I do agree that companions have little connection to the humans on the surface I think it would fit in with the established world.

Fruit variables are confusing. how do you know the temperature at that point. There are problems in that book as well, but it's been nagging me as to whether or not the function is equal to 1.

Then you'll always have a bias towards a team that plays stupidly and talks.

The customer doesn't need to know how the fuck you want to call yourself a mom, whoop-tee-do. I'm sorry you feel that way, and they shouldn't have even been there.

Panic! At the Pest Control.

Panic! At the Pest Control.

A nolstagic meme, good sir.

No, it's much better to fix these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality

mithril Sq and amulet of accuracy.. this man means business

I always heard "poisoned rationality" and I thought it fit because PatD are edgy af

Not sure if this Superb Guard has been Posted here Before

Not sure if this Superb Guard has been Posted here Before

You know full well it has (OvO)

Hotline Miami didn't go so well this time

Shhh snaps neck

head turns 180 degrees without snapping neck

PHOTO: Amazing Adam West Tribute

PHOTO: Amazing Adam West Tribute

Not the tribute we deserve, but the tribute that he needs.

Amazingly #BatSignal and #AdamWestTribute are trending so many touching photos wish I could have attended

Kinda sad that these things only happen when people die. I'm sure he would've enjoyed seeing this while he was alive.

Ah well, it's still great that they're honoring him. RIP, old chum.

Its like the line from The Big Chill. Its something like "They throw a great party for you, the one day they know you cant make it" when talking about a wake

Europeans Like the E.U. More Since Brexit. Even the British

Europeans Like the E.U. More Since Brexit. Even the British
Europeans Like the E.U. More Since Brexit. Even the British

You can realize you like something when you might lose it. To that you can add that brexit made the concept of leaving the EU a reality and now it's not a matter of what could happen if you leave the EU but what actually does happen.

So the UK is like Jesus, sacrificing itself for the EU.

So the UK will rejoin the EU after three days? I didn't think it would be that fast!

Might be an image thing. For years the EU has seemed a passive bureaucracy accumulating power without communicated justification (not for lack of trying). Now since Brexit there's a soft* enemy to stand up and show unity against.

*soft: not actually at war with.

Positively insane!

Positively insane!

Now THIS is madlads. She genuinely thinks what she did was mad, and it's not satire like everything else on this sub. Good post.

She even has the evil "I can't believe I'm getting away with this" laugh going on.

Definitely. I love how she's genuinely amused by what she did.

I love how the top comment in this sub is almost always a critique of the submission quality.

No longer L8 4 ANL

No longer L8 4 ANL

Well , she might not like ANL but her shadow sure love's blowing cock

Now shes eating 50 hard weiners.

Her shadow got an early start

Edit: or a ... head start (thanks /u/pyrobandit)

E50 HW

You filthy slut!




Alex Jones is way more entertaining than the liberal "comedians" and their severed heads.



Dark Souls PVP in a nutshell.

Dark Souls PVP in a nutshell.

Because not only re-posts but neglects to link to source material:



This whole video is one of my all time favorite things

The Grand Budapest Hotel.. What a delightfully oddball movie

The Grand Budapest Hotel.. What a delightfully oddball movie

I'd never really seen/heard much about the movie, just that it had generated some recognition at the Oscars and had a large cast. I finally sat down to watch it, and I have to say... I had no idea what the hell was going on, but I rather enjoyed myself.

It seems like one of those movies that really has no point. I mean it has a plot, but it's kind of just stuff happening, and none of it really for a reason. But I found it to be very enjoyable and laughed quite a bit. I'm not sure what this sub feels about the movie, I just wanted to post my opinion!

Cherish this feeling. Discovering Wes Anderson movies is like finding a treasure map. The funny thing is that GBH has the most discernable plot out of all of Wes Anderson's movies. As others has mentioned, check out the rest of his catalog. Like Aquatic is probably the most similar in structure, followed by Moonrise Kingdom IMO. Rushmore is my personal fave, but your mileage may vary.

Wes Anderson is keeping the set design union in hollywoo afloat all by himself.

I once read a review for this movie about how it was a love letter to the act of storytelling. They said it much better than I can, but in the movie, even though the hotel has fallen into disrepair and M. Goustave has been dead many years people down the road have read his story and fallen in love with it. Zero tells the story of his adventures to the writer, who writes a book and shares it with the world, to the point where he has a statue filled with many tokens of admiration. Time goes on, wars happen, people grow old and die, but if we'll always have people around to tell their stories.

very underappreciated

Are you high? He's probably one of the most well-known and critically-acclaimed directors working today

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