R.I.P. legendary voice actress June Foray

R.I.P. legendary voice actress June Foray
R.I.P. legendary voice actress June Foray

American voice actress who was best known as the voice of such animated characters as Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Lucifer from Disney's Cinderella, Cindy Lou Who, Jokey Smurf, Granny from the Warner Bros. cartoons directed by Friz Freleng, Grammi Gummi from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears series, and Magica De Spell, among many others.

Just to emphasise, she was THE warner bros Granny

And Grandma from "Mulan".

Amazingly, she was never nominated for an Emmy until 2012.

June Foray is not the female Mel Blanc, Mel Blanc was the male June Foray.

Wow, I had no idea she was so important in the industry. She will be missed.

"Sign ME up for the next war!" Oh, granny.



i love derpy india

India is the opposite of Germany

Germany is one place with lots of names. India is one name for lots of places

^(And if there was a joke in there, then pre-emotive whoosh.)

He's a little big, takes him a while to get going.

TIL in Scotland, a group of students went to a modern arts gallery and left a pineapple in an empty exhibit to see if people would think it was art. When they returned four days later, not only was the pineapple was still there, it had been covered with a glass case

TIL in Scotland, a group of students went to a modern arts gallery and left a pineapple in an empty exhibit to see if people would think it was art. When they returned four days later, not only was the pineapple was still there, it had been covered with a glass case
TIL in Scotland, a group of students went to a modern arts gallery and left a pineapple in an emp...

What's interesting is that it qualifies as modern art by virtue of this experiment.

Yes, this is exactly my thought. It's essentially a work of performance art.

Edit: So this is my new top comment. Not bad considering I hadn't even crawled out of bed yet!

Museum workers have a sense of humor too.

The fact that you even made that statement means that performance art (any art) encourages you to question what is and is not art, therefore causing you to re-evaluate your understanding of Art and our (as humans) relationship with art. Forcing you to re-evaluate how you and by extension others interact with the world, how we interact with objects, with other ideas and how we interact with experiences.

In other words, Art.

I had alot of fun after finding out you can improve a Wooden Sword.

I had alot of fun after finding out you can improve a Wooden Sword.

It's even legendary twice. Terrifying blade.

98% chance of really nasty splinter just when you don't need it.

Good weight to damage ratio.

200% of the time, it's legendary both times.

Please take a picture of me first :D

Please take a picture of me first :D


No rush, pupper. All doggos will have do a turn to pic.

Doggo on left: You guys.. Again?? Attention pupper: And... FABULOUS 3rd doggo: no no.. Damn it pupper last pups: much disappoint.

Damn it, Moon Moon

Richard Dawkins’ Open Letter to the People Who Canceled His Event

Richard Dawkins’ Open Letter to the People Who Canceled His Event

You know it's gonna be an odd day when you wake up and Mr. Bean is dropping more wisdom than the combination of the entire US government.

KPFA doesn't "endorse or support hurtful or abusive speech", sure. But that does not explain why they have cancelled Dawkins' event. Much less why they accuse him of "hurtful or abusive" speech without first bothering to look up whether his speech is "hurtful or abusive" in the first place and without telling him.

Part of the religion is lying and miss using positions of authority to spread it.

A chain letter disguised as a religion.

ITAP of a flickering sign in Denver

ITAP of a flickering sign in Denver

That's real deep and provocative. I will say the juxtaposition is not quite right by my eye, could just be me though. Also don't know what is around the sign that you had to deal with. Maybe rule of thirds it and put it in the top left or bottom left thirds? Great shot though, regardless. I really like the emotion in it.


I knew I'd seen it before somewhere!

Haven't I seen this befire in /sub/pics ?

Thank you for your thoughts and critique! I wasn't totally pleased with the framing either. I was trying to avoid some street lamps and other signage using a prime lens. I took it in a few other positions, but I liked this one the best because of it's gloom and simplicity.

Ethiopian soldier on the second day of the Italian-Ethiopian war. October 8, 1935 [1600x1200]

Ethiopian soldier on the second day of the Italian-Ethiopian war. October 8, 1935 [1600x1200]

He doesn't look too worried about the Italian army.

errmm....not really. Strength of the entire invading Italian force was about 500,000 with 10,000 of them killed and 44,000 wounded.


Don't forget they used Mustard Gas on fleeing Ethiopian troops.

"The Italian Royal Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) finished off what was left of Haile Selassie's army by attacking the survivors at Lake Ashangi with mustard gas. The Italians had 400 casualties, the Eritreans 873, and the Ethiopians 11,000. On 4 April, Haile Selassie looked with despair upon the horrific sight of the dead bodies of his army ringing the poisoned lake."

