Ajax TV made this beautiful video of the gathering of fans and the full Ajax team at Nouri's house yesterday

Ajax TV made this beautiful video of the gathering of fans and the full Ajax team at Nouri's house yesterday
Ajax TV made this beautiful video of the gathering of fans and the full Ajax team at Nouri's hous...

Wow. The reaction of his parents is heart wrenching :(

No parents should have to go through something like this. I wish for them peace and patience for now and in the future.

http://www.ad.nl/binnenland/duizenden-fans-betuigen-steun-aan-familie-nouri~a7dde0b1/108749314/ Such a heartbreaking picture

such a waste.

I know that's now how you mean it, but there's something in a way quite beautiful about the fact that his short life so far has been so far from a waste. From the age of 10, he had people coming to see the youth teams just to see him play, people showing up just for the joy of seeing that little Appie, and for the joy and hope he brought them. People would watch his U19 play instead of our first team, because they played better football, with him at the heart of it all.

He used that position in the spotlight, with so much humility, to be a role model to all of us, but most of all his neighbourhood. He'd go to the square he learned to play football to watch and inspire other little kids to follow his footsteps, so much so that for years the area has already referred to that square as the '(A.) Nouri square'. As a kid he would do things like go to youth prisons to talk with moroccan young people in there.

If there's one thing you can say about Appie's life up til now, it's that it's been the least of a waste you can imagine.

It's just such a shame he wasn't given the chance and the time to share that beautiful influence with the rest of the world. When he went down in that match, Appie lost his future; the world lost so much more.

Dutch article about how Nouri brings all people together. Even a Feijenoord fan was there last night. It shows that no matter where you're from it hit us all real hard.

He did it himself

Damn lag

"God damn it jerry if this shit didn't look fake enough already! YOU FUCKED UP!"

Brought to you by Comcast

Hello, I study stage fighting and the guy who head butted the stage did not fuck up, the other guy did. The number one rule in dramatic combat is that the victim is always in control. Ring Eater did his job and even got the knap in by slapping the ring with his hand to make it sound like it hurt. Head Dropper just dropped the head.

All spaghetti, no regretti

All spaghetti, no regretti

He was penneless and living on the streets...

Rest in spaghetti

Never forgetti

Twist: that isn't the real chef, he's an impasta

Poor Italian chef, he Pasta away.

Redditor demonstrates, with screenshots, how Fox News boards are ACTIVELY CENSORING incriminating text from the Don. Jr. emails.

Redditor demonstrates, with screenshots, how Fox News boards are ACTIVELY CENSORING incriminating...

Can fox even call themsleves a news source anymore?

The are quite obviously Trump propaganda machines.

If I remember right "Fox News" actually classify themselves as an entertainment company.

Fox news legally isn't a news station. It's "Entertainment" which is why they can get away with this shit.

T_D hasnt been removed so its more like T_D does with anyone whos not brainwashed.

Jared Kushner Reportedly Is Being Investigated for Possibly Working with Russia to Target Cyber Attacks

Jared Kushner Reportedly Is Being Investigated for Possibly Working with Russia to Target Cyber Attacks
Jared Kushner Reportedly Is Being Investigated for Possibly Working with Russia to Target Cyber A...

Kushner should immediately lose his security clearance and an independent committee should be launched. It is outrageous the GOP is covering up for these traitors.

You're right. They should revoke his clearance permanently for lying on his forms.

Hell, at least remove his clearance until the investigation is over even if you don't charge him with anything.

The fact that republicans won't self regulate this and are refusing to do the right thing is why I don't trust them.

The damage-to-egregiousness is way different too. The Clinton email scandal was about improper security practices that could possibly have resulted in insecure handling of classified information. It was whipped up to be a Watergate on steroids. It prompted an unprecedented move by the FBI director, and it arguably cost Clinton the election.

Here we are talking about potential collusion and espionage with a hostile foreign power, to steal information from US people and organisations, in order to tamper with a presidential election as a quid pro quo for sanctions relief. It literally is worse than watergate. And they are keeping their jobs and security clearance.

This I think will turn out to have been as damaging and maybe more damaging than the emails.

French army - Daft Punk [medley] (2017)

French army - Daft Punk [medley] (2017)

I love the look on Macron's face.

"Hold on... this sounds familiar. Pretty sure it's- yep. Yep. YES. IT IS."

Don't fucking clap if you can't keep the rhythm

Looks like Macron recognised the Daft Punk tunes. He looked genuinely surprised. Very cool. 😎

LPT: If you insist on clapping along to a marching band, use their feet as a guide for the rhythm.

Even better LPT: DON'T CLAP ALONG WITH A MARCHING BAND. It makes things so damn difficult for them when you're off-tempo.

TIFU by hanging out alone with 5 drunk girls

TIFU by hanging out alone with 5 drunk girls

So, these 5 girls asked me to come and hang out with them in their pool. I thought it was gonna be a little party, but no. It was just me and 5 ladies in a pool. Sounds like a every mans fantasy, right?


