Neutral daytime makeup look. My ultimate fave.

Neutral daytime makeup look. My ultimate fave.

This is going to sound dumb- talk me thru how you did your eyeshadow

For sure!

Apply Brule using a small, stiff eyeshadow brush (like the 239 by MAC) on the brow bone. Sweep it slightly into the crease. This will help make the next crease eyeshadow easier to blend. Using a blending brush, lightly dab Soft Brown into the bristles. Make sure its with a soft hand. You just want this to be your transition shade. Apply using windshield wiper motions in the crease. Do the same step above with the same brush using Saddle. Using the first brush you used to apply Brule, take Soft Brown and pack it on the lid. Don't worry about getting Brule off the brush beforehand - Soft Brown will be a little faded with Brule mixed in which is what I did here. Using the blending brush again take the smallest amount possible of Embark. Apply it very gently to the outer corner of your eye.

Hope that helps :)

Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20, Lise Watier Concealer wheel, MAC Studio Fix powder C3, Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette, Warm Soul blush by MAC

Eyes: Brûlée, Soft Brown, Saddle, Embark all by MAC. Lise Watier eyeliner pen, Arielle Demi wispies lashes.

Lips: Dervish lip pencil by MAC. Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail by NYX.

Gorgeous look!

Also, where's your top from? :D

Some patients treated for putting sunblock in their eyes during eclipse

Some patients treated for putting sunblock in their eyes during eclipse
Some patients treated for putting sunblock in their eyes during eclipse

4.5 billion years for earth to gather mass, form an orbit around the sun, cool down enough to form life, 2.5 billion years for protozoa and other single celled organisms to eventually evolve into fish, amphibians, reptiles, early mammals, to early primates, to apes, and eventually to what we consider "intelligent life", human beings.

And what we have to show for it today is a couple of chucklefucks putting sunscreen directly on their eyeballs.

This is why aliens don't visit us.

Maybe aliens have visited us, but we were just blinded by sunblock at the time and didn't even notice.

No, no, no, no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I wanted this to be fake. I wanted to believe no one is really that stupid. My faith in humanity was already crumbled, now its just crumbs.

Source is "a friend of mine.."- perfect set up to start a new urban myth

Cat massage with soft whispers

Holy fuck, that's cute.

That cat seems to be trying to get milk from that dog's head.

This is strangely erotic


Someone added a voice over to the YouTube video and it's amazing

Might as well become a douche

Might as well become a douche

You were an asshole all along, Dorothy.

Wonder what he's gonna do, when he finds out that may not work.

"I tried acting creepy and acting like a dick and neither worked, women are obviously the problem"

Inceldom clearly.

Netflix develops marijuana strains based on its original shows

Netflix develops marijuana strains based on its original shows

You mean they paid a current retail shop a lot of money to rebrand old strains, like all the common celebrity branded weeds?

Their Bojack heroin was a hit, just expanding the operation.

We are in the future. Advertising through marijuana strains. Boggles my brain to think about what people in the 50's would have thought about this. I cannot wait for 50 years in the future...

The 50s were almost 70 years ago and the 70s were almost 50 years ago. So one could argue that the 60s were almost 60 years ago.

A little something I learned in a pinch.

A little something I learned in a pinch.

I HATE these microtransactions everywhere

Too bad the thickness of a coin is fixed so it's essentially like picking out the right sized wrench.

If only someone made a type of wrench that was adjustable . . .

But only up to 7. Or else you risk explosions.

D&D story

D&D story
And then the -1 modifier ruined it. https://i.imgur.com/d5XvjuN.gif

And then the -1 modifier ruined it.

Hold the Orb! Hold the Orb! Hold the Orb! Hold! Orb! Hold! Hodorb! Hodorb! Hodorb!

"It's been ten in-game hours since you last said your character went to the bathroom, so apply a bladder-pressure penalty".

The pressure of that roll and the satisfaction of the result can only be known by a certain few.