You just tried to justify chemical weapons with expanding bullets...

Can we please have the ability to Appear Offline?

Can we please have the ability to Appear Offline?

Oooh yes I would like to appear offline to specific people. Please Gaben...

Poor soul, what have you done to yourself

those guys that message or invite you to something the second you get on

You will either be proud of playing your ecchi games, or you will only play them when truly offline! :P

[WP] You've decided that you are going to attempt to stay in IKEA overnight. You hide yourself until the last employee leaves. You believe have free roam of the place until you hear a rustling. When you investigate, you find a person who's lived in the store for three years unnoticed.

[WP] You've decided that you are going to attempt to stay in IKEA overnight. You hide yourself until the last employee leaves. You believe have free roam of the place until you hear a rustling. When you investigate, you find a person who's lived in the store for three years unnoticed.

I held my breath, listening to the employee’s footsteps fade. I thought this was it - I had done it! My friends were going to be astonished - they all believed I would get caught. The main lights switched off overhead, leaving only the dim emergency lights on. That was alright - I had spent the day exploring, and I knew where everything was. I waited for twenty more minutes and then slowly crept out of my hiding spot behind the collection of drapes. Time to explore!

Man, this store was huge. Ikea had always seemed a little weird to me - too big, weird names for things, weirdly addictive Swedish meatballs - but a dare was a dare, and I was going to spend the night here. I thought it was a stupidly reckless dare, but my asshole friend Barry had asked me in front of Katrina. She had seemed impressed, so I had found myself nodding - and here I was.

I wasn’t going to lie, I was a bit creeped out. I tried not think about it, though - scaring myself with thoughts of ghosts and funny noises wasn’t going to help now. Barry had driven me here at 2 in the afternoon - I had told my mom I was going to his house. There were beds in the next room, I could knock out for a few hours and still have time to explore. I made my way out of the garish children’s room I had hid in and into a kitchen set.

Wait - was that a noise? I heard a rustling in the office setup. Was it just my imagination? I switched on the flashlight on my phone. I could only see the ALGOT chair slowly swiveling. A chill ran up my spine. Someone else - something else - was here. Just then, I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I spun, the beam of my phone-flashlight wheeling, and let out a very manly scream (it was just a scream, ok?).

“Whoa, whoa, kid, calm down. I’m not gonna hurt ya.” The man behind me was tall and burly, with a giant beard. He was wearing what looked suspiciously like a set of the clothes that Ikea keeps in their display closet. Around his neck, he had a yellow and blue lanyard. “Look, I just snuck in here for the night, just like you - I’m guessing on a dare?” I swallowed and nodded. He had been grinning the whole time - it was creepy. “The name’s Nick. Nice to meet ya. What do ya say we explore together?” I didn’t want to piss him off, so I nodded - I could always ditch him later, I guess.

“What do ya say we hit up the food court? Maybe they left some a’ those meatballs around.” Without waiting for me to introduce myself or agree, he turned and set off through the display rooms at a clip. I was frozen. After a few steps, he turned around. “Well, come on, kid. We’ve got lots to see.” His voice was gruff, despite the smile still plastered on his face, so I stumbled forward.

Sitting at the sparse metal tables in the food court, I watched as Nick rooted around behind the counter and produced two cartons of Swedish meatballs. He grinned at me, but I didn’t smile back. Something wasn’t right. I wanted to text Barry and ask him to come pick me up, but I wasn’t sure if I could get out without sounding the alarm. Plus, I didn’t want to wuss out over nothing.

Nick brought over the meatballs and started eating. I stared at him. He was smiling, even while he was eating - it was creepy. I ate my meatballs quickly and then pushed the carton aside. “Say, kid, do ya wanna go explore the top level? No one gets to go there except the bosses. Let’s take a look!” Nick leaped up from his seat, still grinning, and grabbed my hand, leaving the empty containers on the table.

“Look, Nick, I appreciate the meatballs, but… I’m not sure if I wanna go up there. I just came to, like, sleep on the display beds for the night. But you do whatever, man.” Nick looked at me for a second and then smiled. He turned around and started towing me after him, his hand like a vise on my grip. This was really weird. We got to the escalator, but as we approached, the steps ground into motion. Nick pulled me onto it, ignoring my protests. With my free hand, I unlocked my phone and texted Barry - Come, please. Now. Not joking. Hopefully he was awake - he had promised to be.

We got off the elevator - the door at the top was just, open. Nick pulled me through. I tried to wiggle my hand away, but he held fast. We passed glass-walled offices, very modern and expensive, all deserted. He pulled me into the last door, what looked like a boardroom. “What is this place, Nick?” I asked. He didn’t answer, just kept smiling. I made a move toward the glass door. He didn’t move. I pulled the handle - it wouldn’t move. How could it be locked? We had just walked in here. “Nick?”