I was invited over to start up a fire pit because "I can't do it myself". So, I ask "having a pool party, huh? Yea, I can do that!" I get a reply "yea, a party, sure!"

Red flag one. So, I take my happy and hopeful ass over to this house where the "party" is at.

Red flag two, the fire pit is already a' blazin.

I didn't think much of it, but I also noticed that only 5 girls in a swimming pool is kind of a small party, but I'm not complaining. I settle in, have a few drinks, hop in the pool and hang out with these ladies and all seems well.... then the night actually started to take off...

One of them got super wasted, stripped down naked and was running around the house hysterically crying, while we tried chasing her down so we could clothe her. Funny thing was, she was the only girl I didn't see drink alcohol. And like a brick wall showing up while your doing 90+ in you car, BAM she was blitzed. Then, Another girl looked at me at one point and said "come here, I gotta tell you a secret" So, I swim semi-drunkenly over to hear her little secret, but instead she kisses me. I'm thinking, "okay not what I expected but I ain't mad."

As I go to kiss her back I hear, in an extremely angry tone, "What the FUCK?!" One of the other girls (the one who invited me) saw it and was irate. She swims over to us, and I'm thinking that I'm about to be castrated, but my presence doesn't phase her, she moves straight to her friend and grabs her by the shoulder and a fistful of hair, and drags her out of the pool and onto the grass. They start fighting, like literally throwing fists and tackling each other on the ground, UFC style.

But, in the blink of an eye, they stop and starting hugging each other and crying like they just saw some cheesy romantic movie with a predictable ending. I'm thinking to myself "what the fuck. Should I be aroused or terrified?!"

I assure you, I was both.

After that, shit got scary. They threw me into the pool, and were trying to play some wrestling game, so they held me down. Now, I grew up with sisters who were rowdy, so I know how to push a lady whose trying to kill off me, but 5! IN THE DEEP END OF A POOL WHILE DRUNK. That shit got me praying to every God in every religion. I wasn't sure if they were trying to kill me, or got caught up in the moment, I was just trying to stay alive, man. Their "playful" laughter is something that will haunt me until my dying days. I thought it was the last thing I'd ever hear.

Then things kinda settled down, so I, cautiously and reluctantly, stayed the night on the couch because I had too much to drink and I'm not trying to get a DUI or wreck my motorcycle. But I woke up to this god awful sound, like a beast was chowing on its prey, and I thought "aw fuck. This is it. These ladies are a coven of witches or demons and my soul is due for atonement. MY LUST, MY GREED, I DESERVE THIS." So, I flip around to better see what's happening, and the previously naked hysterically crying girl was vomiting everywhere. I mean really going at it. Like a fire hose.

Then, after painting the floor with a fucked up rendition of Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock, she looks at me and says "sorry, didn't mean to wake you" and walks away. Like it was nothing. Then, I just closed my eyes in bewilderment, and waited until I was sober. And I got the fuck out of there.

TLDR; hanging with 5 girls in a pool sounds like a dream, but it's actually a nightmare and they will get naked and try to drown you.

It's all shits and giggles until somebody giggles and shits

I've often dreamed of being the only dude in a cluster of drunk, horny, rowdy women. Your grim tale reminds me of a wise saying: be careful what you wish for.

100% scaroused.

Sirens man. They lure you in with naked bodies and try to drown you. It happens to all of us

Edit: My first comment over 50 upvotes. Thanks for popping my proverbial upvote cherry.

always think through your decisions

always think through your decisions

My dog would have eaten the other handful also.

it's the boss' really ugly daughter

"What have I done."

Yeah props to this dog for just sitting there... id have lost skin if my dog saw that many treats in my hand

Angel wings done by Adrian at Vince's Nightmare, Miami, Florida.

Angel wings done by Adrian at Vince's Nightmare, Miami, Florida.

Wow. I like the design of these a lot more than others wings because these span through the upper arms, and is not confined only to the upper back area. Looks great!

Damn dude. You have the only cool wings tattoo in the world

Thanks, I was looking for a different take on angel wings and I like especially that these are different and they show without having to be completely shirtless.. basically what you said lmao

I have never wanted to steal someone's tattoo before now, but I love these. PS still won't steal it. But bravo

Uk surgeon finds 27 missing contact lenses in woman’s eye

Uk surgeon finds 27 missing contact lenses in woman’s eye

How the fuck is that even possible?

I thought I lost my contacts once, it turned out it slid up under my eyelid. Twenty three? I have no idea.

Just the title makes me very uncomfortable.

Edit: Thank god there is no images in the article

Just found this image from Optometry Todays Twitter.


Some of them are so old that they have started to go yellow in colour.

EDIT: Hijacking my own comment to help out all those people saying "The article says there is only 17"

If you read further in the article it states that they initially find 17 and find another 10 later on. Which is why the image shown only shows 17 because the surgeon found 17 and it wasn't until further inspection later that they found the rest.

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