My step-dad bought me a keyboard and I just noticed that the letters c and v are there twice

My step-dad bought me a keyboard and I just noticed that the letters c and v are there twice

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

That keyboard can S a D

Raised-Relief Map of Western Europe (With a touch of North Africa)

Raised-Relief Map of Western Europe (With a touch of North Africa)

Sorry but this map is clearly wrong. We have a huge mountain called Himmelbjerget in Denmark, easily one of the biggest mountains in Europe, yet here the country is completely flat? It's obvious someone has an agenda.

Netherlands and Denmark are just painted on.

It's fucking 147m high x)

we're just the sea weed on the northern coast of germany and france

"Finally I have my freedo-"

This will not go unpunished...

Those eyes have the look of murder in them

...just wait 'til you're asleep...

I saw shame and embarrassment

english bastards

english bastards

"This song starts vaguely intelligible then descends into Gaelic gibberish"


Irish songs are a lot like that, but add "Me Mammy Is Doing A Chore With Me Sister" and "I Don't Have A Lot But At Least I'm Not English"


Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

Good Intentions: 10/10

Meme execution: 3/10

I'm waiting for both

This is dangerously close to /sub/bonehurtingjuice Ouch, oof, owie.

You don't understand meme formats

Why were the United States and Canada more successful than other countries in the Americas?

Why were the United States and Canada more successful than other countries in the Americas?

Most Latin American countries, post independence, have had major issues with stability, and have gone through many changes in their governments. I believe one of the reasons is that both of these countries had more experience with self-rule, with Britain generally letting the colonies rule themselves for a while, while Spain and Portugal took a more centralized approach.

You should read the book "Why Nations Fail." There are many reasons why Canada and the US are more financially successful than many other places in the Americas. One of the main reasons is that the Spanish and Portuguese were interested in extracting as many natural resources from the Americas as possible to make money. Silver mining in the Americas was huge for the Spanish.

Economies that are heavily dependent upon primary production face lots of problems. The early US had a big shipbuilding industry - for example, by the mid 18th century most of the ships in the Royal Navy were actually built in the colonies, whereas the south american economies tended to be supported by the export of raw materials, even today.

Argentina was arguably doing as well as the US, economically, before the first world war. The US however was not economically dependent on the export of raw materials like Argentina was. Because the US produced a lot of the goods Americans wanted to buy at home, not having an export market wasn't so much of a problem. Argentina on the other hand did not have a well developed industrial sector - they relied chiefly on exports of beef to the UK, and used the proceeds of the exports to obtain the goods they wanted from elsewhere. This all came crashing down when WW1 broke out and the UK devoted pretty much all their resources to the war, severely curtailing their imports of Beef.

Living in Latin America, I think this is the most accurate answer. Most of the resources dice the Conquista were either shipped to Spain/Portugal or concentrated by small groups of people. Take Chile and the Salitre (saltpeter) mining as an example. Since the early republican state was not able to finance a proper industry, it was basically handed over to English and German companies that exploited the resource, exploited the local communities as cheap labour, with no laws to protect the, creating a system where the workers were completely financially dependent on the administration, and pocketing all the winnings paying next to none to the state (taxes). When Salitre was replaced by cheaper man-made saltpeter, the "calicheras" closed, the companies set off looking for new business, and the local workers had to go somewhere else, and star all over again. Sadly, something similar has happened with copper mining; the biggest copper company is state administered, but is basically a private company, but the main problem is that we continue to sell a commodity and have not developed an industry around it; want buy copper cable in Chile? Yeah, made in China... We buy a finished product with Chilean raw material but processed somewhere else. Guess what will happen when resource ends. There will be nothing left to use... No industries that can reinvent themselves, no locally developed tech, just a massive hole in the desert.

It's multi-faceted really. But the main reason is because the United States, and to a lesser extent Canada, industrialised first. If you look into the reasons why they did there lies your answer: bounty of arable land, ease of access to coal, freedom from colonial interference, ease of access to British academia, stable government, defensible borders, early adoption of free market rather than mercantile principles.

