There are no books that anyone or everyone must read.

There are no books that anyone or everyone must read.

There are many good and worthwhile books in the world, but no two people will ever agree about exactly which ones they are. We have different backgrounds and experiences, we have different abilities and tastes, we read for different reasons.

There are books I love, that have nourished my soul and mind and helped make me who I am, yet those same books are dismissed and even hated by many other people.

There are books beloved by many that I personally find foolish, dull or incomprehensible.

There are books that show up on every list of Western literary classics that I probably will never read because they aren't a high priority or what I know about them suggests that I won't enjoy them.

And that's OK, because there isn't a compulsory reading list unless you're in a literature class or a fundamentalist religion.

You misunderstand.

/sub/books is a fundamentalist religion.

"Excuse me, have you ever given any thought to what 1984 has to say about our political realities today?"

No wonder so many threads here are like a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on my front door at 8 AM on a Saturday morning.

through door

"It's okay if you thought Brave New World was more accurate! Call me sometime!"

Hunting the KGB Killers (2017) tells the story of what happened to KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned with polonium in 2006. It is all but certain that the highest levels of Russian government were involved, which makes this film as alarming as it is fascinating.

Hunting the KGB Killers (2017) tells the story of what happened to KGB officer Alexander Litvinen...

Essentially it was a statement saying "we can kill you if we want to, and don't even have to try to hide it".

It's refuted by the government, but it doesn't matter because most of the population is either too patriotic ("he was a traitor who fled and deserved to die"), beat down ("we'll never find out the truth anyway") or uninterested ("I'm just trying to make ends meet, who cares who the government kills") to care or see it as scandalous anyway. My family falls somewhere between 1 & 2, where they'll even make jokes about poisoning traitors with polonium (cuz it's so funny!), but will get defensive if you start pushing the narrative that the government (led by their infallible overlord) was responsible. They'll point to the fact that it may have been the mafia, etc, but ultimately all conversations lead to "We'll never know the truth anyway and how will knowing the truth help anyone?" For the large majority of the population, there are simply no institutional or even mental rewards systems in place for justice in cases like this to be of any importance. And to be fair, the populations of all countries with influence are guilty of this to a certain extent (see: most of the US population's indifference towards drone strikes). Though for me, who mostly grew up in the West, I find this (ever-growing) lack of respect for the factual truth and borderline inhumanity in how most Russians perceive the world harder and harder to stomach.

Or even be competent while doing it. The Coen Brothers could make a movie out of the London assassins' radioactive shenanigans. See also the Ryazan incident and Duma speaker Seleznyov's 13 September gaffe in relation to the 1999 apartment bombings, which led to the second war with Chechnya. It's so transparent, but most people don't care.

Need a youtube link

Alternate take of Kylo using the force on Luke's lightsaber

That lightsaber costume is definitely getting some mileage on it. Good for them. :-)

This is awesome!

On a side note, dude in black looks a lot like this guy Matt, a Radar Technician or something.

The spot-on timing of Rey and Kylo's reactions at the end is hilarious :D

obligatory sorry about small image, imgur decided it didn't like the large one

You sub-sixty percenters...

You sub-sixty percenters...

Add a set of blank keycaps to the mix just to complicate matters even more...

Had kind of the same thing happen to me. Someone just gave up after looking at my 40 , and said "I can't use this fucking clown keyboard, don't you have a normal keyboard?"  at which point I pulled out this.

Had kind of the same thing happen to me. Someone just gave up after looking at my , and said "I can't use this fucking clown keyboard, don't you have a normal keyboard?" at which point I pulled out this.

Nah, it's PBT.

As someone that's using Dvorak on a Planck with 180g switches and blank keycaps, I can relate.

Co-parenting at it's finest

Co-parenting at it's finest

That poor kid.

She's got 4 people to embarrass her for the next 10 years, instead of just two.

