportunities to show what they can do.

After Day 1 you will feel you have a good grasp on who will be your main team, and this is fine. But go into Day 2 with an open mind that you may find a better player for your team.

Set up a Discord channel for groups to gather and communicate. Because you can have some of your Day 1/Main Team players listen in on the communication on the team you aren't playing with or listening to yourself. This will allow a second source to be able to kind of bounce ideas with on who was performing well of being vocal.

Going in, see if you can have some compositions mapped up to practice with. Some Deathball, some Builder, Cheese, Dive. This will allow you to see which players fit a specific role like your main tanks, your flanker, your hitscan, etc.

Can ye take some videos of outside yer windows for me? I'm abroad and missing all the fun.

Can ye take some videos of outside yer windows for me? I'm abroad and missing all the fun.

I'm from Cork I would have been getting a good show.

Commenting to remind myself to do so if I get anything good. The southwest seems to be getting the worst of it today though. Like the other lad said there's another thread with webcam feeds too.

Apparently the winds are getting heavy there right now. And it's only starting sure.

Have a gawk at some of the webcam links thatve been posted!

Today Chainlink's LINK will come of age!

Today Chainlink's LINK will come of age!

Does Chainlink has a working product? ✅

Does chainlink have a SWIFT partnership✅

Does chainlink solve real problems✅

Today Chainlink will demonstrate their working oracle product to a room full of banking elites at the world's most important fintech conference, SIBOS.

Afterwards expect details of major partnerships and exchange announcements.

This is the moment when LINK will graduate to being a Top 20 coin. This is a serious product with serious fundamentals and serious advisors. Don't miss your chance to buy LINK on Binance before it goes stratospheric after the conference.

If you missed the boat on Ethereum, if you missed the boat on NEO, then don't miss the opportunity to buy LINK at less than a dollar.

Live demonstrations are the heart of tech & I look forward to seeing the LINK team show us what SWIFT was so excited about.

I'm jacked! I'm jacked to the tits!

Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble

Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble
Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble

Bwahahahahahaha. Lame as fuck.

Pre mine 100 trillion

Oh, I get to pay 13% on them unless I document how I got them...oh I can't mine them. If that shit hits ICO...

Somehow stamp legal tender on it

Neue Tradition: Weihnachts-Countdown

Neue Tradition: Weihnachts-Countdown

wieso ein countdown wenn es doch ein count-up ist?

Toll, das häng ich mir neben den Adventskalender!

Ich will einen der am 25.12 anfängt und einen countdown bis zum ersten Türchen im nächsten Jahr macht.

Nur noch 340 Mal schlafen!

Hindert dich keiner daran, die Türchen von 24 nach 1 aufzumachen :p

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