“Welcome, Justin.” The cool male voice with an accent seemed to come from the TV. I was shocked. I tried not to cower, but I pressed against the far wall. “I am Mr. Agnefjäll, but you can call me Peter. Thank you for coming tonight.” I frantically tried the door handle again. Nick stood immobile against the wall. “Calm down, Justin. Nick, give him the lanyard.”

Nick pushed away from the wall and came toward me. I tried to back away, but there were too many office chairs in the way. He grabbed my shoulder with one hand and took off his garish lanyard with the other. He looked at me - he seemed sympathetic. “I’m sorry about this, kid.” He looped the lanyard over my head, ignoring my attempts to fend him off.

“Thank you, Nick,” said the voice - Peter? Nick nodded once and then opened the door and sprinted out. Glancing at the TV, I darted through the door while it was open and ran after him. He was racing down the escalator - I took the stairs two at a time. I was in a flat out sprint to the second escalator, my breath and panic tearing at my throat. This was so weird - I just needed to get out.

As I rounded the corner, I saw Barry’s beat-up pickup truck in the parking lot and tasted relief. I could just get out of here and forget this weird night. Nick, ahead of me by only about twenty feet, sprinted out of the sliding doors. But the doors, weirdly open, slammed shut after him. I pushed up against them, pounding on them, trying the emergency exit bar - they wouldn’t budge. I sucked in a breath and punched them - they were glass, they should have broken - they didn’t even vibrate.

Outside, Nick had slammed to a stop. He and Barry were embracing? “Barry!” I yelled, hoping he could hear me. Nick and Barry both turned toward me and walked closer toward the door. Nick said something to Barry.

“Sorry about this, kid,” Nick said. I could hear him clearly through the glass. “Ikea is too huge and complicated of a place to keep running just through organization and money. Each store has a spirit - it keeps the shelves stocked, the meatballs cooking, the escalators running. But,” he smiled, “it needs something alive to feed it. Ikea stores trap people who linger too long. You’re the next resident poltergeist. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t spend a minute longer in there - I’ve been here for three years! Fortunately my nephew Barry,” he tousled my best friend’s hair, “came shopping here a few weeks ago. Best a’ luck, kid. Ya need it.”

Barry looked at me. I tried to beg him with my eyes to help me, but he just turned around and walked away, his uncle’s hand on his back. I hit the glass door one more time. The tv behind me crackled to life.

“As I was saying…”

Funny thing is, Barry, Nick and Justin are my co-workers at IKEA. Barry at Markethall and both Nick and Justin from Living Rooms.

This idea had been utterly stupid. I had to wait an hour in a Pax closet in the bedroom section until the hall of the feet shuffling along the floors subsided. Then I had to hide quickly, when the cleaning troops came. Luckily for me, I had already worked my way into the bathroom section, and I knew for a fact, that they would not come to clean in there.

I had to wait for a long time. And then: silence. I waited a minute. Still silence. Another minute of continuous silence passed, while I listened intently for the footsteps of a patrolling security guard, or any other noise for that matter. Nothing. I was alone. And thirsty. I hadn't planned my lock in thoroughly enough and had forgotten to bring enough water.

I was about to leave my hideout, when I heard a suspicious noise. Water. Sprinkling and splattering water. Real close to me. The thirst made my legs move on their own and before I realized it, I stood in another bathroom mock up. Imagine my surprise, when I spotted a figure behind the plastic shower curtain taking a steamy shower to the hum of a badly tuned song.

My attempt at exiting the bathroom ended in me stumbling. I stopped my fall by holding onto a godmorgon bath shelf, but the decor clattered and clirred.

"Celine? Can you hand me a towel, dear?", a man's voice asked.

I tried to sneak away gracefully. Then the shower curtain opened. A pot bellied man appeared, rubbing the water out of his eyes.

"You're not Celine.", he said dumbfounded, when he saw me instead of her.

I didn't know what to say and was half tempted to leave without a word and run out of the IKEA. I hadn't expected discovering a big naked man in the shower, who only now hid his private parts behind the shower curtain.

"Could you hand me the towel still?", he asked me now and pointed to the stebeto towel rack right next to me, where a white towel with a blue border hang.

Caught in an awkward situation, I knew nothing else to do, except for throwing the towel over to him. It fell short, about an arms length and a half away from the shower.

He looked at me, disappointed. I looked back at him, apologetically. Both of us waited to see, whether the other made the first move to pick up the towel.


