Witcher 3 is the best rated game on Xbox

Witcher 3 is the best rated game on Xbox

Cross-platform singleplayer experience without multiplayer as a top-most game?

There's something for big AAA to think about.

It's been like that since always

I like multiplayer games as well, but my favorite will always be a game with a fantastic story and immersive world.

It's best rated everywhere lol

ELI5: How does gravity make time slow down?

ELI5: How does gravity make time slow down?

Edit: So I asked this question last night on a whim, because I was curious, and I woke up to an astounding number of notifications, and an extra 5000 karma @___________@

I've tried to go through and read as many responses as I can, because holy shit this is so damn interesting, but I'm sure I'll miss a few.

Thank you to everyone who has come here with something to explain, ask, add, or correct. I feel like I've learned a lot about something I've always loved, but had trouble understanding because, hell, I ain't no physicist :)

Edit 2: To elaborate. Many are saying things like time is a constant and cannot slow, and while that might be true, for the layman, the question being truly asked is how does gravity have an affect on how time is perceived, and of course, all the shenanigans that come with such phenomena.

I would also like to say, as much as I, and others, appreciate the answers and discussion happening, keep in mind that the goal is to explain a concept simply, however possible, right? Getting into semantics about what kind of relativity something falls under, while interesting and even auxiliary, is somewhat superfluous in trying to grasp the simpler details. Of course, input is appreciated, but don't go too far out of your own way if you don't need to!

Speed is equal to distance over time.

Gravity increases the distance light travels as it curves space.

The speed of light is constant no matter where you are and no matter how fast you're going.

So, if the speed of light is fixed and the distance increases due to gravity then time has to slow to make sure the equation still balances.

The more gravity there is the more space is curved and the slower time moves.

Edit - thank you very much to u/Undead_Kau, u/GamerKingFaiz and an anonymous user for the gold, it's very much appreciated.

So, gravity would be like a curve in the road? Like, of two people had the same distance to cover in a race, but one person's track had a huge bend, they'd end up taking longer to finish, despite both racers' start and finish line being the same distance?

Edit: Hell, just another crazy thought to add. The distance is still technically the same, right? So we could conceivably measure the distance of the racers' tracks by segments of concrete, and while each one has say, ten segments that make up their track, the gravity-bent track is still longer, despite the same number of segments to it, complete with cracks you don't step on lest you break your mother's back.

That's exactly right, yes. The only difference is that we don't actually see the curve, it still looks straight to us.

Edit - I've just seen your other comment about ageing. If the track in the road represents a persons life then the bend would slow them down, relative to a straight road, and they wouldn't age as quickly.

Look up The Twin Paradox

One twin stays on earth and observes her twin going on a very fast rocket (near the speed of light) going away from Earth and back again.

Each twin, from their stationary reference frame, observes the other moving very quickly. The twin on Earth, getting a timed signal from the rocket, observes these timed signals to come more and more slowly, indicating her clock is running slowly). The one on the rocket sends out those signals normally and on-time, but the return ping comes back to her more and more slowly, indicating her twin's clock (and indeed everyone else's) is running slowly.

The end result is that the twin from the rocket comes home to find that her twin and everyone else are much older than she is. Why? The twin in the rocket, from her frame of reference, traveled a much shorter distance than the one observed from her twin on Earth.

The trip that took, say, 10 years from Earth's perspective, took only 2 years from the perspective of the rocket.

Dad look, you're in the screen

He's groovin so hard it lowered his resolution.

yeah...ok dad... that's enough. dad. Christ.

You can see his face change about halfway.

Oh god, they're all watching...

Spielberg spends so much time behind the camera, he's just happy to be the star for once.

Not sure if this fits, but she seems very nice guyish to me.

Not sure if this fits, but she seems very nice guyish to me.

because they wouldn't be attracted to each other

Because they're all average or below average looking people who've convinced themselves that they deserve to be with a 10.

Interesting. Why is there no dating site for self proclaimed nice guys and girls?




/u/waterguy12 BEEP. BOOP. You'll love this one!

