High level sorcerer casts a levitation spell on his hat

Fuck, I'm stumped. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe he is blowing into the hat somehow, although it doesn't really look like he could have in the gif. Anyone know how he did this?

I've been told on another subreddit that he is blowing into the rim of the hat at a very specific angle.

He clearly has a tiny bird in his hat that tries to fly when he throws it up

hydrodynamic levitation

So he is doing something similar to only with air? Neat.

Link is a video by Dirk from Veristablium explaining it.

An RPG being fired.

An RPG being fired.

is that a tail feather or a turd? Equally magical either way

I'm going with feather, seeing as birds don't poop out their tail.

Ok Mr bird expert

I specialize in bird law.

Make this dude famous

Make this dude famous

I honestly didnt see that he was playing with his mouth until the very end and was thinking "Huh why make this guy famous pretty standard win" then saw and said HOLY SHIT

Isn't this dude already famous? Not criticising, I think he's amazing. He's just been through here a couple of times already

At first I thought he was nibbling at some nicely placed gaming handsfree candy. Then I understood he was using his mouth to play.

Hands off to this guy. Nicely done.

When a guy gets more wins than you by playing with lips. FeelsBadMan

me irl

me irl

easy fix, take an ambien, lay down and start jerking off. you'll just gently fall asleep mid-jerk!

edit: and when I say "gently fall asleep" I really mean blackout rapidly

I just fall asleep in my own spooge

Ive fallen asleep mid jerk, with my dick in my hand, and remembered what I was doing, continued, and fell asleep again when I was finished

it's easy once you just don't care anymore

Doomfist/Roadhog have a neat emote interaction.

Haha they seem like old friends who rarely see one another anymore, but when they get together they do this "for old times sake"

They are both rough, cruel, and in their 40s; Both have lived in harsh environments (tho doomfist's harsh environment might be self-inflicted), and both dislike Omnics.

I'm just gonna imagine them as good drinking buddies.

One one-shots, the other tickles.

Both are also able to one shot squishies oh wait

cutest civil war scene

cutest civil war scene

Wanda whirls Widow wildly while Winter Soldier watches

Poor Black Widow.

Widow's face makes this legendary.

Someone help her, please.



Steel primer is typically that red color. So here, the white steel tree shredder that was primed then painted white is fading dramatically.

I figured it was a tree removal company that has a great sense of humor.

Officer, we have had one doozy of a day


Best safety warning I've seen. "Keep hands clear... of blood-splattered maw."

Artie found a comfy spot by the fire.

Artie found a comfy spot by the fire.

I have a large orange cat of about that size and I grew up with a bulldog of about that size.

I think both would be fine with this arrangement.

That face... he knows what he's done.

Artie is the perfect name for this dog

Artie is a jerk....and proud of it.

To buy my German Shephard a water bowl online.

To buy my German Shephard a water bowl online.

I love how disappointed he looks.

She seemed completely disappointed by it.

I see what you did there, a nice polite correction in your response.

I just despair. My fucking owner cannot even buy a proper size bowl. Sigh. I give up. I'm just gonna lie here and contemplate the futility of existence.

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