Av alla de bilder jag skapat är denna nog den jag är mest nöjd över, eller iaf den jag personligen tycker är roligast.

Rep-ost men denna är fan sjukt bra.

Lotto med Joker.

asså empa vafan gör du om dagarna

The News

A little transcript from the original video:

*Big guy comes into the shot shouting drunkenly * - "We're gonna invade the whole fucking Ukraine" Reporter: - "Please be quiet" Drunk guy: "How the fuck are you talking to me you shit"

I could never imaging being such an asshole. Dude was basically an alcohol zombie.

Took it like a champ though.

That guy in the background looks like he's shaved a plunging vneck into his chest

What you doing?

This video sums up every single golden I've ever owned. Zero personal space. So much love to share.

especially when they are big puppies like this one.

(nose hasn't turned pink yet)

Personal space is not an option with doggos

I love when my Aussie does this!

what you doing?

Just trying to get comfy...


The little blink at the end is priceless.

I'm still not entirely sure what humanity did to deserve dogs. But goddamn did we get lucky

It wasn't luck at all! We bred them selectively for these traits over thousands of years.

TIFU by going to the wrong college by 2,900 kilometres. [x-post: /sub/india]

TIFU by going to the wrong college by 2,900 kilometres. [x-post: /r/india]

Like most TIFUs, this didn't happen today, but ~10 days ago.

US applications for colleges begin in late August. I’d decided to join an NIT(National Institute of Technology) in India until I got a response from the states. I got accepted to National Institute of Technology(NIT) - Andhra Pradesh, or so I thought.

My dad and a couple friends decided to make the journey memorable and go by road. All cool. We drove across Maharashtra, into Telangana and finally to Andhra. A 930 Kilometre journey, and given how Indian roads are, it took us 16 hours; though we did stop several times for bird spotting, and adoring the view of herds of deers galloping along the horizon.

Regardless, the road trip was riddled with mind blowing greenery of the South Indian country side as we drove toward our destination, Tadepalligudem; where the NIT campus is situated.

We finally report to the campus, and move towards the admissions counter. The attendant there straight away denies us citing that I was never granted an admission in NIT-AP.

Panicking, we report to the admissions coordinator, who explains:

On my allotment letter, it was stated that I had gotten accepted to “NIT-AP”(In that exact phrase). The problem here is, there’s an Andhra Pradesh and an Arunachal Pradesh. Both are referred to as “AP”. Basically, I travelled 930 kilometres to the wrong state.

No where in the allotment letter had they stated “Arunachal Pradesh”, and living in the state right next to Andhra Pradesh, all six of the people with me never even thought of it; we went all the way there, only to find out we’d come to the wrong state, 2,930 kilometres away.

But we had a fun road trip! So yay….. I guess?

TL;DR: My allotment letter stated I had been accepted at NIT AP; being from Maharashtra, I assumed it was Andhra Pradesh and did not even consider the fact that it could've been Arunachal. Basically, went 2,900 kms to the wrong NIT AP.

EDIT: Here's a map: https://m.imgur.com/a/3tmH2. Credits to /u/kamal045

EDIT: Since everyone is asking for a picture of the admission letter, here you go: https://m.imgur.com/a/d3x4s

That is really somebody else's fuckup. How could there be the same name?

Not really, me and my dad just looked at each other an broke into a hysterical fit of luaghter.

That's the minimum number of people needed to do a Bollywood dance scene.

Wow, that must have been such a pain in the ass when you realized it.

Going through my photo gallery and...

Going through my photo gallery and...

Before lights even started to flash I figured it was going to say "send nudes"

Faith in the Internet has been restored

Just finished showing this show to my girlfriend! She was the appropriate amount of upset about barb and that's all I really ask for

Did that before. I was expecting the same thing.

Doesn't get much more cozy than this [1366 x 768]

Doesn't get much more cozy than this [1366 x 768]

I moved to Southern California last year and people think I'm crazy for missing things like this. But I really do.

As if beds aren't awesome enough they are infinitely better with scenery like that. However, my romanticization of winter ends when I'm shoveling snow at 5 in the morning to get to work on time because my snow blower broke.

edit I forgot to mention the joy of coming home later that day, tired as hell, wanting nothing more than a hot shower with a cold shower beer, to be greeted by a wall of ice that'd give pause to the Wildlings because the snow plow came through and you can't enter your driveway.

I don't know what to believe now

That image has been my wallpaper for a year now. This is a lot to take in

That image has been my wallpaper for a year now. This is a lot to take in

The lack of curtains bothers me.

Octopus Rodeo

when you're writhing in pain

octopus on the brain

That's a moray...

Edit: Thanks for the Gold!

hey, it Never gets old - That's Amore ;)

When a meal hits your eye like a big octopi, that's a moray...


When you rule o'er the reef

with your needle like teeth

That's a moray...

My friend's list is a graveyard.

My friend's list is a graveyard.

This is what happens when a generation of gamers faces the reality that they're too busy working and/or raising a family to play games anymore.

50,000 people used to game here. Now...it's a ghost town

I got a bunch of friends who were playing CSS in school and never touched their Steam account again.

I've kept one friend in my list because it is a graveyard.

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