What happened to the good old days of me_irl? Back when the memes actually made sense. Sometimes they were depression memes, giving people that were actually suffering a healthy outlet. Sometimes they were truly "selfies of the soul", pictures having seemingly nothing to do with anything but were relatable on a deeper level. Communist memes poked fun at political polarization. Dat boi pointed out the paradoxical fact that memes are inherently meaningless, and only when they attain the label "meme" do they actually become meaningful. /u/Waterguy12's original post was a mere postmodern take on upvote memes, so far from the stale source material. It wasn't true me_irl content, and this lazy reference to waterguy12's post is a perfect depiction of the decrease in quality of memes on me_irl. But maybe that's the point. Maybe this is a meta meme, a meme about memes, pointing out the absurdity of the me_irl community itself, the absurdity of the concept of memes, packaging it up into one brilliantly watermarked image. Maybe this meme is actually a work of post-postmodern genius, a true new meme, satirizing memes that satirize memes. Come to think of it, I love this image. Content like this is what me_irl is all about-

i mean me too thanks

You'll love this /u/WaterGuy12

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It's funny how people get up on a high-horse to justify not tipping. The only person you're 'sticking it to' is the employee.

It's funny how people get up on a high-horse to justify not tipping. The only person you're 'sticking it to' is the employee.

I'll probably get killed: Tipping is for getting waited on. Not for making a coffee, passing me my burger, etc. I stand in line to order for 10 minutes but they still include a line for a tip, and then I feel cheap for not tipping. Something has to change, and I waited tables for a long time in my early 20s.

I think the ones who should boycott are the workers who get fucked because their employers hope these people get tipped.

But all they want is to work and can't miss a day either because they have shit to do and people who depend on them so they can't boycott all the time.

I've been a waiter. I still hate tipping. I hated my employer. I know tipping sometimes serves as an incentive for workers to be nicer to you and kiss ass. But what if a waiter was getting paid $12 an hour and was happy with their job and they are good and nice to the waiter because they like their job? They don't have to show a fake ass smile in hopes that a shitty customer gives a tip.

I don't think customers should make up the rest of the salary.

On the other end of the spectrum, tipping is nice in that it lets a restaurant know they're doing a good job and maybe keeps morale high or something.

The American work ethic always sounds fucked to me. Living in fear of losing your shit job if you even dare to take a holiday, or sick leave, sounds awful.

As a brit, I find US tipping so strange. it is by no means expected in the UK, we tip for good service but never to make up the servers wage.

Ok, let's try this one more time.

Ok, let's try this one more time.


Now let's see your sniper game.... I'm a stickler Meeseeks

Stormtrooper : "But Darth Vader told us to miss intentionally so that the millennium falcon could lead us right to the rebel base..."


An Indian boxer won a title fight against a Chinese opponent then offered to hand back the prize as a gesture of peace between the two nations which are locked in a territorial dispute in the Himalayas.

An Indian boxer won a title fight against a Chinese opponent then offered to hand back the prize ...

To avoid escalation, frontline troops in the area do not generally carry weapons, and the Chinese and Indian troops reportedly clashed by “jostling”: bumping chests, without punching or kicking, in order to force the other side backwards.

How do you think the two countries agreed to this?

"Hey, I dispute this territory but I don't want to actually go to war with you, so let's not arm our border troops."

Since they won't arm it, they decided that they'd chest it.

Zulpikar (the Chinese man) was penalised by the referee for taking an unsporting shot (low blow) at Vijender and that turned out to be crucial in the context of the match as Vijender won the bout by a very small margin.

Even though Zulpikar played an unsporting shot, Vijender still gave the belt to Zulpikar. It shows the character of Vijender.

Edit (Source): https://sports.ndtv.com/boxing/dont-want-this-title-dont-want-tension-at-india-china-border-says-...

̥s ̥h ̥a ̥n ̥p ̥e ̥s

̥s ̥h ̥a ̥n ̥p ̥e ̥s

Ascend to circle


I don't know what too comment , I just love this feature on this sub

Shanpes killed dumplerpoor

t h a n n c

I am the smartest being in every conceivable universe

I am the smartest being in every conceivable universe

Holy shit, is that Richard? He's so smart, and he's a scientist!!! DAE SZECHUAN ATHEISM?


😂😂😂 That show is so brilliant and relatable to hip tweens like me 😂😂😂

The important thing is that you found a way to feel superior to both

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