Miss the guys, i hope they do more trips

Miss the guys, i hope they do more trips

The best part of this gag was they were actually English.

That and Richard turning with the binoculars.

I just hope they dial down on the ridiculously over scripted skits. I know that Top Gear was scripted as well, but somehow it wasn't so blatantly obvious.

They've lost the subtlety in the last few years. You used to not quite be sure if it was all scripted, then it became totally obvious a few years ago. Still fun to watch but a little magic was lost.

Wasn't the hippo also in this one?

[Screenshot] Buddy Pokemon Should Get Medals Too!

[Screenshot] Buddy Pokemon Should Get Medals Too!


This is definitely fake. Snorlax doesn't seem to have lost a single pound after walking 1000km.

"Snorlax has found a candy! And some mad bling yo!"

Biggie Snores?

Getting kicked out at 18, still a student in highschool. (currently 17 turning 18 in a few months)

Getting kicked out at 18, still a student in highschool. (currently 17 turning 18 in a few months)

Living in an non-physically (for the most part) abusive household- not going to go into details unless its important- and my parents are constantly threatening to kick me out when its legal. I'm in an advanced program at a school that's 25 minutes from my house and i'm still a Jr. in school. I don't have my own car although i have my license. Before anyone suggests trying to work things out i've tried since i was 15, and its ended with things being thrown/broken and me staying at a friends house for a couple of nights. I lack in knowledge of personal finances and i literally have no clue what i'm going to do. Ill be in High School for another 4 months after i get kicked out and after that, i assume, ill be attending university if possible. Any ideas?

So far (needed things):

Gov. programs available for students? Job(s) A place to stay (currently at a friends) Transportation Funding for college? Money management

Edit: the feedback I've received in the last hour or so has been incredible. I wish I had the time and energy to thank all of you individually. I'm working through this one way or another, coming here gave me a vague sense of direction including my options. All advice is welcome and I thank you in advance!

Edit 2 (18 May, 2017 8:32am): I woke up and this absolutely boggled my mind to find over 600 posts along with a handful of private messages about my post. I can't express my gratitude enough but I'll go through everything and figure it all out. Thank you all so much.

Edit 3 (18 May, 2017 22:01 PST): I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed by the mass of generosity and advice constantly flowing in every minute of the day. I don't know how to express my gratitude to you all who have offered me advice and even some help but i sincerely hope this post gets to anyone who really needs some guidance. I plan on looking more into enlisting or applying for a university with an ROTC program along with applying for Gov. aid through FAFSA. I'm doing my best to atleast read as many comments and private messages as I can. Thank you all so much.

If you're in the US, look into FAFSA and find out what you can qualify for. Look into opening your own bank account when you're of age. You will likely need to take out loans if you want to attend university and pick out a part time job to sustain yourself. Look into Craigslist for roommate/housing, or reach out to extended family/friends (if you're comfortable) to see if anyone would be willing to help. Id recommend looking into community colleges and seeing if you can do the 2 year transfer program (I hope this still exists) that lets you save a lot of money. If you do this you essentially wait to transfer to university after taking 2 years of general education at the community college.

there's a lot of different options out there for you, but it largely depends on your situation and what you're willing to sacrifice. You can still study medicine at a 4 year university but you'll be in a lot of debt.

When all else is lost, keep your dignity. And a clean appearance.

Honestly, I don't see the point of struggling getting these things. Then struggle some more through college collecting massive debt since OP would have no help from parents. Everything the OP need can be met with doing a 2 year contract with the Army. When he gets out, it's almost guaranteed to find a decent job. He gets the Post 9/11 GI bill and a ton of other benefits and skills/experience needed to get a good career going.

Here's another benefit that I think will be great for OP. The military forces OP to remove himself in a different environment where people people are held with accountability and responsibilities. It also opens his horizon and view of the world.

I know the military is not for everyone but most jobs are support jobs. It's not much different than a civilian job most of the time. Just don't join the Marine Corps.

BTW, the Post 9/11 GI Bill ended up being worth over $100k in cash for me. I received over $2k per month in spending stipend for 36 months all tax free. All my tuition, fees, and books are paid for as well. I ended up finishing both my Bachelor and Masters with it.

Good luck to OP. It's rough out there but if you bite the bullet for a few years and work hard/smart, then you will come out on top.

EDIT: People are saying you don't qualify for the GI Bill in 2 years. That is not true. You do qualify but it takes 36 months to get 100%. However, you get 80% at 24 months.

