Josselin, Morbihan, France

Josselin, Morbihan, France

This really, really brings me back to Age of Empires 2 for some reason

Looks like a screenshot from The Witcher.

Menu screen intensifies

This place looks absolutley wonderful.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez relaxing, while watching their kids play.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez relaxing, while watching their kids play.

Tongue bitten off by Suarez

Yea well, my dad's better than your dad

Imagine if their kids were the worst 2 players on the pitch.

Oh yea? Well, my dad plays for Barcelona sticks out toungue

Twice The Strings, Double The Harmony...

Twice The Strings, Double The Harmony...


It's over Anakin, I have the higher sound!

Something original?

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

You're in this orchestra, but we do not grant you the rank of conductor.

Simply Outplayed

The amount of times I am about to die trying this in the next few days... What. Have. You. Done.

This is one case I hope the guy you killed finds this post. You know he's gotta be wondering where the fuck you came from.

Jesus Christ its Jason Bourne!

OP just killed more players than I ever will....with out firing a single shot. Thats the real play right here, I can see it now 3-5 people who could beat OP to win the game, dying to trying shit like this.


Flat Earth confirmed.

Checkmate Nasa

Chlorophyll Falls.

My new(ish) neighbour got rid of centuries old stone dykes so he could turn his farm into one giant field and this gif is now an accurate representation of what happens to his top soil when the wind blows.

Guardiola on why he turned up late to a press conference: "Sorry I am late, but Tony Pulis is Tony Pulis and red wine is red wine."

Guardiola on why he turned up late to a press conference: "Sorry I am late, but Tony Pulis is Ton...

I hope Pulis still wears his tracksuit when he's drinking a box of wine


Nice late quote of the season contender from Pep.

is this not what happened???

Skandinavien idag <3

Skandinavien idag <3

Forna öst- och västsverige får givetvis gratulera varandra!

Är det normalt om jag blev lite triggered, men på ett bekvämt och mjukt sätt?

Fast vi inte är med i Skandinavien, får jag väl också önska Norge grattis?

Ja, det är nog kvarlevor från det stolta svenska blodet som rinner genom dig. Alla svenskar reagerar såhär

Why will congress never impeach Trump?

Why will congress never impeach Trump?

Republicans always insist on carrying a baby to full term.

I'm right leaning but that's a damn good joke

Same here. A good joke is a good joke, even if you're the butt every now and then.

The problem with Trump jokes is that Republicans don't think they're funny. . .and Democrats don't think they're jokes.

How much does Trump's assassination insurance cost? One Pence.

Orange you glad it was a different joke?

I was really expecting that stupid orange joke but this is great thank you

Got a match who was just looking for drugs, so I had fun with it

Got a match who was just looking for drugs, so I had fun with it
Got a match who was just looking for drugs, so I had fun with it

Nice ! I guess if you went with the quote below she might have actually asked for some ! lol

What'chu want? I got ketamine, MDMA, Adderall, Bromo-Dragonfly, heroin, coke, crack, codeine, oxys, percs, vikes, PCP, LSD, Dilaudid, mescaline, mushrooms, bath salts, cortisone, Toradol. I got molly. I got her sister Sandra. I got big Frank. I got birth control, I got Plan B. I got that morphine from China they took off the market. Shit to make your dick hard, shit to make your dick soft, shit'll find your dick. That shit there's from Kenya, supposed to be a scurvy cure for silverback gorillas but for humans it just makes them violently masturbate. Did I say crack? because I got more of that, too. I got some Ibuprofen, Aspirin. I got Flintstone Gummies if you want.

Sisters 2015 IMDB

Joe Dirt!


hilarious scene.

for the lazy.

Wow! Now do me!

Coming Out

Coming Out

Your parents know. They always know. If they don't, it's not cause you're fooling them. It's cause they're fooling themselves.

Source: Grew up around too many gay folks whose parents response after a stressful coming out was "Duh.... Now what do you want for dinner?"

Edit: Guys, I get it. There's still a good amount of people that don't have this experience. I wasn't trying to insinuate that was the case.

The bet wasn't whether. It was when.

I get why this sounds like a nice thing to say, and why this comic seems like a really ideal way to send the message that it's not a big deal. And for a lot of people it would be a great way to handle coming out. But just know that this isn't necessarily a good thing to do.

If your kid works up the courage to do something as monumental as come out to you, put in some effort to meet their level of gravitas. Let them set the pace and tone. "Duh, now what do you want for dinner" is a shorthand way to dismiss everything they've been through to that point. You'll make them feel like an idiot that they spent so much time worrying about it.

If they're taking it seriously, take it seriously right back. Is all I'm saying.

edit disabling inbox replies coz I've got a bunch to do tonight so sorry if I ignore anyone.

"I know and I'm glad you feel courageous enough to admit that to me. I love you. Now, what do you want for dinner?"

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