I have no problem with the divorce. I have no problem with the step-parents. I just hate them because they made custom jerseys for a 5 year old's rec soccer game.

95% chance they will be riding the 15 year old ref the entire game.

my immediate reaction: that poor referee!

People do stupid things. Sometimes you get your significant other pregnant after 2 months. You try to make it work for 4 more years even though you fight constantly and you're miserable. Then your 3 year old son tells his mommy and daddy to stop being mean to each other. Sometimes it's healthier for the child if the parents split up. And it's only healthy if the parents can get along. I know personally how much fighting, even after splitting up can impact your child.


Awesome that the other people's reactions were kept in the GIF, people always cut these things off too early

And it's rare you get to see someone legitimately ROFL

Some jokes are universal and transcend race, religions, economic status and everything else.


They are taking our jobs

Hey cool! It's building a little rocket by itself.

Oh and it's going to launch it itself, how neat!

Wait, that rocket seems like it's pointed a bit low




Seriously though, those docking animations are so smooth. Was there any camera/editing trickery to make them look so seamless?

Did that robot just wink at me?

The camera focus changes were quite a pain. Luckily kRPC lets you change the active vessel. So it immediately switches back to the main vessel after docking. The ~two frames from a different perspective were removed in editing.

This took way too long to make. Turns out KSP is not at all made for those kind of things. It uses the kRPC mod to control everything and the code is in C++.

me irl

me irl


It is a common misconception that tumbleweeds are plants. On the contrary, tumbleweeds belong to the animal phylum Cnidaria[8]. The tumbleweed is the macroscopic manifestation of the reproductive phase of desert corals (Anthozoa)[7]. When the polyp matures, its nematocysts detach from the main body and dry out in the cool desert sun. Fully desiccated, the nematocysts' total mass approximately is 10% of that in water[8][9]. Its newfound lightness allows the structure to be carried around by gusts of wind. The tumbling motion causes coral spores to be ejected in all directions and subsequently carried away by winds, which deposit the spores far from the original animal, thus ensuring the evolution of genetic diversity within the species[7]. There is debate among marine biologists[who?] as to whether the noble tumbleweed itself is considered an animal on its own. While the dry nematocysts are entirely detached from the original animal, recent studies have shown that the structures appear to respond to certain stimuli. Researchers in California noted[10] that many tumbleweed specimens exhibit a form of chemotaxis. The researches left several tumbleweeds alone in a dark room, half a furlong away from a petri dish filled with desertion and unfunny jokes. After three hours, the researches found that the tumbleweeds were, on average, seven centimeters closer to the petri dish than they were at the start of the experiment. These findings have found mixed reception[11], and the validity of the study itself has been brought into question due to the funding the researchers received from Big Tumbleweed, Inc.

Nice roleplay

not me_irl because women dont talk to me

The biggest reason to not mess with anyone's basketball shot

You either quit a mercy main or play long enough to become the hanzo main.

A very dedicated MASH fan

The ultimate tragic villain backstory

So that's how Hanzo mains are born.

Indian firm's zika virus vaccine 100% efficient in animal trials.

Indian firm's zika virus vaccine 100% efficient in animal trials.
Indian firm's zika virus vaccine 100% efficient in animal trials.

It's efficient? I'm more interested in effective.

It's strange that the chose that headline bc the first line of the story is:

The Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech’s ‘killed Zika virus vaccine’ using an African strain has shown 100% efficacy against mortality and disease in animal studies, a study has shown.

Like you said, 100% efficiency (in economic terms) implies that they used the "socially optimum" amount of vaccines, which means that had they vaccinated a single more animal it would have cost them more than the benefit derived from that last vaccine, whereas effectiveness makes no assumptions about cost, and simply states that all animals were zika-free

Yeah I think the person who wrote the headline does not know the difference between efficacy and efficiency.

Not judging- but English is probably not their first language.

But...but...India steals our IPOs IPs that's why my medication costs 10k$/dose. /s

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