lizard does a spook

lizard does a spook

Get away you trash organism

Oh my god I just laughed so much. This is my new favourite thing.

I LOVE this gif and you just made it 100x better!!

trash organism

Holy shit my sides

Figured I'd try making a better Cowbell GIF

Needs more cowbell

It's good! But I wish the freeze frame at the end was on the LL and not on the CO. It feels hasty and to see him mouth the rest of the word after is a bit strange.

I've got a FEVER, and the only prescription is more META.

Life advice..

Life advice..

I wish I could be this honest on Facebook

She just got Kareem'd

I hear you. Reddit has given me so much inspiration for funny comments or jokes on my friends' posts on fb but I don't dare writing them. I am afraid I will hurt their feelings.

Thanks for circling out the comment.


Imagine witnessing someone immediately wash their hands after you touch them.

"Oh no! It's not you. My hands were dirty before I shook your hand." "You shook my hand knowing your hands were dirty?" *Fuck

I always smell my hands after I shake hands with other men so that I can get used to their smells.


I am a clipboard now

I am a clipboard now

I also want a clipboard like this one.

This is unbearable

Hmmm. I really need just a slightly larger version - lap desk model.

I thought this was a gif for some reason and was waiting for something to move...

India's Supreme Court Declares Right To Privacy As Fundamental Right Under Constitution

India's Supreme Court Declares Right To Privacy As Fundamental Right Under Constitution
India's Supreme Court Declares Right To Privacy As Fundamental Right Under Constitution

For those who don't know, the ruling also held that people have a right to freedom of sexual orientation. This is MASSIVE for India.


“Sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy. Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual.”

These lines from a watershed Supreme Court judgment guaranteeing the right to privacy as a fundamental right on Thursday has buoyed India’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT), who are criminalised under a colonial-era law and battle everyday violence and bias.


India is 1/7th - 1/6th of the world's population.

It's not an overstatement to say that they made an amazing advancement towards more equal rights for all of humanity today.

Kudos to the court . This could have have huge implications for decriminalization of sec 377 of penal code( LGBT rights) as well . Lots more to be done but World's largest democracy is treading in right direction .

Broccoli beard, pencil, 6x8

Broccoli beard, pencil, 6x8

That's Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

Good call. It's also my friend Brock.

Brock..... Oli?

Trippy and awesome. Good work



I've heard about this. Public transport seats sometimes have so much human DNA in them that a fresh human is hatched.

Don't shirt where you seat.

God bless Melbourne

Similar to Fry regenerating from a couch

I was not told this was for a picture!

I was not told this was for a picture!

s h o o k

Cats definitely recognise the camera sound on your app. One of mine will be doing something cute, soon as they notice that camera they stop and pull a derp face

The meme is real

"I swear to god you better not tag me"

Stupid Americans

Stupid Americans

"Rooty tooty point n' shooty" vs "gun"

British here and I'm embarrassed to say I was also confused by "gas". Learn something new every day!

This whole thing is pretty stupid. Gasoline is the American word for petrol. It is like arguing over flashlight vs torch. Or sidewalk vs pavement. The languages have different words, wow who knew?

So you guys put pets into your petrol tanks? 😱

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