Horizon: Zero Dawn is beautiful game

Horizon: Zero Dawn is beautiful game

They already have better plots

You think that's beautiful? Nothing beats the first time you're out in the wild and one of those amazing sunsets starts up and the world is bathed in a gorgeous red glow that filters through the tree branches.

I'd often stop whatever I was doing just to admire the sunsets in this game.

Just wait until video games have better graphics than real life.

Great game but really annoys me that the FOV is around 3

Guess this is how shiny Gyrados's are made

Guess this is how shiny Gyrados's are made

There's a smudge on this which looks like the smudges on my screen :(

Kind of relevant: When I was a kid, my mom replaced my Pokémon Red cartridge because it was broken. After beating a few gyms, my game screen would randomly flash and make a short screeching sound but it only happened on Pokémon. It wasn't until after the cartridge was replaced and I replayed the whole game up to that point that I realized it wasn't a defect, but a feature, and my poisoned Pokémon were dying as I walked around.


It has this shrimp-like appearance to it... Kinda like mega gyarados

Please, before he hurt someone

Please, before he hurt someone

well... technically https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_4_system_software

The operating system is Orbis OS, based on FreeBSD 9.

So... here https://www.freebsd.org/ though I'd imagine gaming on a freebsd is a bit more involved and requires tinkering*

edit: *even compared to linux. I guess, I haven't ever tried *bsd

edit2: implied /s, I wasn't serious with this.

I think the idea is to play PS4 games and use PSN at a better framerate, not that the PS4 OS is a source of framerate increase.

Damn. This is too painful to read.

Yeah if he wants to improve his PC he's barking up the wrong tree but if you wanted to use PC hardware to make a better PS4... it might not be possible but it's an interesting idea.



My heart is racing just looking at this. Thank god it's sunny outside right now.


"Tomatoes (or anything with tomato sauce). Bye-bye leftover pizza or lasagna. Eating tomatoes before bed is basically inviting indigestion, according to Breus, who suggests steering clear of anything with the potential to cause GERD, or acid reflux. Spicy foods."

Hope you enjoy a lifetime of gastric issues now, you reckless motherfucker!

"Just me doing the dishes, even though it's raining lol."

Why walk when you can . . . walk?

Just like the flat floor escalators at airports, I could stand and be lame or walk and feel like I have superhuman walking speed.

The best bit is when I feel my hair lifting in the breeze. The breeze I am creating with my awesome walking powers.

I'd use one of these. I enjoy walking, but sometimes it feels like I'm not getting anywhere very fast. This would be awesome.

You carry a branch and stick it through the front wheel spokes.

The typical Redditor starter pack

The typical Redditor starter pack

Simultaneously self-loathing and egotistical.

Hates Tumblr even though they've never used it.

Android > Apple.

Is that still the average age range? People have been using that figure for as long as Reddit's been around.

hates Trump but does not vote nor participates in politics in any way other than commenting on Facebook

Edit:OMG, this blew up quickly, thanks for the gold!

This is shit

You're a bit late to the party.

I say we give it another go then

"Sir you've been in a coma for two months."

"Oh boy I can't wait to post my new volume slider idea!"

I personally love these regardless if they're considered "dead".

Red pick or blue pick?

Red pick or blue pick?

Keanu Riffs.

Wyld Stallyns!!

Red wick or blue wick?

Neither. The chosen one uses fingers.

From the UK. Am I too late to enter Sunday Gun Day?

From the UK. Am I too late to enter Sunday Gun Day?

This photo will earn you 5 years in the clink if the hate crime unit track you down, son.

Clink? That sounds like chink??!1

Seven years in the slammer for you! Thats a thought crime.

You just thought of his thought. You're an accessory to the thought after the fact! 10 years for hate thinking

Easy with that thing dude.

It looks dangerous.

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