Here is the eligibility for Post 9/11

Post-9/11 GI Bill If you have at least 90 days of aggregate active duty service after Sept. 10, 2001, and are still on active duty, or if you are an honorably discharged Veteran or were discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days, you may be eligible for this VA-administered program. Whether you want to apply your GI Bill benefits to college classes or an on-the-job training program, the GI Bill Comparison Tool will help you make the most of them. You can also review the program pamphlet.


If in the US, You have rights under the McKinney-Vento homeless education act. Every school is required to name a staff member responsible for helping you obtain the resources needed to finish school.

If you have a teacher you can talk to - they might not be able to help you directly but know who can. The longer they have been a teacher or the longer they have lived in the area the better.

Yes, college is one way to go but also very easy to fall deeply in to debt. I would strongly suggest entering an apprenticeship and learn a trade. You will have a mentor and money in your pocket. Taking the steps to become an electrician now and then an electrical engineering degree later? or maybe waste water technology and later civil engineering? Something more artistic? Stair building. Seriously. Your state's Labor and Industries division is the contact for apprenticeships.

I am hoping you will run into a situation where a friend's parents will offer you a place to stay. If that happens, please keep in mind you are entering into an agreement with the parent(s) directly. So if Jane Smith and John Smith are your buddy Joe's parents - you're agreement is with Jane and John. Not Joe's parents. Defining that boundary will be important somewhere down the road. Respect their rules. Do everything you said you would do. And say thank you. I will be rooting for you. And it will be great when you can say to your folks: "I did a better job without your help - thanks!" Good luck!

Student screams quotes from "History of the Entire World" in class, teacher accepts it without question

Student screams quotes from "History of the Entire World" in class, teacher accepts it without question

i can believe him, the special ed teachers have a lot of patience

idk, I could see that response accompanying an exasperated eyeroll

I notice that this is meant to sound like an age old story, despite the fact the video is only a week old.

Oh... (Not this kid again, just don't give him any attention) OK.

Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs

Britta is the worst

Pop! Pop!

She's a GDB

She didn't Britta this one

The difference 278 ping makes

When you have people with nigh 300 ping playing Ash and Jager, something needs to be done

putem down like wounded horses

Its weird because I've seen a similar posts like these yet with both people having low ping

How do we know it's synced properly? I know the ping advantage exist, but your showcase could be just two mistimed clips put together side by side. Source material with you being killed followed by a killcam would be more "scientific".

I killed 5 guys with 5 shots with the USP. Best thing I ever did. Thought you might like it.

I killed 5 guys with 5 shots with the USP. Best thing I ever did. Thought you might like it.

LMFAO @ the same guy who was killed first. he takes the bot and walks in and dies at the same angle and says "nice trigger"

I would have reloaded 5 times.

Haha, I didn't even realise this :D even said wtf after dying the first time. Salty enemies are the best compliment!

I would have reloaded 5 times and not killed anything.

"The Corruption of Atom" by Jacob Gurganus

"The Corruption of Atom" by Jacob Gurganus

"Morty.... Touch my finger Morty. Touch it... Burpppppp. HaHa I'm a god Morty! A GOD!" "Oh jeez Rick, its kinda early for this. Im kinda tired."

Stop ruining the fun, Morty. It's called art, Morty. Don't they teach it in that prison you like so much? Wh wh what was it called kindergarden or something?

Not enough nudity

"Is Morty reaching back to Rick?"

"Ooh, he's tryin'!"

Oakland never pulls its punches.

Oakland never pulls its punches.

Can't wait until people start projecting memes

wow, such an achievement, shouting to the echo chamber

I think I'll project "/sub/pics is not a fucking soapbox for politics, be it pro or anti-trump for the love of literal fuck please end this shit it's ruining the sub" onto a building one day.

This is it. This is what will finally end his presidency.

Mozilla standing up for what's right. Let's come together and make our voices heard.

Mozilla standing up for what's right. Let's come together and make our voices heard.

I find it insane that this is actually happening....

Especially in an age where society relies on internet so much, and where the United Nations has declared having access to the internet a basic human right. Wired has an article about that here: https://www.wired.com/2011/06/internet-a-human-right/

The UN says a lot of things, like that Saudi Arabia should have anything to say about women's rights.

Don't forget:

Because of a procedural quirk, the FCC will not be considering any comments on the issue of net neutrality that are submitted over the next week or so.


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