Asking for 7.4 billion friends

Asking for 7.4 billion friends

What would Trump do without his Twitter account? Please help us find out twitter

Twitter would never ever suspend Trump. He's their cash cow. He can break every rule in the ToS and they would not do a single thing.

That's pretty hard to argue with, actually.

How about 90 days while they sort it out --- like his travel ban.

Rainmeter helped me to create the minimalist experience I've been desiring for years

Rainmeter helped me to create the minimalist experience I've been desiring for years

Had to look at my own desktop to stop the panic attack .

you created a monster

This is all that came to mind...
This was the first thing I saw

Are you trying to kill me?

Are you trying to kill me?

Kori Carter's 'Game-face'

NYC bodega cashier face

She has Resting Sprint Face. Edit: fixed typo that ruined still terrible joke

"There's a 10$ minimum for credit cards sir..."

I was once held at gunpoint but whatever you say.

me irl

me irl

Sorry for the long wait, time machine broke (aka I passed out). I'm enjoying making these, but after the much-awaited arrival in the future they'll probably come a lot slower; I've consumed the better part of two days making memes at this point and other stuff is starting to pile up

understandable, have a nice day

You too, thanks

Can't wait to see into the future

This is what a leader looks like

This is what a leader looks like

That's one of the coolest photos of Trump I've ever seen.

I love this picture.

pence is like "FUCK YEA"

looks like a typical day in the life of the guy with fire, fury and frankly power


LAN Party at my house in 1998!

LAN Party at my house in 1998!

Oh man, I remember the first time my friend brought his PC over to my house after begging his parents for days to let and help him transport this expensive piece of kit across town. And my dad helped install and setup a LAN to connect them together to play Age of Empires.

Seeing your friend join the lobby, discovering the game taunts, shouting back and forth between the rooms, giddy as goats, then meeting your units in-game like "OMG THAT'S YOU! OMG THAT'S ME!" it was un-fucking-real.

Oh my god you're right... I'd forgotten but the first time you play a game multiplayer, that you'd forever been playing singleplayer before, it's like nothing else.

You're too young and multiplayer was common when you started gaming?

Favorite part of this nostalgia is that all the compy's are outward facing to avoid screen cheating, and to make the lan connections a bit easier if using smaller cables. Love the pic, makes me want to go play some HL deathmatch.

Man punches a bear trap!

Man punches a bear trap!

My grandfather used to be able to do this trick. It was usually during a family gathering after he had a few shots of whiskey. It was both exciting and nerve-racking when he pulled out the old bear trap - but mostly for my grandmother who wouldn't even stay in the room when he did it. My grandfather said he learned the trick from his grandfather back in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

just a split second from youtube to liveleak

Every time I start to forget about you I end up falling victim to another one of your comments...

I love the sound of that panicked audience after the guy tossed the piece of wood aside. He is a fucking badass.

What an entrance

Oh crap, I was just expecting that wedding dress to get stuck. I hope they were still able to have the weeding.

That de-escalated quickly.

Cemeteries are pretty good about weeding.

Stacy was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when the accident happened. Her marriage to John was a dream come true and she had risked a lot to make it happen. After all, what girl knows how her boyfriend of one year will react when they find out she is expecting when she was supposedly 'on the pill' to prevent such an occurrence? But John was a stand-up guy, and Stacy had gambled and won; however, fate had something else in store.

The mechanical failure of the lift had apparently been due to poor maintenance by a less-than-reputable hydraulics gear supplier in Vegas, but this knowledge provided little comfort to Stacy as she cast her mind back to the day for the thousandth time from the confines of the wheelchair that would be with her for the rest of her life.

John had escaped virtually unscathed. His fall had been cushioned by her midsection and this had almost certainly caused the miscarriage she suffered a few hours after the event. John tried his best to take care of her for the past two years, but he was 22; he had his whole life ahead of him. Without the obligations of fatherhood, the burden of showering Stacy, changing her colostomy bag, dressing her and attending to her every need had worn him down - even a stand-up guy has needs.

She knew he would be home shortly. She wished she had the mobility to wipe away the tears that appeared on her cheeks as she stared at the urn on the shelf, longing for what could have been, what was meant to have been. She would ignore the foreign perfume that would engulf her when he gave her the unfeeling and distant hug that had become a lifeless ritual. She would ignore the involuntary look that would cross his face as he spooned the same bland mush into her mouth. She would continue to exist.

Don't do lifts at your wedding, folks.

Overcoming anxiety/depression. animator-Robert Ek

Overcoming anxiety/depression. animator-Robert Ek

Watching this gives me anxiety.

Well that doesn't make me feel any better.

The guy never overcomes he just learns to deal with it.

The guy I'm watching isn't learning to deal with anything. He's on the edge. That's the point. So many people in this thread wanting to put a positive spin on this, it's all pretty ironic.

The title does say 'overcoming', and I believe this is tongue-in-cheek. It's great.

When you time the Emote just right

Upon rewatching this, I'm realizing I accidentally made a perfect loop...

This is quite satisfying. I'm predicting much positive karma in your future.

lol throwback to last year when someone did that and the scored a goal themselves with the emote

Haha happy to hear it! Keeping my fingers crossed that my douchebaggery in comp will get some love

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