MRW my brother tells me he took out a loan to bet on McGregor

I hope he bet on McGregor losing!

A girl i work with put 120 euro on McGregor to win because she had loads of bills coming up that she needed to pay :/

So she had no idea what she was doing. How easy of a bet is that. I mean damn, maybe pick the boxer in a boxing match.

A Mayweather never pays his debts - for he has none.

On the other hand, if you bet on McGregor to turn Floyd into a Mexican last night you might've made out pretty nicely.

Tobe Hooper, ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and ‘Poltergeist’ Director, Dies at 74

Tobe Hooper, ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and ‘Poltergeist’ Director, Dies at 74
Tobe Hooper, ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and ‘Poltergeist’ Director, Dies at 74

Anybody who hasn't seen it, give the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre a watch. The way the franchise went and pop culture often makes people think it's a silly, gory affair, but it's a beautiful, restrained, quite serious work. Masterpiece. RIP and thanks for the nightmares.

Man first George Romero and now Tobe Hooper. We keep losing our influential indie horror directors.

Also on the shlockier side TCM 2 is a total ridiculous blast. Also his version of Salem's Lot is just awesome.

Makes me really hope that John Carpenter is in good health.

No Owie

No Owie

Ouch oof my mesoglea

Powder that makes your nematocysts fire.

This has to be one of the best posts here.

I wonder where you got this original bone hurting OC


A windy Dubai

A windy Dubai

Looks like Spec-ops: The Line

This looks like it could be made into a movie poster.

Tenacity and skill? More like slave labor and greed. That place is a monument to arrogance.

Band: Cognitive Dissonance

Album: Uncomfortable Feeling

Song: Two Conflicting Ideas

Why are people talking about Mayweather?

Why are people talking about Mayweather?

It's August

If your talkin', then July'n. Now March out that door if you aren't going to tell the truth.


I'm always counting the days until the next calendar joke.

They tend to be pretty week, though.

Emu Facts

Emu Facts

Emus are also known to be resistant to machinegun fire.


Never forget

Emus are also immune to magic. For more emu-related content, head to www.joshuawright.net

No, this is a fact sheet created primarily for your information. You should be alert. Not alarmed.



I'm so gonna end possible emails in yee ha from now on

That title is wank.

Image Transcription:

Image shows a letter, bearing the following text: Dear Mr MacGillivray. Notice of Termination of Employment. The joab's [sic] crap and am leaving. I'll no be back after June30th. Canny wait. Good luck in getting some other mug to clean the place. Cheerio. Marlene. Yee ha.

The caption reads: Nah man my grans notice for leaving her work 😭😭 wish a was kidding on

I'm a volunteer content transcriber for Reddit. If  you'd like more information on what we do and why...

Using gay as a pejorative. Nice.

Mexico sent troops and aid to help the US after Hurricane Katrina

Mexico sent troops and aid to help the US after Hurricane Katrina

Bullshit politics aside, Mexico and the US do send aid to each other.

Taking the jobs of hardworking Americans!

Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans

I'm gonna call bullshit on this. National Guard was there within a few days. Their own command centers were flooded and many of them had to drive hours to get there.

https://www.army.mil/article/44368 https://mobile.nytimes.com/2005/09/28/us/nationalspecial/when-storm-hit-national-guard-was-deluge...

Mexican troops didn't even cross the border until Sept 8.

Greatest no scope of all

Greatest no scope of all

Almost a Buzzkill

Goddamn this joke is old. I'm not even complaining because it's been that long since I've heard it haha.


So who else was waiting for the "gif" to start before realising it was just an image?

My little bro was super excited to see that he got POTG...

Maybe one day I'll be that good at Symmetra.

Torbjorn level PoTG

I mean say what you will about what we witnessed, those other turret placements must've been on point.

That turret placement made me sit up in my chair, thinking of all the shit I could pull.

Nice torb potg btw.

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