Spent the last couple days making this retro 80's Witcher logo

Spent the last couple days making this retro 80's Witcher logo

I suddenly wish W3 had leg warmers as a wearable option

Reminds of Far Cry Blood Dragon theme

Oh dang it, bro. Pretty cool. Maybe we could have a print of it in our room?

and that roach was a talking car

Markets are so very EFFICIENT

Markets are so very EFFICIENT

Buh buh efficiency is just maximizing profits! Capitalism is efficient at capitalism! Socialism isn't efficient at maximizing profits and that's why Capitalism is superior!

The worst thing is how this gets applied to academia. So you have astronomers competing for funding and being incentivised to not cooperate and share data because you need to fight to prove yourself as the top of the pack so that you can actually get a permanent job. And you get scientists choosing small projects that can be published quickly and easily rather than working for years on making something important that may or may not actually work.

Competition maximises according to whatever metric you are judging the competition by. If the metric is producing profit, then the companies will produce as much profit as possible, and not necessarily produce high-quality products. And if the metric is the quantity of publications, you will produce scientists who make lots of publications, but again with no guarantee of quality.

If only there was a more humane and ethical system that has the well-being and progress of humanity in mind as it's main priority. And if only we had the minds to think it into reality and the technology to keep track andmake sure it has peak efficiency and minimum corruption.

No need for any of that effort though as long as I got mine and me and my own are safe and healthy. /s

You deserve a good bonus for this reply

Playing Peekaboo with a Baby Goat

Playing Peekaboo with a Baby Goat

Happiness in a picture

Oh God. Don't start this again.

But if both hands are on the goat, how did they take the picture?

He could fly with those things! Fly goat fly!!

Hail-Hydra.com redirects to Whitehouse.gov

Hail-Hydra.com redirects to Whitehouse.gov
Hail-Hydra.com redirects to Whitehouse.gov

I remember someone I knew who was big into conspiracy theories getting really worked up that Illuminati spelt backwards links to the NSA

"It's probably just some crazy person with an internet connection."

Reddit's new slogan.

Since no one else seems to be pointing it out, let me say that this is in connection to Captain America's "Secret Empire" marvel event that is going on right now. Marvel is doing a huge story line where captain America is a bad guy and takes over the country for hydra, so that's why it is redirecting. Obviously bad timing by marvel, but it's not directly political.

MRW I use Facebook and see other people being happy

Don't worry, they probably aren't.

The imgur title is funnier.

MRW I tell a joke to my friend in private but he repeats it word for word to a group of people and they all laugh.

I have friends on there who always post their beautiful wife/husband pictures and their fancy cars/trips, but I know in their real day to day lives they really don't have it all that much better than anyone else. They just try a lot harder to fake it, because they think how their lives are perceived by others makes them successful.

The only thing that should matter to you is what you want to do to feel fulfilled, everything else is optional.

EDIT: u/ApolloRocketOfLove does make a very fair point, and I want to make it clear there are definitely lots of happy people out there too and we shouldn't use what I said as a mechanic to leverage our own emotions out of a pit. Just don't spend your time comparing your happiness/life to other peoples happiness/life on facebook.

I know its an easy mental high to think happy people are actually sad in real life, but a lot of the people I know who post happy pictures on Facebook are genuinely happy. Its folly to think having a loving relationship, or going on a nice vacation, doesn't make some people happier.

While I agree you can only strive for what makes you happy, and many people do exaggerate their lives on social media, thinking that every smile on Facebook is fake is just a cheap easy way for lonely/lazy people to feel better about themselves without doing anything to actually improve their lives. And its become one of many Reddit circlejerks.

Overwatch needs an influx of non-event cosmetics

Overwatch needs an influx of non-event cosmetics

With the anniversary boxes leak I've been thinking... the base cosmetics (sprays, skins, etc) that can be obtained any time hasn't grown significantly since launch.

Event skins are all well and good. They feel special, and can only be obtained during specific times.

I think the game needs a periodic influx of new "base" cosmetic items. Could the anniversary "event" be just that? An annual release of fancy permanently available cosmetics?

If not, I think Blizzard should consider it going forward.

EDIT: Woah, was not expecting this post to take off (but doesn't everyone say that). The discussion this post is generating is cool to see, but for those commenting on word choice (bless you): I obviously accept that this isn't a question of need but rather nice to have. I'm an entitled shit, but I'm not that entitled.

It's been 2 skins, some emotes, and a few sprays because of Diablo anniversary. I'd agree with this statement.

Agreed. As a side note I found it pretty disappointing that a lot of the Uprising items (almost everything aside from the skins) were all generic items that really had no reason to be time restricted. Things like D.Va's Selfie highlight, or Hanzo's Training emote have nothing to do with the Omnic uprising, and yet they're only available during an event that they have no relation to.

Well, the sitting and laughing emotes too (with at least Sombra's on the way)

To be honest, I think it's because it's the first year of the game and they're setting up all their yearly events. Come next Christmas they may add a few skins, but it'll likely remain somewhat similar.

They may use that time to compensate and add more permanent, non-event based skins.

You've Been Framed still exists despite YouTube existing for over 12 years now.

You've Been Framed still exists despite YouTube existing for over 12 years now.

I say this every time this crops up on here: those youtube fail compilations have a nasty habit of dropping in the occasional bone-shattering, serious injury. With YBF! you know you're not about to see somebody's skull get caved in but you still get to laugh at kids falling off bikes. Therein lies the appeal for me.

Harry Hill's gotta eat.

"And here we see Olly Murs about to attempt to juggle at Janet Street-Porter's house while David Dimbleby watches!"

He's just naming random people! It adds no comedic value!

failarmy is quite safe, but yeah! People also make really accurate peppa pig cartoons with very adult content, its quite worrying.

explosions in the mind

That's what a migraine looks like, in my case, when I had them at least.

(Thank god) I never had migraine, but I still thought "that looks like migraine must feel like". WTF.


That's just the looks part. When the auras dissapear you get the worst headache imaginable and just feel like crawling into your bed and just lie there in agony. Nothing helps, except for painkillers, they take away a tiny bit of it, but nowhere near enough. I never actually took painkillers for it, never felt like it.

It feels like someone has a jackhammer to your head and it's just pounding away, not a pleasant feeling.

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