Good luck everyone

Good luck everyone

may the odds be ever in your favor

edit: got mine for sept 22nd on apple.com. goodnight

Either nobody gives a shit about iPhone 8/8 plus or Apple improved their servers. It took me two minutes to preorder and I think this is the first time Apple was right on time

Either nobody gives a shit about iPhone 8/8 plus or Apple improved their servers.

I think it has to do with less hype due to iPhone X.

Last year the 7 plus was sold out within 3 minutes and regular 7 shortly after that.

This year, only 50 minutes later, the 8 plus was sold out (black color first) followed by gold color after that.

As of 1AM PST, 8 plus in silver color is still not sold out.

Got my gray 8+ on Verizon and that was way too easy.. THANK GOD.

Got my 8! First time ordering on launch.

Let the overtime at work begin. Hahah.

me irl

me irl

Poor hero on a four zero

Mort on a fort

[Spoiler] I know it was a very very huge longshot, but im kinda sad that we can't play as Fallen...

[Spoiler] I know it was a very very huge longshot, but im kinda sad that we can't play as Fallen...

(There will be spoilers for the ending of the story here too...)

As silly as It sounds, and as many downvotes I get, I will always want this.

The Fallen would totally fit as an allied faction, with the House of Judgement being a thing with Variks in D1, I could totally see Bungie being able to write some easy addition to the lore. Maybe a house aligned under the traveler.

As for light, I don't see why our big friendly space ball couldn't do it for dead "honorable" fallen, maybe somthing like Ball god is a tad desperate due to coming threats, it would make more sense than Ghaul becoming the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

Maybe I'm insane, but it would be amazing to see more than: human, blue human, robot human. Especially in a sci-fi game about space powers and exotic locations, enemies, raids, and gear.

Armor and powers could be tailored to the race too. Maybe race based subclasses, and armor of course. It'd be amazing to have whites look like Dreg gear, greens like Wretches, blues like Vandals, and purples and exotics looking like Captains, Kells, or Archon priests.

All in all, I've been in love with the fallen from when the first time they showed up in pre release D1 stuff, it's a shame (imo) that we can't have more of them...

Sincerely A guy who loves the fallen.


There are house Judgement supplies on Earth, as well as other old Fallen house supplies. It's been very heavily hinted the Prince is working with or even leading the new Fallen house. Variks being in close proximity with the Prince, Judgement supplies near other Fallen supplies, and Variks has an Elder Sipher. The Sipher is how the Fallen distribute Ether to get stronger. I'd be surprised if Variks isn't playing some role in the new Fallen house.

Edit: This video goes into better detail than I could

Variks is the best goddamn character with the best goddamn backstory and if Bungie just reduces him to 'lil guy gone mad with power' then it'd be a goddamn waste.

Agreed. I might not necessarily expect it to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fallen became a playable race in the future. After all, adding new races and/or classes tends to be a sure-fire way to boost sales.

It'd be cool, but I don't think Variks would be a good choice of house, based on hints in D2 about him.

me irl

me irl

01001111 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01100100 01100100 01110101 01110000 00100000

Me too thanks

Oh bit, whaddup

Someone decrypt that please.

Am I the only one up waiting for the watch?

Am I the only one up waiting for the watch?

I won’t be upgrading my phone this time around and so I’m only up for the watch. I seem to be the only one since /sub/apple’s shipping mega thread is full of people waiting for the 8

Anyone else?

Right there with you!

The deed is done one for self one for wife. Back to sleep.

Last year I got the October message and it came out on the original day so maybe you’ll get lucky

I wonder if it’ll sell out fast just like the phone will

That neck tho....

That neck tho....

Well, if he wears a mask, we'll know exactly which one he is.

That neck is a springboard for cuckruckery....

Breaks more easily.

When kids it was called a pencil necked geek. Dam I'm old.

[DISCUSSION] Has anyone's tendonitis ever gotten "better"?

[DISCUSSION] Has anyone's tendonitis ever gotten "better"?

Im 23, been playing for 12 years and the tendonitis in my fretting wrist and pointer finger is just phasing guitar out my life too soon =(. I already do the stretches, ice, nsaids (which do nothing for me), and all that. And i understand it wil never go away, but damn is it a hard thing to come to terms with. I've had to take weeks at a time off, it just feels unfair sometimes. I cant even play any power chord heavy songs anymore because it flairs my finger up after about 15 minutes.

Im just wondering is it only going to go downhill from here? Or can i at least keep what i have left in my playing for years to come? Any one else with experience on this?

Rick Graham

Take a longer break and clean up your diet to help your body deal with the inflammation. Then start again very slowly and learn to play with minimum pressure and tension. This is a good video from to check out.

Ergonomics, relaxation vs. tension and purposeful practice!

Prior to being admitted to music school, I played/practiced 6-8 hours daily and ultimately had to stop playing for almost a year. When I started playing again, the first things I noticed were how poorly my form was. Violin through piano have very deliberate schools of teaching not only what to play, but how. As the majority of guitarists are self-taught, I never really learned how I should be sitting properly, wearing a strap, which leg to rest my guitar, using a foot rest, angle of my elbow to my fretting hand, etc. I took a good 5yrs to teach myself how to play guitar again, but I play pain free.

very good answer here. there is really good material for proper hand development available, which i used to teach myself again switching to lefty after tendonits: principles of correct practice for guitar by Jamey Andreas. Coundn't have done it without

Yep. A few years ago I had a full time job that required pretty much constant use of my hands, and I was playing/practising about 3 hrs a night, so I inevitably developed tendonitis.

Luckily my contract ended as the symptoms set in so I could give my hands a bit of a break, and could get started on my recovery, which consisted of:

An immediate and total break from playing (it sucks, i know)

Corticosteroid injections (consult your doctor), and physical therapy.

A healthier diet with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation

And after my symptoms largely went away, I started working out to build muscle in my forearm and wrist (you should be working out/exercising in general anyway)

At the end of it, I ended up taking a 6 - 7 month clean break from guitar.

However, now I'm back to playing about 3 - 4 hours a night every day without feeling pain (provided that I stretch, take short breaks/rest days, and play with proper form and minimal tension).

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

How much could the Premier League table change this weekend?

How much could the Premier League table change this weekend?

What a time to be alive

If you guys make the Champions League I'll tattoo your logo on /u/darkohuntr's nutsack

o shit


Astronauts spotting cities from the ISS

Astronauts spotting cities from the ISS
Astronauts spotting cities from the ISS

This makes me feel small but also like I'm part of something bigger.

"Hello dear! Guess where I am"?


"I'll give you a clue. I could smithe thee if you take my name in vain"

I knew I recognized that background music from somewhere. I didn't know our current ISS crew had such immaculate taste. https://soundcloud.com/napemango2/10-mashup-challenge

me irl

me irl

He is risen indeed.

Oh shit Rise Up

Praise Dat Boi!

Once more, he has returned.

I am not ready

Try one of these subthreads