Icarus (2017) A major state sponsored doping scandal is uncovered on "accident" by amateur biker Bryan Fogel (2:01) Available on Netflix

Icarus (2017) A major state sponsored doping scandal is uncovered on "accident" by amateur biker Bryan Fogel (2:01) Available on Netflix

I didn't really read the description before I watched it so I thought it was going to be a neat piece on how an amateur doped, got better, and won a trophy or something without getting caught. Then shit got dark.

This I saw the film just a couple days ago this week when someone on reddit commented to me "watched for the doping, stayed for the geopolitical drama"

.. wasn't kidding.. like OMFG.

My father was amateur cyclist when middle age and pro lifter in his heyday. I asked him once about doping when we were watching Tour the France, it was '90s, Pantani was on top at the time. I asked him if he's doping. He said 'They all are. Every single one of them. Human body is not able to make this race without enhancements'.


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[TW]No Offence but this funny as hell

[TW]No Offence but this funny as hell

Well I didn't give pussy a chance so I guess it evens out

Real talk, this is why Hetero-normative society is still problematic even when it's generally accepting. I suspect a lot of people who are at least a little bisexual take their heterosexual interest to assume that they're just straight, and suppress any same-sex interest just to make life easier.

The first guy is both an idiot and totally creepy. Seriously, how the hell is it okay to tell a minor they should "try dick?"

I've got a lesbian friend who, when someone ask her how can she know she's lesbian because she never did it with a man, respond by:

"How can you know that sticking your dick in a bee house is not your sexual orientation ? You never did it"

Roman Roads in the Style of a Subway Map [1280 x 963]

Roman Roads in the Style of a Subway Map [1280 x 963]
Obligatory Monty Python

Map by u/atrubetskoy, you can check out his patreon here. And yes, this has been posted 530 times in the last little while, but seriously go check out the Patreon.

The Roman road network was one of the most complex and well-developed in the ancient world and is often cited as a good (if incredibly dated) example of government doing something well.

Some Roman Cities on the map with their modern names

Roma is Rome (obviously)

Most Italian cities kept pretty close to their original names, like Pisae, Florentia, Neapolis, and Genoa, and although Aquileia is close to Venice, the actual city hadn't been founded yet.

Lutetia is now Paris, but keep in mind that Lutetia was more of a provincial city. The capital of the region of Gaul/France was probably Lugdunum/Lyon, and even then Gaul was still pretty sparsely populated.

Londinium is London if you need that I guess

Eburacum is now York

Vindobona is now Vienna, although I'm not sure why there's a Vienna next to Geneva

Aquincum is now Budapest

Colonia Agrippina is now Cologne, and literally translates to Agrippina's Colony, who was the mother of Nero.

Lugdunum is now Lyon as I mentioned earlier

Spalatum is modern-day Split, Scupi is Spokje and Naissis is Niš

Hispalis on there, full name Iulia Romula Hispalis, is Seville

Most of the significant Middle Eastern cities kept their original names, though from what we can see the West Philadelphia in which the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was born and raised has been kicking for well over two millennia.

Byzantium was then Constantinople is now Istanbul

Athanae is Athens, and similarly Corinthus was Corinth, but Sparta isn't there because by the time it fell out of relevance Greece had already been repeatedly fucked in the anus by the Romans.

Carthago is now Tunis, although Hannibal probably won't be thrilled to hear that

The largest cities in the Roman Empire (in no particular order, except obviously Rome), were Rome, Alexandria, Byzantium, Antioch (Antiochia), Smyrna (which is the ugliest city name I've ever heard), Carthage and Cadiz (Baelo Claudia). Of those, Baelo Claudia is the only city in modern Western Europe to make the list, and even then its culture was probably more African than Hispanic.

Subway map nothing. This is grounds for a stupidly complex pokemon map.

Pokémon Senatus and Populus.

Wait, so all roads don't lead to Rome?

Try one of these subthreads