If you compound this early boom of the United States with increasing imperialism towards the rest of the Americas as they pulled ahead economically it's fairly easy to see why the US is so prosperous in comparison to the South.

Wal-Mart introduces a new color for wig caps.

Wal-Mart introduces a new color for wig caps.

Found the product page on Walmart's website:


It seems the item has been pulled, and they have manually changed the product name. If you scroll down in the description, Walmart has provided the following disclaimer:

While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us.

The error was on the manufacturer who posted it to Walmart's product page. Walmart intervened, removed the offensive language, and barred the product from their storefront.

I wonder how many people involved in this process have no job now

Then that gets transferred to Asia, who in turn, uses an outdated British source for their translations and that is how this happens. This is slightly related to Chinglish, except instead of using the wrong word, they are using an old source and an outdated word.

Man, someone is in serious shit for that. I'll bet they typed it in as a joke and completely forgot.

The proper way to ask!

Fancy proposal but most states don't let people get married to dogs.

"Ah that's pretty cute" closes it

I'm just impressed by how smoothly they were able to flip through the book. When I do it, it skips 5 pages at a time.

Love is love

So when is Zenyatta getting a healing bar?

So when is Zenyatta getting a healing bar?

The way Mercy is able to see her allies health bars while she is healing them, Zenyatta should be able to see the health bar of whoever he gives the healing orb too. I don't know why this isn't a thing yet tbh. If anything Zenyatta needs this even more than Mercy does, because often times when you throw a healing orb on an ally, you're not really paying attention to where they go. You have a bunch of other things to focus on. Being able to quickly check how much health the current orbed ally has would be great to help you determine if you should throw it on another ally or keep it on the current person a little longer.

The fact that Zenyatta doesn't have this makes him feel sort of unfinished to me. Like he's missing something that should've always been available.

I've seen this discussed a bit in the past so I know some people agree, but is there anyone who thinks he shouldn't have this? I'd love to know why...

edit: So it seems like the people who don't want this think that it would add too much clutter to his UI. I guess I get that, but I mean, it doesn't need to be a big bar right in the middle of the screen like Mercy has. It can be placed in the corner of the screen and it doesn't need to be massive or take up much room at all. If you don't want to look at it you don't have to. But I don't see why having it there at all would be a bad thing. Also I'm aware of the audio indicator, and that might be enough for some people, but I still think it would be much more efficient to just have the actual health bar visible to Zen. Just a small but sweet QOL buff. And to the people saying you can just turn on allied health bars in settings... that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the health bar for the ally that you are currently healing. Like Mercy has in the middle of her screen when she is locked on to an ally that she is healing or damage boosting.

edit 2: how do people still not understand what I'm talking about? I'm on mobile right now otherwise I'd post a pic, but like damn...

Can winston also get a barrier HP display like Orisa?

I have been playing a ton of Orisa lately and when I switch to winston I always miss the shield bar.

I always thought it would be nice to get a shield timer for Orisa and Winston as well so it doesn't disappear right when you need it.

I don't play much of Zenyatta, but doesn't he have an audio indicator for healing allies? Like there is a specific sound effect when an ally is being healed, and when they're at full health it stops (correct me if I'm wrong). I do agree that a health bar could be helpful. The only thing is that you could argue the same points for Ana and Lucio. With both you just have to look at the health bar over allies' heads.

Or have it flicker or something before it disappears. The lack of any graphical effect for a barrier timing-out is actually surprising for such an art-heavy game.

Helping His Friend

Helping His Friend

Elephants can be so gentle, definitely bro-tier animals. Shame we don't tend to afford them the same courtesy.


The way we've treated Elephants historically is pretty grim, but it's nowhere near as bad as the way we've treated horses; which are another total bro-tier animal.

They drove several industries before there were locomotives and were used in wars for a long time up until like WWI

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