Bob's decade long gamble of keeping 24 hour surveillance on that tree finally pays off.


Edit: I'm confused by how many people keep leaving replies which seem to be mocking the idea that this was faked. I didn't suggest it was faked. That's not what that sub is about, and in fact faked videos aren't allowed on there. Nobody has suggested that the video was faked. Who are you people mocking?

I like how it fell down already in logs and planks. minecraft was right!

that tree got fucked

🔥 Hare 🐰 out runs the pack to live another day

Understanding the importance of changing directions as you run in order to survive:

Hare - 1 Rickon - 0

It's their specialty! Hares and rabbits lose less speed than most other animals when changing directions, so it's their most important escape skill.

It's snakes vs iguana all over again

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you..."

My friends grandmother being jet ski'd out of her living room in Houston

My friends grandmother being jet ski'd out of her living room in Houston

"so longgg gay boys!!"

Man that grandfather clock looks expensive. Hope they have good insurance.

"Uhhhh... before you rescue us, you mind if I snap a picture?"

"I mean... I guess so..."

"Thanks! This is going up on the mantle!"

They all look so happy. Kindness and mobility are an unbeatable combination.

Hey Dave, you're not sleeping are you?

Hey Dave, you're not sleeping are you?

Such an asshole.

Only a pussy would hit someone while they were asleep.


"CAT DAMNIT! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT oh it's just you, Dave. Go to a dog pound, ya runt."

Hey Dave.

Is He Keeping His Shoulders Square?

Is He Keeping His Shoulders Square?

Gawdd Dayummm.

At this point There are probably about 75 meeseeks getting exacerbated trying to help Kim. The good news is soon they will band together to butcher Kim with a knife.

It's a Meseeking missle

There was no missile. It was simply great leaders first time kicking a football.

Well I can't be mad at that death, that was a fair scatter ar- wait a second

scatter arrow is a fair and balanced ability that works exactly as intended. There is no war in ba sing se


''Scatter is fair and the hook was unfair'' -Someone at Blizzard... probably

There's been a whole fucking subreddit dedicated to Hanzo's bullshit for months and it still hasn't been adressed. Just nerf Roadhog instead

Survey results in: Lots of variation amongst our most played Switch games

Survey results in: Lots of variation amongst our most played Switch games

Maybe you shouldn't have had a write in, and just gotten a big list of every single game on the Switch and used that.

Edit: This is my top comment of all time now. I don't even have a Switch. Life is weird, yo.

This looks like a me_irl post actually

Option 1: Zelda BotW

Option 2: Zelda BotW but in a different color

It does work as a me_irl post, but is actual data taken from /u/Linyahh’s survey (with all that noise of other games removed, haha!).

Here’s the top 20 at the time I created the chart:

Zelda (882) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (374) Splatoon 2 (323) Breath of the Wild (239) BOTW (109) Botw (85) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (76) BotW (68) Breath of the wild (68) Zelda (54) zelda (48) Mario Kart (36) Disgaea 5 (28) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (27) Mario Kart 8 (24) Zelda BOTW (23) Mario kart (23) Binding of Isaac (22) Zelda, Splatoon 2 (22) ARMS (21)

And more pointless details.

This UFC Fighter...

I love the evolution of his opponents not knowing how to respond to his antics to happily joining in

If anyone is curious, his mma record: 17 wins 9 losses; 18 wins if you the count rock, paper, scissors victory.

The third guy tries to stay in stance but knows whats coming and can't help but laugh.

This is amazing.

Sean O'Connell, retired unfortunately.

Adding either an 'E' or an 'N' would fix this sign

Adding either an 'E' or an 'N' would fix this sign

The "E" part is obvious. The "N" part took me a second. Very clever, OP. Very clever.

Thank God you're here, I was beginning to convince myself that "yourn" was a word


What it is: Your in for a super 8 stay

Add an E: You're in for a super 8 stay

Add an N: Your inn for a super 8 stay


I want this girl on my "Survival Apocolyspe Team".

apocalypse Thanks, guys. My auto correct will either keep me out of or get me into trouble.

"Tell me if this taste hot?"

Her standard of living is so awful, that the only conceivable situation in which we can think of ourselves in such a position, is the apocalypse. The world's a fucked up place.

I'm actually living in China right now (Rural China presumably being where this gif is set), and despite their living situation being really squalid and depressing by our Western standards (trust me, I still get depressed looking at their living conditions)-- the standard of living is actually the highest it's ever been, for almost all people, even these rural farm kids.

What previous generations (like my mom and aunts') worried about wasn't the clay farmhouses they lived in but was getting enough to eat at all. They told me a bunch of stories about how they would only get a thin slice of pear or a mouthful of fish to eat with their rice, and that was on special occasions... as I gobbled down fish, rice and pears.

These kids have some roasted corn on the cob, and four boiled eggs to eat for breakfast, plus whatever's cooking in that pot (probably rice porridge). That's a filling enough breakfast for two little kids to eat. Better than a morsel of bread and hunger pangs, like the generations before them had to make do with. They have their own clothes and shoes, and presumably an iPhone that shot this.

Also, there's a chance their farmland could be bought out for government development for millions of yuan and make them millionaires overnight like so many farmers like them.

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