Jesse Black: OMG he’s really there XD

Gary Rawles: Oh my god you mad lad

Candace Smith: Lol

Aaron Daniels: Seriously?


Gary Rawles: Justin, which store is this?

Austin Spencer: Hey man! What the hell is this?

Jesse Black: Hahahaha omg bring back meatballs

Aaron Daniels: Haha Justin

Karen Jacobs: What are you doing? Where are you? Is that IKEA?

Justin, Early 20’s, Tall, skinny, shaggy blonde hair was gleefully grasping his phone while ducking and weaving in between rooms on the showroom floor of IKEA in his home of Columbus, Ohio. With a shit-eating grin, watches as his expansive friends list jumped into the chat on his livestream of his newest adventure.

“Hey guys, I made it. Doors have been locked and most lights are out. It’s dark as hell in here with no windows nearby. You thought they’d keep these things on. Can you all see me OK?”


Jesse Black: Yes

Gary Rawles: Omg

Candace Smith: Ya

Gary Rawles: Yes


Jesse Black: LOL

With a smirk he shifted from quietly moving from place to place, to confidently walking with a boastful tempo on the main walkway through the rugs and linens.

“It’s now uh…… 9:45pm, I’m pretty sure everyone has left, and, uh, I’m now looking for what to do… Any suggestions anyone?”


Karen Jacobs: Go to the beds and test them out!

Candace Smith: HAHA

Candace Smith: No, are you stupid Aaron, the stoves don’t actually turn on

Gary Rawles: They’re display models

Jesse Black: Lol

Justin, illuminated only by his phone screen, decided to head to the lamp section nearby in hopes he could switch some on. Maybe there would be some portable ones he could bring with him, as he didn’t think ahead to grab a flashlight.

“Guys I’m going to get a light or lamp or something I can plug up with me. I have my power bank but no flashlight, maybe I could, I dunno, find a usb light.”

Aaron Daniels: Haha ok yeah you do that. You’re gonna get murdered

Karen Jacobs: Lol Justin

Gary Rawles: Really? No flashlight? Wtf

Aaron Daniels: Wtf it’s so dark there how can you see?

Aaron Daniels: Lol

He makes his way into the lamp area and sees one or two that have been left on, he assumes to keep the employees from falling over themselves as they walk out after inspection.

“Ok guys hold on a sec, I’m gonna prop my phone up here…”

He switches his camera to back-facing and leans it against a small nightstand lamp up on a table, pointing to a dimly lit room with hundreds of sleeping lights.

“Great. There we go. Ok one sec.”

Candace Smith: No don’t leave lol

Aaron Daniels: Wat


After inspecting his camera to make sure it’s focused on the whole of the room, he starts walking around to switch on the lights closest to him. The video of his live-stream begins to auto-focus to adjust to the new immediate light sources around.

Gary Rawles: Oh ok

Jesse Black: That’s betterrrrr

Gary Rawles: Lol

Candace Smith: Hey wait

Candace Smith: Justin

Gary Rawles: Are you turning on the lights near us, or the lights on the other side of the room?

Aaron Daniels: What, there are lights over there now

Jesse Black: IN THE CORNER??

Jesse Black: HEY JUSTIN

Gary Rawles: Um

While Justin is bent over to turn on some nearby floor lamps, he hears some inconsistent 'clicks' out of the rhythm of the clicks he has been pressing. A jolt of adrenaline slaps him in the chest and a burst of sweat hits his brow.

Gary Rawles: Guys? Justin? Uh

Candace Smith: Uh wtf

Aaron Daniels: Lol srsly is this a joke



Aaron Daniels: JUSITN

Gary Rawles: Justin

Jesse Black: JUSTIN!

He slowly raises and sees that this mostly empty room has now been almost completely illuminated on the opposite corner from him. Standing in the dark-zone between his lights and the foreign ones in the back, he sees a silhouette of a person. A man? No, too small for that. A young woman.

Two staggered steps back takes him right into a standing lamp, crashing along with him onto the concrete floor.

The woman starts walking towards the phone, looks into the camera, and smiles. She is no more than 20, and wonderfully youthful in appearance. Rosy cheeks, wild curls, deep blue saucer-shaped eyes, pouting lips stretched to expose a warming smile.

Candace Smith: Wtf who is this


Aaron Daniels: Hi. Who are you?

Jesse Black: Wow, send nudes haha

Candace Smith: Do you know Justin?

She looks towards the floor at the pile of crumpled boy and lamp, then back at the camera.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. I’m going to turn this off now though, but I promise you, He’ll message you in a few minutes. If he’s doesn’t you’re free to call the police.”

Candace Smith: Wait

Jesse Black: Hey JUSTIN


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